The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)



:sparkling_heart: I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!! :sparkling_heart:

They have never felt as safe as they do with Unit Bravo.

That is adorable and I hope F will feel as safe with the MC as they do with the rest of Unit Bravo!!


I think they already do.


If it helps, when you set everything in the beginning that way, especially with setting M as your BFF outside of whatever romance you choose (or even if you’re romancing them and they’re your BFF), you aren’t getting the best possible outcome from book 1 or even a decent outcome.

Spoiler alert:

In the code, setting M as your best friend gives you 4 points in their friendship, which isn’t even enough to keep them from smacking you in the face with the branch in book 1. If you got 5 points (which is the min in book 1 with M to keep them from pinging the branch at you, then you’re ‘teammates’.
If you have 5-9 points in a friendship with them, then you’re teammates. If you have 10-12, that’d be ‘better teammates’. More than 12 friendship points gives you which would be ‘closer teammates’. So don’t worry about that, it’s covered. It’s just that the pre-choices in the demo pretty much screw you with M, so if you want anything better, you’ll have to play through book 1.

All that said, that doesn’t mean you get to be friends with M yet, no matter how many points you have with them. From what Sera said the friendships will happen organically and, since she said M takes forever to warm up to anyone, then you don’t get to be actual friends for a very long time. Having that many points will probably just get you some scenes like in book 1, where M doesn’t intentionally do things to hurt you, lol.


Actually, you will get to be friends with them :smiley:

The friendships will happen organically as the books progress, so M will eventually come to see the MC as one of the team. This won’t take forever to happen. So even those with not a lot of friend points or that BFF status will still see that more loyal side of M as they are in friendships. This just happens as natural progression of being and working in a very close team that’s like family.

Those who do have the eventual BFF status with M (yeah, this will take time and require effort, lol!), will gain special friendship scenes and moments throughout the series, as with the others if you get BFF status with them.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Besties with M lol


Ooooohhhhhhh boy, wonder what those will be ?


Sleep overs, trading friendship bracelets, and gossiping about crushes, of course. :relieved:


My guess, it’d be similar to what we got in book 1, where M doesn’t intentionally try to hit you in the face with a branch. That could be great for comedy purposes, if they all follow along the same lines.

By book 6:
F, staring at M: The MC gave you a present and you didn’t throw it in their face or snap their head off. Are you okay?
M: grunts, rolls their eyes, then goes into their room to try on the new sunglasses the MC bought them

On a slightly different topic, I just saw this ask for today:

And it reminded me of the whole dance thing and got me thinking. If the trope Sera is doing in book 4 is the ball thing, I wonder if M-mancers are kinda screwed, since M doesn’t ever dance at all and won’t be changing anything about themselves in the series. Maybe we get to go to the ball with our BFF outside the romance? Maybe that’s what makes M realize they give a damn, when they’re on the sidelines watching F or N be the MC’s partner for the ball.

That’d kinda be enjoyable as hell if we get to see repeated M sections with their teeth grinding because F or N (not including A because I can’t see them doing this if the MC doesn’t have them as the LI) are slow dancing with the MC with their hands on their back and waist and M is annoyed at it. Might make it worth M being the only LI that doesn’t do the ball with the MC.


I find it really sweet to know that Rebecca was at least home for the holidays :slight_smile:. Headcanon here I come.
Oh and I also love how M finds everyone attractive especially cuz in the beginning they’re mainly focused on getting them into bed. It’s like “as long as ur a carcass/body ur looking fine to me :smirk:


I seriously doubt it. I don’t think she’d “screw” over people who are romancing M. I think M would engage in a dance if asked by the MC, even if they don’t particularly enjoy dancing. M would probably do it to put the moves on the MC if anything.


Maybe M would go, I was just going on what Sera said about M never dancing and never changing at all. And when I said we’d be screwed, I didn’t mean that she’s out to get M-mancers and trying to ruin our experience, I just meant that we’d be screwed if we expected M to go to the ball with the MC. I have no doubt she’d find some way to get M and the MC a moment or two to share at it.

Besides, if M not going to a ball with the MC resulted in M developing actual feelings in book 4 instead of in a later book, I’d be more than all for it. It’d be enjoyable to see M “I couldn’t care less about the detective, I just want in their pants” stewing on the sidelines while the MC’s BFF spent tons of time with them having fun, dancing and drinking (and probably working?). Especially if it’s F, who’d totally play it up just to get under M’s skin, lol. I’m hoping F proves to be 100% on the MC’s side and will play wingman, and this would be a perfect opportunity for it.

And, really, it’d be kinda cool to have the MC get to share something like that with their BFF, anyway, especially in the one romance path where there’s no real relationship or feelings from the RO yet. The MC totally deserves to have fun, and F at a ball with a best friended MC would be extremely fun. Hell, F at a ball in any case would be extremely fun!


Lol ai totally want to make pranks on people with F . Mostly Mara with A will want prank A hard lol.


Pranking A would be a blast, though I’m not sure Nyx would do that to him. She isn’t the pranking type.

Wolfe (with N) would totally want to prank M sometimes, just for the hell of it. Dezh wouldn’t prank M, mainly because she has no sense of humor about pranks (and gets pissed off and murderous about it) and figures M would be the same. Jax (with F) would want to prank everyone all the time. She loves that crap, lol.


All maras are playful. But The one that loves pranks is A one. I think is due sexual frustration with A so her tactics are making him mad via pranks and being bold and evwn more rash to danger.
As I said this Mara will broken A nerves and mind. He will have nightmares with Mara launching herself to danger and never doing as he told.



Nate had longer hair!

(I got way too excited about this)


Nat had it to her waist,

Nat why did you cut it?!? That would have been so fun to draw :sob:


You say this like if you still couldn’t?

Maybe a drawing right before she went to the hairdresser to have it done :eyes:

Do it



You know what you’re right


I didnt know Nate’s middle name was Henry! I didn’t even know any of them had middle names! :0


‘Whistling brings a storm’

I’ve never heard of that one.