The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Because I feel like being a bit naughty today on sort-of spoilers…

There is one member of Unit Bravo that has never drunk blood from a human.

I won’t say who though, hehehe! :smiley:


Omgggggggg what!!!

Oh my fucking god. I don’t know who you are, but in my romance with you, you better drink from the MC. It will be awesome. I can already feel the intensity.


If they drank from the MC, it would be their first time doing it, yeah!

Even better 'cause I know who it is and how intense that could get. Like, whoa

You know, if the vampires do end up biting the MC…not saying they will have that option in the future or anything…

/cackles and leaves/


Be more naughty and I’ll even throw in my giftcard to Lazrad famous pastery and bakery :eyes::eyes:. Come on sera ik you want those crispy pastries.

Me: dies


Listen if this is A I’m going to scream. Like, intensity and A are synonymous.


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Sera, you’re killing us!!

I bet its F… Or maybe N


I know this makes sense, but I am putting my money on A because holy fuck Mr/Ms we are monsters and human hates us? Drinking from a human for the first time??? And not just any human, but the MC??? Sign. Me. In.


Bribery??? :astonished:

All right then… ;D

Working on Chapter 6, and I’ve just finished coding in this moment:

(This is a choice, you can choose for the team to continue using ‘Detective’ for those that do, or you can suggest they just use your name. Not all of them will use it, 'cause they like formality…wonder who that could possibly be? Lol!)


I don’t know what we have done to deserve this spoilers, but thank you :sob:


Watch us all be wrong and its M.




@Seraphinite you’re such a tease! I love it

Though I guess it’s either N or F lol

Gotta admit, I also thought of A because of that word :joy:


I mean, I thought any of them could be the one, because let’s be honest, whoever it is, non of us is going to see it coming :joy:


You know what thats true… Now I bet it is M tho.

Some Vampire: Humans are good for only one thing.

M: Yeah. Sex.

Vampire: What?? No. Food.

M: … Gross.


My detective: Agents please, we know each other well enough by now… call me dearest love of my life although I actually like them calling my mc detective so I’ll prob leave it like that or let them call him by his name


My first thought was, ‘I’m gonna make A call me sweetie as my nickname’

Hahahaha! :smiley:

Though disappointingly A is stubborn and formal :sob:


Watch A in the LT route hearing N call MC by their nickname.


So when will we get the option to call A embarrassingly cute nicknames if they won’t for the MC??

MC: Hows my grumpy wumpy love bug today?

A: Detective, please.

MC: My honey-pie cuddle cake.

A: …

MC: You know how to make me stop, my sugar coated stud muffin.

A: … Please stop… Sweetie.


Yo giving me the option to call RO’s a nickname would be a sin.
N: Daddy long legs
M: Mistress
A: Bad mood mama jama
F: Bun-buns
(Im sorry I’ll go now)

My Hand Slipped..


Okay, let’s all go on the record! Who do you think is the one vampire in UB that has yet to drink human blood from the source?

  • A
  • F
  • M
  • N

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