The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Because dittos can mate and “get along” with any Pokémon expect, ya know, other Dittos.

M will bone anyone but Mason and Morgan wouldn’t get along at all!

Though if the M Super Soldier theory proves true then M is MewTwo

Edit THEN AGAIN there’s also Lycanroc who might be a good fit for M since it’s all wolf-y. Or Stufful cuz M is Best Red Panda


okay so i gotta know

how did your mcs react to supernatural beings actually being real and UB being vampires?

my mcs are all either okay with it from the start, in disbelief, or wary at first and then it goes away.

but as i’m playing through nate’s route i’m really considering maybe an mc that’s terrified of the idea? like completely loses trust in UB after the revelation and becomes distant. and i think maybe nate having to really push to bring back the closeness with mc. idk haha it sounds terrible i love nate so much and i dont want anything negative ever coming his way but i love angsty shit so i think maybe nate would be best for this kind of mc. nate or maybe adam? i’ve also considered felix. and the love triangle route. just not mason lol


Even if you don’t make it your canon Nate playthrough I think it’s still worth a play-- if only just for the sheer amount of emotions it will make you feel. Sera is good at that. :wink:

Plus I believe she mentioned there might be some patreon content associated with that option!


I mostly went with confused/bewildered/cool with it.

Emma: Alright…I mean I literally saw a massive gash in your arm heal in a couple seconds, so…
Hayden: …huh.
Cassandra: You’re…what? (Sorta spooked by demon boy though.)

I don’t wanna hurt my vampire babies.


Orianna honest to god thought they were fucking with her… then she saw a guy with bones sticking out of his arms and a lady with a tail and okay, wow, gosh that’s a lot to take in but, okay, you know what it’s fine. Shes fine. This is actually kinda cool.

Rin was pretty much like “yeah, okay, that makes sense” and took it pretty well. Well, okay, she was a bit mad at Rebecca for keeping it secret all her life but she was really mad at Unit Bravo… not because of the vampire thing but for keeping important information like “this is what the killer looks like” and “hes after you specifically” from her. She was pretty pissed about that, especially when they then disregarded her work saying it wasn’t even an investigation that’s gonna sting for a while, F, why?

Samir was in shock. Just total shock. And then he bottled that shock up, put those feelings away, and proceed to ignore that they exsisted and plans on doing so until he dies. It’s a great plan. Well, okay, he did get pretty mad with Rebecca for hiding it from him his whole life, like, Mom, wtf, but he’s too close to her to stay mad for very long, they pretty much made up by the end of the game. Though he thinks the Supernatural are pretty interesting, he’s pretty curious about them and their secret society and culture.


Just wanted to share this somewhere, not sure if this is the place though

Wayhaven in Tomodachi Life

Even in other games they’re bffs!
Also my miiself and Nate fell in love without me doing anything, accurate though since he’s my fave and Adam somehow beat me at a rap battle…


@jerich welcome! It makes me so happy to see more and more ppl talking on this thread


That actually fits them so well

Oh yeah and don’t mind this ⇩, i was just going through ig and when i saw that meme, wayhaven was screaming my name.



None, Charlotte would be a regular Eevee! :sparkles: She’s just got a little bit too much of every Eeveelution to ever settle. :upside_down_face:


It’s perfect!!

Charlotte: I knew it!

Rebecca: …you knew they were vampires?

Unit Bravo: [sweat nervously]

Charlotte: No, I mean, I knew something was up, what with all the caginess and the obvious attempts to lead me away from the truth, so logically I assumed it had something to do with aliens X-Files and that it was a big government conspiracy—

Felix: Oh wow, that’s almost exactly it!

Rebecca: [glares at Unit Bravo]

Dude, that was actually my first playthrough but I felt awful about making Nate sad... :(

So instead I’m gonna make him panic over Charlotte’s soon-to-be single-minded obsession with joining the ranks of the supernatural!! : D

Nate: No, please, you don’t understand what it’s like, what you’ll have to give up—!

Charlotte: All emotional attachments to those you love.

Nate: Y-Yes, essentially.

Charlotte: Which is exactly why I won’t be a Jedi!

Nate: You what now?

Charlotte: Instead I’ll be Sith, they encourage passion and love and kill—ahhhh, you know what never mind the Sith, they might be too hardcore for me. Ooh! But Grey Jedi are totally up my alley, I’ll definitely join their ranks.

Nate: I have no idea what you’re talking about sometimes and it worries me.


Almost all of mine were believing and generally accepting (mostly afraid of what Murphy could do to the town and curious about what happened to A to make them have their opinions of humans). My most current one (ex-criminal Eric McDowell, who I’m split between having them romancing Nat and Morgan, depending on the game) thought it was yet another lie they were feeding him. When he learned that they knew who was the murderer, it… wasn’t what he wanted to find out, especially after trying to feel some degree of optimistic about the case. Otherwise, he’s chill about the supernatural. I don’t know about playing one that hates the team or the supernatural.


Man, I missed hearing about Charlotte and her Star Wars obsession.


@impeccably-stressed, a little while back there was discussion of a more expanded FAQ that included fan theories and the like, so if this is going to be incorporated in that feel free to ignore, but I noticed it wasn’t in the current FAQ and I was curious so figured I’d still ask–

Do you (/anybody else) happen to know what makes Murphy bite the detective on the neck vs the wrist?


If you try to push him, he bites your wrist. Otherwise, it’s the neck.


Hailey set the wrath of hell upon Rebecca and Unit Bravo. If there’s one thing she hates, it’s being out of the loop (and having her good nature taken advantage of, even though she’d never admit that).

On that note, I think the N scene you get if you argue with Rebecca is maybe my favorite in the whole first book.


Ah, thanks! :+1:


All of my MCs were fine with the whole supernatural thing by the end, but some of them handled it differently than others.

Dezh (romancing Mason) accepted it right off the bat, but became more negative toward Rebecca as a result–she’s sick of being lied to, ignored, and treated like (in her opinion) garbage by the woman who gave birth to her. She was totally cool with UB and, honestly, felt relieved since the ‘weird blood’ thing was pointing to weirdness and made her feel like an idiot. Although she was cool with the vampire thing, she was not cool with them lying to her about Murphy and got in Adam’s face about it. She’s fine now (she blames Rebecca for UB lying to her about Murphy and for Mason treating her like she’s deficient in every way), but she still gets in Adam’s face when he pushes and refuses to be treated like she’s “less” than they are (and will go out of her way to prove herself, no matter how reckless it is). Dezh wanted to be a vampire along with them from the time she found out about it–she wants super strength, super speed, and super senses (and she kinda likes the idea of looking like a super model).

Nyx (romancing Adam) was fine with it from the start. She didn’t blame Adam for keeping Murphy from her (classified is classified, after all), and didn’t get too angry with Rebecca, either, though she doesn’t trust her all that much. She will eventually get to the point where she wants to be a vampire, too, but right now, she doesn’t know enough to hop on that wagon.

Wolfe (Nate) was accepting of it, for no other reason than she’s open-minded about such things. It made sense to her. She doesn’t appreciate all the lies, but let it go–if they do it again, she’ll have words for all of them, however. She didn’t blame Rebecca for lying to her, mainly because she just kind of accepts Rebecca as she is and doesn’t expect much from her. It takes a lot to get Wolfe really angry, anyway. Much like Dezh, she’d be all over becoming a vampire, especially as she gets more involved with Nate, though her reasoning is different (if she loves a vampire, she wants to be one too so he won’t have to deal with her getting old and dying).

Jax (Felix) thought the whole thing was a joke, that they were all just jerking her around. She wasn’t afraid, and accepted them just fine after she realized they weren’t pranking her. She and Rebecca are close, no matter how much time passes between them talking or seeing each other, or how many lies there are, so it didn’t affect their relationship one way or the other. She is also already thinking of becoming a vampire. She doesn’t really care about the negatives, but she does want to know what she’s getting into before she finally makes that commitment.


@impeccably-stressed You should not have reminded me of the Eeveelution discussion…

My hand slipped



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For our other Wayhaven characters, I see Rebecca as Gardevoir, and Douglas as Pachirisu. What will Tina and Verda be? :thinking:

@Mewsly OMG you’re so good at art :star_struck: they all look amazing!


@Hannah_Minger already answered you, but I’ll be sure to add this to the expanded FAQ. Thanks for pointing it out!

i love :heart_eyes:


do you remember those electric sheep Pokémon? for some reason I want to say Tina is an electric sheep.