The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

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Ohhh, well, I think Tina as a Growlithe could be cute cuz shes a cop and Growlithes are, like, the police Pokemon, but I also second @impeccably-stressed that Tina does give off an “Electric Sheep” vibe. Or a Furfrou!

As for Verda… Hmmm. Maybe a normal-type Pokemon? :thinking: Idk why, maybe because normal-types reminds me of your dad from Ruby and Sapphire and Verda is Best Dad


I know you guys have already moved past
this discussion (feel free to ignore this) and I hope you don’t mind if I bring it back. Just wanna throw in my two cents lol.

My take on this is that it probably has something to do with their past. Probably a loved one thought they were dangerous and called them a monster when they found out that A turned into a vampire. Add to that the fact that some human agents don’t like working with vampire agents, I think it reinforces their perception of themselves as dangerous.

Also, how about M as Mightyena? or A as Blaziken?


Perhaps it is something like when humans thought they had tamed a tiger or elephant and apply them for entertainment in a circus , even though these dangerous animals are considered harmless or “tamed” , but we won’t know when one day the tiger or the elephant will gone rampage and kill anyone in the circus…

So in a way , the Agency “thought” they may have tamed these supernaturals and employ them as loyal “servants” , we won’t know when one of them will gone rogue one day :slight_smile:


I feel there are still some pieces left to this puzzle. One thing is to hate on that one person who hurt you, but having so much venom against humankind - that’s a whole other game.

I’m beginning to think there was a serious witch hunt going on against A in the distant past. And perhaps A in return might’ve done something… nasty. Which they regret. And at the same time continue to hate them hoomans, lol


Ooh… maybe when A first turned, they didn’t know how to control their thirst for blood and done some… bad things.


Then there’s the kicker of A trying to keep the past under a huge ass barn lock.

I wonder just how big the set of :sparkles: sugar pliers :sparkles: we’d need to pry that sensitive memory from A. Or if it’s possible at all.


The author, this series, this community and everyone are Legendary :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:
Edit: Also this one belongs to M :joy: Booty


Ok, I was trying to make a TWC character moodboard yesterday, I finally found my Adam face claim. :heart_eyes:
James Norton ladies and gentlemen. Perfect height, body type, height. Did I mention he’s British too? (It also doesn’t help that I recently watched War & an Peace and he was perfect in his stoic role character) :blush:



I see Rebecca as ninetails. Graceful and brutal :joy:

(I can’t remember the name of other pokemons now, but when I finish work I will edit this. I only remember the first generation pokemons, ok, and only kind of)


My Northwestern American brain can’t get rid of my everyday Northwestern American accent, even when I know I’m reading a character’s dialogue and I know they’re from New Orleans (never heard the accent - that I know of - in my life), Greece, or the UK. lol
So, my face claims for A, N and F are as follows…


Jensen Ackles


Jared Padalecki


Brandon T. Jackson

Not sure who reminds me of M just yet. I go more by who their personalities remind me of (even if it was just another one of their characters’ personalities). And I realize that might sound confusing. Sorry. haha


I see you’re a Supernatural fan :smile:
Tbh I haven’t decided about Nate and Felix but Mason was the easiest one for me. For the moment I’ve read about him, I knew he would be Adam Driver :eyes::sweat_smile:


Ooh, yeah! Huge “Supernatural” fan. I’ve always been fascinated by the occult (one of the reasons I love TWC so much!), which I find slightly ironic considering a lot of the people I grew up around consider the occult “evil.” It’s like, why can’t you just not enjoy it and say so, instead of fussing about it when I never even asked for your opinion in the first place? hahaha :joy:
For M, I’m kind of leaning towards…


Ian Somerhalder

But I’m not 100% sure, yet. I’m still looking through face claims… lol


I dunno why I got emotional during this:

Oh wait I know because its tear jerking…I-At least A would stay loyal to N, the friendship is strong with this one.
On another note this ask made me laugh my ass off:

I just kept imagining..



For a second I thought you were talking about the child walking in on mc and ro ask but yeah that one was hilarious too, imagining F dropping A, poor A. (I still laughed cuz I’m evil :sob:)
Oh and can I just say F is my freaking spirit animal

That is EXACTLY like me. :smiling_imp:



Sera, you are a dinousur nerd?! I love it, even more so the fact that you’re team herbivore!

I second this, summon someone with amazing drawing skills! so basically this whole thread minus me.
… no one is going to address that motivational ask with Rebecca and N (it made me get out of bed) or the fact that A could possibly makes puppy dog eyes without noticing… sighs If only A realized they had such a gift they could make mc do whatever they wanted.


A: You’re not coming with us
Mc: Yes I am!
A:…look, I just…I don’t want you to get hurt and you could help us so much more if you continued through here [cue Involuntary puppy dog eyes]
Mc: NO I-…I-…oh, I mean…I guess…
Mc stares into A’s eyes again.
Mc: ok


Ah, but what about the Detectives who are “immune” to puppy-dog eyes? lol If my MCs are anything like me, they could look at any pair of puppy-dog eyes (other than childrens’), laugh and walk away. :joy:


Unless it’s literal puppies my mc is immune :laughing:


@Mewsly @L_M I summon thy!

Werewolves will be the cryptonite of many MC lol.

Young werewolf: Please Mrs Detective!! Let me do this! Just one time!!
Detective: for the last time, I said no young one.
Young werewolf transforms into a puppy wolf
Puppy wolf starts crying, ears down, looking at you
Detective: I… I… Shit… Alright!! Just this one time! And you better don’t tell your parents!
Franatic tail movements


Oh! I am summoned. Why-

I-I can’t draw horses… But I’ll try!

Okay, Nate is looking... okay. That’s a good sign...

Now for the horsie....

lays on ground and sobs


Excuse me but your comment seems to imply that the horse isn’t amazing, and that is just very wrong.