The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Lies, I asked for it specifically. AND I AM SO HAPPY ITS HERE!!! :sparkles:

Happy Halloween Everyone~ :jack_o_lantern:


Now I feel like doing this just to see their faces. Especially F. :sparkles: :joy:
Happy Halloween! :vampire:


My Adam romancing detective wouldn’t be able to resist doing that. Her expression would be the albino’s from the gif, exactly. A is such a mopey grump she would HAVE to take the piss. Just like, clowning on vampire angst in pop culture. “It’s so hard being immortal and eternally youthful and beautiful and rich. I sparkle in the sunlight because I’m dangerous.”

Honestly the biggest problem for her would be deciding between a Twilight parody, old school Bela Lugosi vampire, or the Count from Sesame Street. :joy:

Unfortunately my other two detectives don’t have the same “annoy Adam any way you can think of” dynamic and would do something more conventional (witch or a couples costume kinda thing).


Sorry to go off topic but

I read, and now im dead :zipper_mouth_face::exploding_head::skull:


Well, I have been headcanoning that for so long that I wouldn’t have accept anything else :joy:

Maybe one day we could suggest we kiss all the freckles, I’m sure M would be up to the task ;D


Suavewell strikes again


Struck straight through my heart :cupid: and sera’s to blame


Poor Douglas. Hopefully he never learns about the supernatural, because I think it might actually kill him.









Those are perfect for them. I’m afraid M would be like me in a haunted house–I’ve been once and never went back. I thought it was stupid, tbh. I wasn’t scared at all, or even caught off guard until some idiot that worked there decided to grab me from behind in the dark and I acted without thinking and elbowed him in the sternum.

I’m not as bad as my brother, at least. He went to a haunted house (again, once) and punched a guy for grabbing him without thinking. He decided, like me, it was best to stay away from places like that.

I think my family is too combative to go to places like that, much like M, who’d probably accidentally kill someone if they jump scared him from behind by grabbing him. Though, I think they likely now tell the workers not to touch anyone, since they don’t want a lawsuit on their hands.


Yeah I went to one a few years ago here in California and they don’t touch guests. I don’t like flashing lights or jump scares, but otherwise I wasn’t very impressed. I just kept thinking these are all probably college kids working for minimum wage and I couldn’t get into it.


I’m just happy too see that Bobby is a coward to be honest, not that we didn’t already know, but it makes me think, if they shit themselves like this on a hunted house, how would they react if they saw some scary super natural? :joy:

My baby is inexperienced on romantic gestures, wtf :sob:

It’s fine F, we will have eternity to practice <3

How come no one posted this before? :open_mouth:

So, now we have kind off confirmation that Rebecca and MC’s dad were in love.


What trope did Sera say was her fav again? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


The “going to a ball/party because reasons–and holy crap, xe cleans up nicely” I think? I’m sure there’s a post where she says so but I’m a touch lazy today.


Yeah it’s something like going undercover as a couple to a fancy ball and the UST levels are off the charts. I assume F and N will ummm… resolve, M might be catching feelings at that point, and A will try to dive into a pool and drown themself before remembering vampires don’t have to breathe. :rofl:


Well i disagree that Bobby is a coward just because he/she is afraid of ghost … perhaps Bobby is just insecure when dealing with strangers or things she/he not understand, that’s the reason why Bobby love to hang on to MC , simply because MC is the most trusted person Bobby can rely upon :slight_smile:


As for if some of them have actually drank from the source, then yes.



My M porn fic gets closer to reality :eyes:


Lol i think its less that bobby’s insecure about things they dont understand and more that they don’t wanna get harmed or hurt.


Ub in suits/dresses!? You have awoken me from my slumber!