The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I want exactly all the contrary. I want something in the series go wrong because absolutely everyone else is suer sugary nd rainbows Everyone loves each other and respect each other everyone is good the agency is good other police is good…
I want a realistic relationship . And she was a terrible mother that never was there and only does is dominate her child like it were a robot and doesn’t trust in her him at all. So I want end with zero relationship. I have a fear that last volume will foece me to be super buddies and hugging her in a massive party fill with ponies. And I want ponies for the UB but not for Rebecca


I don’t think you really need to worry about that since Sera has been adamant about letting the player choose how the relationship between the MC and Rebecca is handled. Even towards the end of the series you can still have a bad relationship with her (here) if you choose to.


I hope so Because I remember how my 1 relationship with black magic in first heroes rise ended with my character magically in good relationships with before the patches. I was one of my game rage moments ever. So I glad to know if one of my characters hate her have a different ending


I don’t think everyone/everything is sugar and rainbows. For example:

  • The captain is an asshat (one of my characters already has a horrible relationship with him)
  • The mayor is an asshole (another one of my characters has a crap relationship with him)
  • One of the main love interests literally could not give less of a shit if the MC lives or dies (and Sera admitted they literally mourned a soggy cigarette more than the idea of the MC croaking) and only wants to get into their pants, fully intending to move on to the next target once that’s done (they don’t know plot will force this to play out otherwise, but they still won’t give a crap for a really long time).
  • Two of the romances are basically nonexistent for the almost the entirety of the series, save for a moment or two per book where they show something other than stubborn reluctance or flat out hostility
  • One LIs in the two aforementioned romances will always be mostly cold to them because that’s their personality and it won’t change
  • You can choose to have a sterile relationship with Verda (though why anyone would choose that, I can’t fathom–I love Verda)
  • You can choose to have an antagonistic relationship with Bobby (with, hopefully, the option to physically assault them sometime in the future!)

So yeah, not everything is roses and sunshine. You can have crappy relationships with pretty much everyone, if you so choose (you can even be a jerk to Tina, though she takes it in stride, lol). With UB, you’re pretty much stuck with having a decent relationship with N, at the very least, since N is so damned nice. You can play in such a way that the rest of UB barely tolerates your existence. With M, unless you’ve made an effort or your character is a bit inappropriate, they likely have a crap relationship with M at the end of book 1, anyway. Even if they don’t, M won’t be friendly until way further into the series, no matter how hard you try to make friends.

I agree about the agency being sunshine and rainbows, and would love to see a bad guy come from up high in the agency, but I think Sera said something about everyone else always making huge government agencies evil, so she was going a different way. It’s one of those suspension of disbelief things, as far as I’m concerned.

I agree 100% with this statement.

I really don’t think this will happen. If you notice, Rebecca doesn’t really initiate physical contact with the MC except for in extremely stressful (for her) times, like in the medical room scene when she starts to reach out for the MC’s hand and you can choose to comfort her or tell her the truth, that it’s her fault the MC was in danger. Other than that, she doesn’t seem so touchy/feely, so I don’t see her hugging the MC. She may try to, but I imagine Sera would give the option to push her away or put the nix on it before she gets too close, like she’s done so far.

I completely understand!


Hunted to extinction?


That’s my brother’s theory. He thinks supernaturals slipping into our world is some sort of mass exodus for that very reason—quite the imagination on that boy!

Or, maybe they had an easier getting into this world? Or maybe a long time ago, humans and the supernatural were split and the barriers between this world and the EW put up—like, it was easy to pass between worlds once, but not any more? Maybe the reason the barrier is only permeable from one side because it used to be a way to punish supernaturals by banishing them?

Sorry I got a bit carried away.


Well, the Echo World is an “echo” of our world.

Maybe Supernaturals were just humans once but evolved beyond that thanks to the Echo World’s magic?

Edit: Maybe turning a human into a supernatural involves magic??


Paintballing with A seems terrifying.
Though…seeing A let go would be a great opportunity to turn it into something else :wink:


Uhh, so - I’ve got a question…

I was reading through the demo again yesterday night and you know how you have to choose key moments and whatnot at the beginning?
Well, on the part where we’re supposed to select which member of UB we were closest to in Book One “as a friend,” I clicked M. However, when I finished the demo, I clicked on Stats, just to take a look at them and I noticed that it said that M and my MC were “Barely Teammates.”
Is anyone else seeing the same thing, or is it just me? :slightly_frowning_face:


…yyyyyyyyeah, that’s just how M is. :sweat_smile:

but now that the detective is officially a member of unit bravo, that just might change! :smiley: :crossed_fingers:


Okay, cool. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one seeing that. lol


Yeah, M is just that charming :joy:

But is still worthy imo. If you don’t start to build the path you will never move past the barely teammates, so don’t see it as a pointless thing to do!

I guess on stats wise is something like, for example, to be friends with F, coding wise you need 6 friendship points (I’m saying random numbers here) while for M we might need 12 points to get past the barely teammates. So… Patience and dedication :rofl:


Imagine how many points we need to unlock ‘M in love’ :joy:


I shudder just to think about that lmao


Just pick a number between 1-10, multiply it with the amount of times they act indifferent towards you, double that with the amount of times they act interested with you and you’ll get your answer.


MC: M, these are your favorite brand of cigarettes, right?

M: Yeah, why?

MC: I got 'em for you.

M: [grunts]

*set m_rom “over-the-moon”


The real challenge is to get them to say the words “ You complete me.” all the while with F recording this as video proof (Disclaimer, I have not seen that Tom Cruise movie).


I’m dying :joy:

Mason/Morgan: The MC just has to exist, hahaha! :smiley:

M: Do that thing I like.

MC: … What?

M: Fuck yeah, that’s good.


That is so awkward, yet I laughed out loud…

This though…

Nate/Nat: Drawing attention to parts of the body without realising eg. absent-mindedly licking lips, rubbing hand over the neck—that kind of thing, lol.

Once the mc would know about this weakness of N… Oh dear, I would adore seeing N squirm in their seat whilst the mc ‘absentmindedly-and-not-at-all-on-purpose’ makes those movements and gestures during an important meeting with other very important Agency people or on a mission or in overcrowded places or… everywhere.
Damn, I just want a sadistic mc torturing N like this (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Perhaps I should start a romance with N… to see if there will ever come up the opportunity, gnehehehe!


Oh sht My mc is always licking his dry lips rip Nate lol