The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I’ve never been good at drawing animals… which means I can’t draw N with a dog or A with a cat either. Its awful.


i know that feel bro. :sob:

Me: *draws an eye* Beautiful, amazing, wow I can really see how I was an art major for a little while.

Me: *draws other eye* oh…oh no.

[hours later]

Me: *manages to draw a semi-human looking thing* c-cool.

Me: N-Now…to draw…the cat.

Me: *makes a mark with the pencil* *stops immediately* Oh my god how was I an art major…?

But in the upside Sera answered my question about Unit Bravo lifting each other, eyyyyyyyyyyyy. :sunglasses:

But now I want more… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

@Seraphinite how much fanart must I draw until we can get a scene like that in-game?? :dog:


Whaa… This is… Oh dear… You will be hearing from me. Just give me an hour or so…

Mewsly stop.
@Meira_Litch already said it. But I am going to say it anyway and do not dare ignore me, young lady!

That is the cutest horse I have laid my eyes on in a very long time, I am talking years here! <3
And I am honest as I think and write this.
I would love to have wrapping paper with such horses all over it. Or a bag. I would buy one if you will ever make one. Then buy ten more to give to some of my friends and my mom. All the while bragging to them that I sometimes converse with you on the internet, naturally.

Also, on a different note, I did not comment on it earlier, because I was asleep when you posted it and the conversation had steered into a different direction by then… but now that I am forcing my compliments on you anyway… :
The Evelutions of your detectives are so freaking cute! They have spooked around in my thoughts all day!
You have no idea how much I like your drawings. They often make me smile and laugh, at times they inspire as well. Ahem… So yeah… Oh look at the time! I should be making dinner preparations!..

Now how shall I tackle this summoning…? Nate or Nat? Are there any preferences by those who are so thirsty passionate about seeing N horseriding?


That is such a cute little horse. I bet F begged N to let them bring it back to the facility, and N was even tempted.


My vote goes for Lady Suavewell in this occasion. Nothing hotter than a lady riding a horse like a pro


Alright, Natalie it is ´͈ ᵕ `͈


Is it bad that what I took away from that ask is N’s failure at bicycle? Now I just imagine N trying to work a bike and failing epically. And the tallness is no excuse N! My tall friends and family can use them just fine.

Edit: Sorry, N, had to do it :grimacing:


Oh, man. I did not expect N not to be familiar with bicycle riding. Wasn’t it a dope pastime for ladies and gents to partake in, in the second half of 19th century?

N: Something technological can fail in a bicycle, especially when you’re in hurry!
MC: Same can happen to a horse. Except not technological but bio…logical. I think?
N: You can lose balance, fall down and sustain great bodily harm!
MC: Same for the horse riding. And it can trample you afterwards :anguished:
MC: N. Safety bikes have been around for more than 150 years and you still can barely hold your balance. Get on the damn thing already.


Let’s get N one with training wheels


Okay… One hour became several ones… And I can tell you it was pure torture! You people are evil! EVIL! I tell you. Of all the things you asked it was N horseriding…

Drawing this took 6 years of my lifespan, dear fucking lord...

I know!?! It is not even finished!!! But truly, like… torture…!

N is kindhearted, right? N would never use those stupid mouthpieces. I have always hated those, thus, I decided that so did N.


Sera herself has called out my Murphy thirst.

im screaming


It’s so cute! And it’s tiny, little tongue poking out! So adorable! i want it :hugs:

W. O. W.

Just wow. Someone sold their soul for art skills

Can you and mewsly spare some talent for me? :smiley:

I guess Charlotte is now the official poster girl for the non-existent Murphy route :laughing:


You have no idea how frustrating and stressful it is to draw a human sitting on a horse… Oh my dear fucking lord, never again… you hear me!

well… Maybe at some point in the future i will change and finish it.

But i am glad you like it c:
thank you.


this is amazing haha i half considered trying my hand at drawing N on a horse but remembered i havent seriously drawn in a year so that aint happening

love the fact that you left out the mouthpiece. totally something N would do


Another artsy person! <3
I will silently hope that you will change your mind on not drawing N on a horse (or anything else fanart related) c:



See?! THATS A GOOD HORSIE RIGHT THERE!!! :heart: :heart: First Red Pandas and now Horses! I am so jealous of your animal drawing skills!!


haha maybe once i get a chance to sit down and warm up a little… or a lot. i really wanna draw what i see UB as in my head. like so bad lol


Ok guys, I kinda have a ridiculous question (which I’ve been holding one for a few days and also, I don’t know if this has been asked before); if UB learned about Harry Potter and did the quiz to sort them in houses, which one would be in what house?


There is nothing ridiculous about such a question c:
I like the question.

A would be a Slytherin, because they are such snobs in regards to humans. Just like a lot of Purebloods with their hatred for Muggle-Borns. But A is also someone who is dedicated to their cause and protective of those they love, so I see them definitely as a Slytherin.

N would be a Ravenclaw, because they are so knowledgeable and so dependant on books. Though I can see them in Hufflepuff as well, because they are always kind and very hardworking.

F would be in Gryffindor, because… F is foolish in their bravery and they would have been best friends with Fred, George and that other friend whose name I have forgotten… What was his name!!!
Anyway, F belongs there, I believe.

M… is a Slytherin? Because once they love, oh dear, then they love hard <3
M does only what (or who, wink wink) they want to do and they only listen to those that deserve their respect.

Anyway, that is what I think ´・ᴗ・`
What do you think yourself?


I mean, that probably sounds about right, I pictured N to probably be a Hufflepuff more and M to be Slytherin (though mainly due to their attitude, no offence what so ever). Maybe because I’m playing Hogwarts Mystery and seeing how Tonks behaves made me think F could be a Hufflepuff (then again, there’s a rebellious Ravenclaw and Gryffindor in the game). A, I honestly didn’t think a lot on, but I would have figured Gyrffindor, due to leadership and determination.