The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I mean Rebecca is a handler, not counting technically, so it’s all good, right hahaha

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five dollars that mc father he is vampire that I what think


Animal blood…? lol


oh right! forgot about that lol

sera confirmed that dad is a human

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Whew, i thought book 2 came out, when i read the title of this discussion😅 im relief.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY N :birthday: :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::anger::gift:
Probably enjoying something quiet with the rest of unit bravo on a day off. :relaxed:


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Watch everyone’s present for N be a book


Let’s be honest, that’s probably what they’d ask for. (After being pestered into picking something. N seems the type to say they don’t need anything.)


Am I the only one that imagines N getting something g very luxurious and expensive for their birthday? Probably the only time of the year when they can buy something like that without A frowning at them :laughing:


It’s actually a really interesting story and gives an idea of Rebecca’s character deeper.

[grabby hands]

I neeeeeed to knowwwwwwww.


I second this!! Give us our Mommy’s character development, Sera!!

There have been no Tier Ten rogue supernaturals for agggggges though.

suspicious side eye

You will actually meet a couple of Tier Tens in Book Two :wink:

Unit Alpha?! :0 I wonder if anyone in Unit Bravo counts as Tier Ten?


I’m not a Rebecca fan, but would like to see this as well.

For those of us with characters who have a crappy relationship with her, this info from her might be a way to start mending the relationship a bit. Or, at least, for the two of them to find some common ground. For my character with a 9% relationship with her, it could only help (or so I’d hope!).


Personally I like Rebecca because she is a flawed as a mother, but who tries her best.
I’m always bit lost when I see perfect mother-daughter relationships
One of my mc has really bad relationship with her mom and currently no amount “I have always loved you” doesn’t change the fact they weren’t there for mc when they most needed her. Hm also the fact my mc can’t stand lies or being kept in the dark…
Learning more about her past might change that

I would love to more about Rebecca’s and mc’s father’s shared past


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But there are no humans in the Echo World anymore.



I wondered who was gonna bring that up. LOL :+1:

What Sera is doing as we read this:


Sera has said that there was one human who made it from Earth into the Echo World, I assumed Sera was talking about that person. Who then presumably either died there or found a portal back to the human world


Yeah, I remember her saying only one human made it from our world to Echo, but maybe there were humans in Echo before? Since it’s an ‘echo’ of our world, that would make sense. Maybe the humans of that world died out because they couldn’t evolve and/or reproduce fast enough. Humans could be the dinosaurs of Echo.

Another option, wouldn’t it be cool if certain things were mirrored there? For example, in Wayhaven, if a vampire and human mate and have a kid, the kid is human. What if, in Echo (pretending for a moment there were humans there at one time), when humans mated with supernaturals, the children were supernatural instead of human? Then, humans could’ve just slowly faded away due to weak genes or whatever, and supernaturals thrived.

Sorry for babbling, but discussing lore and theory on crap like this is one of my happy places. :stuck_out_tongue:


I only hope means can destroy Rebecca reputation in last book I hate her I think she doesn’t care my girl in the slightest only her blood and I hope some chance of revenge on her. But I suppose there is no way and does matter if relationship is zero all will end with Rebecca as super buddies


I don’t think we’ll be forced to end as superbuddies with her, since so far we have had the option to shut her out and down to some extent (though she gets teary or tenses to show that it bothers her that the MC is cold to her or blames her for never being there or putting them in danger with her secrets). Most likely, that will continue, since Sera seems pretty good at letting the player set their relationship, to some extent, with her. Plus, she likes drama and a crap relationship with Rebecca would produce drama with the rest of the team, given that they seem to worship the ground she walks on.

As for hating her–I, as a reader, agree with you and can’t stand Rebecca. However, for my character’s sake , I would love to see things change between them. I don’t think Dezh (Ms. 9% with Rebecca) would ever accept her as a ‘mother’ at this point, since she was never there for her, but she could develop a friendship with her if Rebecca stops certain behaviors and is more humble, less controlling, less insulting (seriously, woman, stop with the “my team is here to babysit you” bullshit) and stops the lies/hiding information. She’d also have to start treating her daughter like she’s an adult, rather than a 2-year-old who has to be kept in a playpen with four babysitters to keep her from hurting herself.

That said, given Sera’s stance that people never change, I highly doubt Rebecca will ever cease her behavior and will continue to lie/hide/demean the MC constantly. She doesn’t seem to learn from anything and just keeps treating the MC like a child and disrespecting her with UB.

But , even so, I do hope there might be some common ground between Rebecca and the MC, at least enough to get my MC to the point where she doesn’t avoid her at all costs and doesn’t border on an uncontrollable rage every time she lay eyes on her. Having Rebecca share her first experience with the supernatural might at least give them some neutral ground where they can relate to each other civilly for five minutes. So even if they go right back to square one after the conversation, at least the MC would have some pleasant interaction with Rebecca to consider, and that’d be a nice change.