The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Did the MC always smell super good to Supernaturals?

Rebecca: working with a baby MC in a sling

Supernatural: Ah! Rebecca… are you wearing a new perfume? You smell lovely today!

Rebecca: Um… no?

S: Huh, that’s odd. leans over Hello there, Little one.

Baby MC: instantly starts wailing

S: Ah! Oh gosh! I’m so sorry! Babies normally like me.

Rebecca: Hmmmmm…


Imagine then Rebecca brushing it off because there is loads of people in the world who love the smell of babies.

I also like the idea of Rebecca noticing there is something odd because she knows all the civilian supernaturals living on Wayhaven with a common job and all the “little tricks” they use to keep everything in order at their work place.


Imagine Rebecca learning about the mutation tho…

Big Important Agency Person: We have recently learned about a mutation that occurs in some humans that makes them immune to pheromones.



Rebecca: How did you learn about this?

Agency Person: There is a Supernatural targeting people with the mutation. They have killed about 10 people with it already.

Rebecca: … o-okay…


I’m sorry for double posting but…

Can we talk about this??

The MC is pretty special to each of the ROs. None of them have felt the way the feel or will feel for the MC before.

This is the cutest shit??


Ooooh, maaan, I can’t wait for the next book!!! Heck, I can’t wait for the rest of the series! lol I am sooo geeking out right now. :joy:

Wow - just went on that “Most Anticipated WIPs” forum and I’m seeing quite a bit of “Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two” listed. @Seraphinite makin’ headlines! :grin: lol


At the very least, A and N have been around for centuries, if not longer. They’ve seen empires rise and fall, the best and worst that humanity has to offer, and surely has plenty of stories to tell. For anyone to impress them that much would probably be surprising to many MCs (and for those leaning more towards a pessimistic outlook, there’s sure to be some self-doubt). And plenty of pressure not to screw this up.


Who ever tf wrote this ask, remember, I owe you one




F sweetie I’m buying you a janitor’s keyring and we are gonna fill that baby UP


oh man i didnt know this topic existed or how much i needed it. none of my friends are into the whole choice of games thing so i have no one to spew my feelings about twc at and i really need to. im a little behind on the book 2 train but just wait til i finish replaying everything a million times because im about to go IN


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Everyone this is important!!!

What Pokémon would Unit Bravo be?

@Mewsly and I have already figured out that M is Koffing, perhaps even Ditto, but what about the rest of them?

Help usssssssssssss…


I want to suggest that MC is Eevee, unlimited potential, can be anything, and also lovable!

Which eeveelutions is your MC, guys?!

Rin is Glacieon, Samir is Sylveon, and Orianna is Flareon


Well, N is obviously Chansey.

A is Metapod, why? Because that sell is about impossible to destroy, but once you manage, you have a nice Butterfree inside. I can also settle for Ponyta/Rapidash, because they burn to the touch unless they trust you, then they are nice and warm.

Also, I would say M is Charizar, pissy, does his own thing most of the time, won’t listen to a word you say unless you earn his respect.

And F, I would say is Gastly/Haunter/Gengar. If there are any pokemons that are trolls, those are the ones. Also, they just want cuddles and a place to belong.


You are right and you should say it!

I agree 100%!

Plus, the Gastly line can only evolve to Gengar (reach their full potential) when they are traded (leave their home) which F did as well.

I could also see F as Zubat cuz they are cute and can also only evolve to their final form if they are showered in love and friendship. Plus confusion, F likes to make everyone confused and flustered.


My MC with M would be a Flareon without a doubt.
My self insert would probably be an Umbreon.


So everything is so fluffy here I kinda feel like I am ruining it with my question xD

So…A said in book 1 they are dangerous, yet the vampires get steady supply of blood from Agency (which mean they don’t have to hunt down people or be worried blood would run out), protect innocent humans and supernaturals, and are more or less in control with their strength and hunger for blood (they only seemed to struggle with Mc’s blood when they were bleeding to death in the warehouse). Why would they think they are dangerous? Or do you think were they referring to Detective?

This thought started bugging me this evening. Am I just overthinking this? :sweat_smile:


Im pretty sure A is just being a drama queen tbh. “We are vampires, monsters, I could kill you with a movement and rip you apart”, etc etc. Typical vampire drama that makes everyone around roll their eyes :joy:


Emma would either stay an Eevee, or be an Umbreon. (Lowkey Batman fangirl, woo.)
Hayden would be Flareon.
Cassandra would be Sylveon.

A should be a fighting type, I think.


Why, if i may ask, is M considered to be a Ditto? I mean, Koffing is obvious with their smoking, but Ditto… Is it because M is willing to stop smoking for the mc? And that they are falling in love for the first time?

My detective is probably a Vaporeon with Morgan and a Jolteon with Farah


It’s because M’s a hoe and they’d love it. Jk