The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


My gut says A, but honestly all of them would be an awesome option?


It would make sense as N, but I get the feeling it is not. Just a gut feeling that N has Seen and Done some ****. They can’t be totally perfect, no. F has been in the human world the shortest amount of time, so it may be them. M would be my second guess Just Because. It’s not based on logic, just feelings.

Yeah. It’d be messy. Get everywhere because you’d have to sever an arterie. Plus you don’t know what’s in it.


The main reason I think it’s A is because A is so tight-assed and resistant to anything even remotely fun, I couldn’t see them ever drinking human blood from the source. Plus, much like M, they think humans are the worst and don’t like them at all (at least M figures humans are useful for some ‘fun’ but A doesn’t even like them for that!).

If N was ever with a lover who wanted to be bitten… well, N is there to please, so they’d do it in a heartbeat. And F, well I guess it’s more of a gut feeling, but I can’t see it being them.

That leaves M. I wish like hell you’re right that M is a possibility, but I just can’t see it, given how many humans he’s probably banged (thousands? hundreds of thousands, given their age?). You know one of them wanted to be bitten, and M wouldn’t turn it down, so…

The romantic in me (yeah, there’s one in there, somewhere, even if it’s a bit different from the way everyone else’s is!) would freaking grin like a moron if M had never drank from another human before, especially given they’ve likely done every other single there in the world there is to do in bed and it’d give the MC something special to share with them. Throw in their comment in book 1 that pheromones help them get a ‘bite’ it’d be hilarious if they made that comment but never tried to get a bite or even took it when it was offered. Given how long it’s gonna take for M to catch the dreaded feelings, it’d be nice to have something with them that made the MC feel special, instead of just another target M’s trying to get in bed (or just another receptacle for their, um, ‘fun’).


lol I didn’t even think of “love bites” (is that what you call it??)

I was thinking about the transitioning of A, N, and M and how they probably didn’t know how to control their lust for blood yet so I voted for F. :laughing:


I abstain. I honestly don’t know. It could be anyone… even yoooooou


I think F is just the logical choice. They’re the youngest, had the least contact with humans :thinking: And they are the one who says “never from the source or anything” when talking about it in the first book


I think A is too damn practical to not drink blood straight from humans.

Also, let’s not forget that there wasn’t such a thing as a reliable blood storage (with blood bags, refrigerators and everything) before 20th century. Really old vampires like A and N must have had to drink from source at least once. How else otherwise?


My money is on F. I just don’t think they would have had the opportunity.

Unless, of course, there’s like humans in the Echo World from which to subsist on???

:woman_shrugging:t2: cuz if it ain’t F…then I’m gonna go with M because when I think intense blood drinking scene my brain immediately goes the most powerful vampire, but on the blood equivalent of crack



My dreams have come true—aw, crap, Charlotte doesn’t have a nickname!!! :sob:

Is there going to be an option where the MC can simply ask them to call them by their name?

or assert your dominance and ask them to refer you by your entire name, disappointed mother style


I wonder if Sera will put some easter eggs with this option :joy:

For example, you input, call me Mistress, and UB reacts to that like, ehhh, no :joy:


Hi everyone, new here, sorta (long time lurker). I think that it would be F because I think the others are just way too old and were probably around before blood bags were a thing.


My heart says it’s Adam but my mind says Felix tbh…Based on the informatikn Sera gave us I think about Nate and his strong lust for blood and not being able to control it, pretty much implies the obvious. As fo Mason it’s impossible for me to think he had never drunk blood for the source :joy:


Does anybody know how long the Agency has been around for? Has Sera answered this before or is it too spoilery?


A quick search didn’t yield any results. I do recall an ask about agency calling in N for help with royalty, but that’s not much to go on. Could be an Ottoman sultan from early 1900s, could be queen Elizabeth I for all we know.


My guess is F since there are no humans in Echo World and the second they came here the agency probably got in touch and started giving them bagged blood…but it seems kinda obvious so it might not be them (like in a detective story where the first suspect is never the real culprit…and this is a detective story…)

Your Awesomeness :smirk:

I love it when that happens :smile:


Yeah, there’s just so much evidence pointing to F.
At first I thought it would be N, but then as jumo pointed out there probably weren’t special systems and places like the agency that offered bloodbags back then so that kinda eliminates N and A. Further there’s something that makes me skeptical about N and blood. The comments F made and the theories just makes me believe N had to drink blood from a human at some point. As for M I don’t think they’d care to drink or not drink blood from a human. Just because they extremely dislike people I don’t think they would completely dismiss drinking straight from one (back then). And finally that leaves F. They haven’t been on earth for too long as someone else mentioned, and F just seems like, I don’t know how to explain it but…sort of innocent?


There are plenty of modern countries with monarchies too. Maybe the Agency has been around since the 1800/1900s, since superstition was beginning to die down a little?


I don’t want to derail the discussion, but…

I just can’t get over this mental image of F at a first year calculus class
Prof: So here is Rolle’s Theorem which states that if a smooth continuous function is equal at 2 ends of an interval it’s slope is zero in at least one point in the interval…
F: Well duh, that’s so obvious!
Prof: Yes, but we need to prove that this is in fact true-
F: Come on! Why can’t we just see how intuitive it is and move one?
Prof: Because if you do that all the time you end up with fallacies like-
F: This class is a fallacy
Prof: Now that’s just mean…


Am I the only one that can easily imagine N nota drinking from a human before? I can see them getting the consent (or compelling in the worst cases) some humans to put their own blood in a cup or something. Just to try and hold to humanity a bit more.


I was debating between F and N, and then I considered that maybe, just maybe, N once drank from a human and was so horrified that they decided to ‘punish’ themselves by limiting the amount of blood they receive.

Also, in book one, N mentions something along the lines of them being “more like (the rest of UB)” than the detective thinks. And drinking blood directly from humans may have incited this statement, especially since it kind of reinforces in them the knowledge that they truly aren’t quite like humans anymore.


In my view, A and N would definitely have drank from the source since they have been a vampire a long time, which means this would be the time where blood bags were not yet available and possible they have experienced famine and wars which could pushed a person’s morality at some point.

My bet is on F since they are the youngest and from the Echo world, where humans were nonexistent at best, though how they feed themselves in there would puncture my hypothesis though. It is possible they drank off some kind of essence in the Echo world. :thinking:

M is probably possible since they are one of the youngest… That would be interesting… :joy: