The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Another question… do you think UB has seriously hurt anyone while drinking from them? :thinking: I doubt they’ve killed anyone at least purposely but do you think everyone was willing?


I think it’s A. They strike me as the ‘this can’t beat me, I’m stronger than this’ type. I just can’t see the others not trying it. When F is dropped in this world, would they even know any better? Also, I think N has some serious baggage along with a very rebellious period. M is the only other one I think might not have done it but it doesn’t seem like it would bother them too much so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t?


Yes. Seems like it would be extremely easy to accidentally drink too much, particularly if they haven’t fed in a while. (And if it feels anywhere near as good as it seems to in most vampire-media…)

I can’t really see F hurting anyone, but the other three, yeah.


Intentionally no but accidentally, possible. In my view, since they are new with interacting humans, it is possible that they have no idea how very fragile a human can be.


I think the one who hasn’t drunk human blood is F because F forgot that humans heal slow lol.

Now I can finally be called Your Majesty without judgement


Oh definitely the case as well…

Imagine how cute the scenario for Bobby when this happens, so Bobby is afraid of ghost and worries that she will get harm , she looks around and notice non of the UB agents care about her but she looks again , this time notice the familiar face of MC who seems concerns about her, hence realising why she had always want to hang on to MC, even though she hide the fact with the excuse of wanting to manipulate my MC… in truth Bobby realise she can always count on my MC no matter what :-):relaxed: It is sweet isn’t it ? :wink:


What if Bobby sees one of UB drinking the MC’s blood? I’d like to see what would happen in that scenario.

Probably a lot of screaming and confusion.


Well… i would personally explain to Bobby there is no cause for concern, by the way… it is i who lost blood anyway … so there is nothing for Bobby to worry about :wink:

Perhaps Bobby will even feel hurt for thinking i am in pain ? :-):thinking: i will ask Natalie to calm her down then :-):stuck_out_tongue:

My MC : Bobby ! Stop this screaming at once… It isn’t as bad as you thought … and please don’t write any of these story, for your own sake…


Sera did said in one ask that the vampires from the echo world did feed on blood from other supernatural creatures.


Oh crap i almost forgot, i was thinking about humans this whole time but i didn’t realise “straight from the source” could also mean supernatural blood :woman_facepalming:


Oh that’s right! I forgot about Echo world, thank for reminding me about that. In that case my best guess is that M wouldn’t had had blood from the source then just because of age alone.


oh shit ur right

then I also guess it’s M


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY N! :cake::partying_face:


Quick, someone make a fan fic about their birthday or rehash what we discussed months ago. Correction, just over a month ago.


Well the original ask was about drinking about humans specifically so even if F did drink from other supernaturals that doesn’t mean they drank from any humans.


“There is one UB member who has never drank blood from a human.” Alright, think I’ve finally got this, guys. Here it goes.

cue the drum roll

And it is...

the main character :smiley:



Does that mean Rebecca has?? :scream:


how is father of the main character :face_with_monocle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh gross, @Mewsly! :nauseated_face: lol


We don’t know yet who the dad is, but it will get revealed eventually!