The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Color me curious: how might this temptation go down?

Bless you and good luck. He’ll be quite adamant that there’re much more important things to take care of, that one needs to prioritize and that any sane person would place him at the bottom of any list of priorities – “I shouldn’t even be on the list!”-- and how he’s not even tired yawn and so on.

…after a while, Oliver’s probably gonna be using Jay as a mattress. Hope he’s good with that!

Oliver: -blinks- “…y’all have weird definitions of ‘adorable’ and ‘sweetie’.” -mutters- “‘n’ I’m an adult… I’m not adorable.” He says as he pouts. Again. Lacking self-awareness.

This would leave Oliver utterly confused. He’d never thought of his cheeks as being particularly pinchable.

Hard yes on being workout pals and talking academics. Though he’s gonna need to be frequently and firmly prodded into actually remembering to work out in the beginning. And… well, probably some past the beginning, actually.

The meals would be welcome, even though they’d be met with a “stop wasting your time worrying about me.” He wouldn’t want to be the one to let food go to waste, after all.


Got it mostly right~~
(Keiji is still a jerk and a doll and I love him and Tahir still has terrible taste~)

It’s his own fault for being taller than Tahir. Pinching cheeks is revenge for that extra inch Oliver has on him~

Tahir’ll check if he really wants to work out or not but if he does and is just having trouble sticking to a regimen Tahir’ll do the probing and drag him along if he has to!

How unfortunate for Oliver that Tahir is extremely stubborn and has practice dealing with people who won’t take care of themselves properly~
But no, really. If Oliver says something like that Tahir’s only gonna worry more for him. Worrying about Oliver is hardly a waste of time!
(especially with the Nobody Cares thing! Tahir very much cares and is willing to prove it, even if just by trying to make sure Oliver gets to have a nice meal from time to time)


Considering Jay is a man of few words in general, it will- is Oliver one for cuddling in general? I’m not actually sure and I can’t remember you mentioning it before. Anyway, I can see it being either when they’re already cuddling and Jay just… wraps his arms around Oliver and doesn’t let go (and jay’s pretty strong so… good luck oliver) and just conscripts him into joining him for a nap by forcing him to stay still until oliver’s exhaustion takes over.

Or I can see Jay lying down on the couch already half-asleep when Oliver walks by on his own business, and maybe Jay’s seen Oliver yawning earlier that day or maybe he just knows him well enough by now to know when he needs a rest (cause this relationship would be a sloooooow burn, with Oliver’s self-esteem issues and Jay’s obliviousness to romantic feelings on top of how he is slow to develop those feelings in the first place). So he’d take Oliver’s wrist as he passed by, catching him and keeping him close, and ask Oliver to join him. Probably frame it as a “I sleep better with you next to or on top of me” kinda thing, because despite being a big ol’ introvert Jay’s pretty good with people when he wants to be, and Oliver seems the type to accept these things more easily when it’s for someone he cares about rather than for himself

very much so~ and also cute, given their height difference (oliver’s gonna have to get up on tip-toes to kiss jay and this pleases me)

heh, Keiji knows from experience that this will not discourage tahir in the slightest and oh look while i was typing this @SomethingSome already beat me to it

the absolute worst~!


Tahir should just sic Dezh on Oliver. She’d drag him (kicking and screaming, if need be) to go work out, make him work out till his muscles felt like rubber, then take him to eat ̶a̶ ̶n̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶y̶ ̶m̶e̶a̶l̶ donuts or chocolate croissants when they were done (her favorite thing to do after a really hard workout).

If he did this when Dezh tried to get him to go work out, I would hate to see it. She would treat him like a small child, in every since of the word!


Everyone will be cared for, thank you very much~~! (and Tahir will never get fed up of making Keiji fluster so he gets to suffer through Tahir’s care even more~)

Oh gosh! Can Oliver even survive someone like Dezh??

She can come along tho, Tahir at least won’t mind! But if she starts being too mean to Oliver she’s gonna get her cheeks pinched. (and yes. Tahir knows he’s gonna end up getting punched but #WorthIt)

And she has to promise not to get into a sparring match with Keiji if he pops up because there’s no need to traumatise Oliver like that"

(chocolate can actually be pretty good as a post-workout snack so Tahir’ll support Dezh choices~ tho not for him in particular… too sweet)


Assuming she just met him through Tahir, and she’s already included Tahir in her small circle of friends, she wouldn’t be too hard on Oliver. She knows enough to know when people are whining because they’re too lazy to keep working out and when they’ve really had enough. She’d take care of Oliver so as not to piss Tahir off, lol. ̶T̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶’̶d̶ ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶d̶m̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶s̶o̶n̶.̶

She wouldn’t punch Tahir, not after she got to know him a little bit, because he’s so nice. ̶A̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶h̶e̶’̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶w̶e̶e̶t̶.̶ But if he pinched her cheeks, I think she’d just stand there and stare at him and be like, “Um, Tahir? What the hell was that??” She would literally be perplexed!

Aw, don’t make her promise (she totally avoids making promises because once she promises something, she won’t go back on it)! She loves any excuse to spar with Keiji and get all bloody and be hurting from it! Oliver wouldn’t be traumatized. Maybe he’d be entertained. :expressionless:


Yup, it’d be the bolded. He’d need the extra help reestablishing a habit and then a little more to make sure it stays ingrained. And he’d realize that much to some extent and would probably ask for help on this front. So extra probing on this front? Very much welcome.

Oliver: -sighs- “Do you, I guess, if you’re gonna be adamant about it. Even if you’re wrong. I said my piece, and I can’t control the shit you people think.” -beat- “But, you are wrong, and --”

With someone he’s in a relationship with? Yes. He gets super affectionately physical in a relationship anyway and cuddles are aces in his book.

Him to a t. RIght on the nose. You’ve found his weakness, I think. Do what you will with this knowledge.

That’s some good shit right there. Quality.

This sounds like a good and solid plan. He’d never kick and scream about it, though. Might feel a flash of mild confusion until remembering that he did kind of ask for this and then he’d be all “let’s do this!” The donuts/croissants would be extra welcome because holy sweet tooth, Batman.

He’d be like: “Damn, y’all go hard, don’t you?” -does own thing, but near enough that he can offer any help after if needed-


Now if only she used her knowledge of people’s limits on herself to stop before she got too injured! (Not that she’d really care to pay attention to her own well being but still!)

Oh no, oh gosh, that’s adorable!
If she won’t be mean to Oliver it wouldn’t happen but that is so absolutely adorable! (and she’d earn herself a warm laugh and a kiss to her face from Tahir over how adorable she’d look)

(And I’m really glad that she likes the fact that he’s caring! I was kind of worried she’d see it as something of a weakness tbh!)

D: But then the both of them will be hurt because neither of them are good at setting limits! (not that Tahir is much better but he still is a bit better!!)

It’s a gym date~! With Dezh and possibly Keiji and they can always try dragging Jay too~

And aw at the Oliver being physically affectionate~ Tahir’s a lot like that too, except also outside of a romantic relationship. So Oliver can expect hugs and just general closeness~
Dezh and Keiji he’s already managed to (somewhat. Keiji is very very stubborn and probably tends to get handsy when Tahir hugs him) get used to being hugged, Oliver’s gonna be next. (if he’s okay with it ofc!)

With Keiji and Dezh? It’ll be needed… Says Tahir who is exactly as bad at going at it hard as they are but at least he’s not short and scrawny so manages to hide it better~


Oh, he and Dezh would get along great, then. She loves sweets. Left to her own devices, she’d have sweets for two meals a day, plus snacks. She eats one meal a day that’s normal. Kinda… She also bakes sweets, so she’d share those, too.

Yeah, her own well being doesn’t really occur to her. She figures she’ll survive. Or not. She really does like living on the edge ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶e̶n̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶.̶ She looks out for the people who matter to her, though, with everything she’s got.

Oh, lord, her reaction to that would be priceless.

Dezh’s brow skyrocketed up as she stood, motionless, staring at Tahir. First, he pinches her cheek and then… what the hell just happened? The last time anyone had kissed Dezh on the cheek was her mother, when she was like six. After a moment of watching him laugh–at her??–she cleared her throat and tried to ignore the fact that she enjoyed the feeling of someone giving a damn about her. She suddenly had a strong yearning for a fight. Like now. “Yeah, uh, where’d Keiji go? I’m kinda in the mood to rumble…”

No, she doesn’t see caring as a weakness, not when it’s a genuine thing. She just doesn’t really see much of genuine caring (except from Verda and Tina), and assumes people never stick around, so she just rolls her eyes at it and is uncomfortable with it until she realizes: 1. it’s not a joke, 2. they really mean it, and 3. they aren’t gonna dessert her first chance they get then laugh about tricking her behind her back. I mean, her only friends before UB were Tina and Verda. That was it. No one else really knows her or tries to because she’s scary as hell and that keeps people away from her (and from hurting her, though she doesn’t realize that’s why she’s like that).

That should be funny. Dezh with yet another new person that she’d have to try not to be hostile to because Tahir wouldn’t like it. She’d definitely be wanting to spar with Keiji and get in her comfort zone!

I was trying to think of one of my other characters that would make them all stop. Jax would be no help (she’d eat popcorn as she watched and laugh at their stupidity). Nyx would try, but she wouldn’t be able to deal with Dezh and would give up. Wolfe might be able to, though.

Once she figured out everyone’s weakness, she’d lure them from the fight with it. Let’s see… she’d tell Tahir that he really should stop because his friends are really hurting each other and need him, she’d lure Dezh with sweets and convincing her that she’s really injuring Tahir and Keiji (and as those are two of her very small circle of friends, she should be more careful), which leaves Keiji… what makes him tick? I don’t know much about him yet!



I will definitely only use this knowledge for good and definitely not so Jay can wrangle Oliver into actually sleeping and eating sometimes by saying that he likes it when they eat meals together, or that he sleeps better when Oliver’s also there (neither of which are wrong! he may be playing it up a little but Oliver is one of few people Jay would actually enjoy sharing his space and time with)

i,, wish you much luck cause jay’s not much of a gym person. Loud environment with a whole bunch of people he doesn’t know around, for something he could also do somewhere more private? no thank you

fixed it for you!

Though that goes more for early-ish on, when he’s still getting used to this whole “it’s okay for other people to know that you want affection” thing. Later when they’re to the point of being in an actual relationship he’d be more content to just let the moment be what it is and enjoy that (until he gets fidgety)

heh, Jay’s also not great with new people so they’ll both get to be out of their comfort zone about it~ And hey, Keiji’s not gonna object to having some fun

I think in that case the best thing to do would be to call Keiji out on what he’s doing and why he’s doing it, because he hates acknowledging that his (shitty, terrible) coping mechanism are in fact coping mechanisms. Which, I can’t remember how much I’ve mentioned about the actual psychology behind Keiji’s whole self-destructive thing here before, so let me just give you the run-down.

Which I'm just gonna put under a cut cause it's.. kinda pretty heavy and is also probably gonna have mentions of self-harm and such topics so I want people to be able to easily avoid reading it

Keiji’s got some severe self-esteem issues and 0 healthy emotional coping skills. His way of dealing with emotions is to pretend they’re not there and every time his emotions do get the better of him (especially when other people see it) he sees it as a personal failure (and another confirmation of his low self-esteem). I’m sure you can already imagine how well this works for him.

He doesn’t trust that people won’t take advantage of vulnerability when he shows it (a lesson that was hammered home by Bobby), so he doesn’t ever really allow himself to emotionally connect with people. He’s open and friendly and a fun guy to hang out with, sure, and he has friends, but he’s not gonna open up to them in any way shape or form and deflect either with humour or flirting/sexual advances (depending on who it is) if they try to get him to open up.

Thing is, humans are kinda made as social creatures, and deep down he’s touch-starved and desperate for an actual genuine connection (which he repressed far enough that it’s largely subconscious). Here’s where we get into part of the reason why he sleeps around as much as he does. There’s the part where it’s purely hedonistic cause hey, sex is fun, but it’s also a form of connection (however shallow) and it’s physical contact that he does allow himself because sleeping with (mostly) strangers generally doesn’t carry any emotional attachment.

I’m trying to think of a smooth way to lead into how this ties into the fighting and his recklessness, but I can’t really think one so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Keiji deals with some pretty severe suicidal ideation, arguably made worse by the fact that he himself doesn’t even realise it or sees it as a problem. He’s lived with it for long enough that it’s just life to him. He’s not a suicide risk, he’s not going to kill himself, but he also isn’t expecting to live long and he wouldn’t really mind dying.

Add onto that the fact that he’s an adrenaline junkie and you get his recklessness in actual fights (especially if he’s dealing with something cause, well, he wouldn’t commit suicide cause he’s not broken but it’s not suicide if you bait someone else into a fight and die in the process, right?). For sparring it lies a little differently cause, well, it’s not a proper fight and there’s no actual risk other than that of injury.

Which is where the self-harm themes come up. Cause calling back to what I mentioned way at the beginning, with Keiji trying to repress all his emotions and seeing it as a failure when he (reasonably, like any human being) can’t, the way he deals with both that perceived failure and the stress of bottling up a lot of his emotions is by essentially overloading himself with physical stimulation so he can’t linger on the mental/emotional. Anything that grounds him in the moment and forces him to stay there can work for this but his main go-tos are sex and violence (and he isn’t exactly gentle when it comes to sex either so, well, y’know).

Pain grounds him most easily, and anything that leaves injuries or lasting bruises is even better because he’ll still be hurting days after and it’ll still work to keep him from getting stuck in his own head (sometimes by exacerbating said injuries but it’s not like he gives a shit). This is also a reason he really likes being bitten/marked during sex, cause it lasts. Same for rope burns.

Which brings me back to how he’d be when sparring with Dezh, and what Wolfe might be able to do to get him to simmer the fuck down. He likes sparring in part just cause it’s fun and adrenaline-filled and it keeps his skills sharp, and generally speaking he wouldn’t hold back (though he would play around and mess with dezh just cause he’s a little shit, at least until she forces him to get serious) but he also wouldn’t be out for blood. He’d be having fun, and the bruises would just be a nice perk

If something bad recently happened (maybe he had to talk to Bobby again, or something happened on the job that actually genuinely affected him, or maybe he had to talk to his garbage family if this is a setting where he’s not Rebecca’s son) he’d be far less pleasant though. He’d be sharper, less inclined to joke around and more likely to taunt and try to egg Dezh on, to piss her off so there’ll be no chance of her holding back.

To snap him out of that and make him back off while you’re not the one fighting him, gosh. If he didn’t know Wolfe very well, and she doesn’t mind pissing him off, trying to make him talk about what happened would certainly do it. Push him on that perceived weakness, try and get him to talk about it, and he’d get defensive enough that he’d want to just flee the situation entirely (and it’d push him harder to try and pretend he’s fine, to prove Wolfe wrong, so the change of him getting into another, possibly worse, fight is slim). There might be other ways but yeah, this is the first one that came to mind

,,,hope you enjoyed this tmi look at my boy cause i may have gotten a little carried away and oh boy this is so long. he’s a mess! there’s a lot to talk about

edit: wow that was not ready to post yet and i’m not sure how that happened, let me just finish my thoughts
Edit 2.0: Done! feel free to enjoy


Dezh and Keiji need to learn to deal with affection by just accepting it, damn it!
(But that was also still adorable and since she didn’t seem to dislike it, she can expect kisses to the face in other occasions too!)

I’m glad she got UB then!! (Ever thought of trying Nate’s path with Dezh? N’s caring might be interesting with her issues and craving of affection :thinking: )
(For Tahir Nat’s (in his case, bi male gets Nat) style of caring does… not work for him, so I get if that’s kind of the case with Dezh)

Tahir would actually try to keep an eye on them when they fight (if he can and they allow him) because of how dangerous to themselves Dezh and Keiji are so that reminder isn’t necessary thankfully~ but good on Wolfe!! You protect those idiots! At least someone cares, *looks pointedly at Jax*

(Tahir's issue is more that he can go at it hard when he's fighting someone

but normally just a nudge of ‘hey, time for a break’ is enough to get him snap out of it. And that’s better than reminding him he’s hurting someone because, he’s, got some worries about that and something like that would fuck him up… bad…)

And I'm just gonna reply to your message under the cut, Celtic because I'm gonna go long (and likely say stuff you already know but shh) (and I will one day punch Keiji's family and Bobby in the face (but not Keiji because he wouldn't mind it))

Ye, I thought so~ and that is still so very heart-warming and adorable~!

Ah, that’d work? I thought of that but it seemed extremely risky tbh, kinda like it’d put a band-aid on the situation and might lead Keiji to just go be an idiot somewhere else?

(I’m gonna answer to >:C to this part in particular since you probably already know my opinion on that poor guy’s mental state. Everything is just. >:C )

Ye… Tahir’s probably gonna try to keep those two away from each other and take over the sparring when either of them is like that. He’ll worry and try to keep an eye on them during the fight (and probably get hit a couple of times for it but that’s fine) so as not to let them push themselves too far while still providing a challenge.
See if that helps without… letting Keiji (and Dezh) hurt themselves too much.

Thank gosh for reverse psychology!!


It’d be a temporary stopgap for sure, but it’s one of the only things I could think of that’d work well-ish from a bystander pov (and as someone whose opinion Keiji doesn’t value) (sorry wolfe)

It would! It’s easier to get through to Keiji when he’s like that when you’re the one fighting him (which, extremely unsubtle fic rec, is also what’s happening in Retrograde).

Generally speaking, a good way to get him to chill the fuck out when he’s that wound up is to fight him. Challenge him and let him physically work off his frustrations, but don’t let him antagonise you and refuse to get caught up in his pace so neither of you will go too far. Pinning him down if you can to force his submission also helps because that tends to be the real point of acceptance and catharsis for him, when he physically can’t fight back anymore

(and by then he’ll be relaxed enough that you can… still not talk about what was bothering him because uhhhh fuck no, but you can take care of his injuries and he’ll get adorably flustered about it rather than angrily defensive)

i,,, may have gotten a little distracted talking about this but hey! character insight in this mess of a boy


I must say, if Marla saw Dezh and Keiji fighting til the point they are injuring themselves… She would beat there asses right there, while they are weak and useless, and then say to them “now imagine what would have happen if you needed to protect the people here, and I was one of the bad guys. You think fighting like this makes you better? This is reckless, and not for you, because I don’t give a fuck about you (she does, but she wants to push their buttons), but for all the people that trusts you and you will one day fail if you carry on like this. Grow the fuck up and get in your thick heads that you train to stay on top shape, not to be so weak that you couldn’t even beat a puppy”.


You tell them Marla!!

is what i’d like to say but ooooh, keiji’s gonna be pissed~ He wouldn’t take the assumption that she knows him and knows what he cares about well at all (“You actually think I give a shit? Oh, that’s fucking rich. Think anyone who’s dumb enough to trust me deserves whatever the fuck they get.”), but hey! At least being pissed at her would distract him from being angry with himself? …small blessings?


Yeah, Marla would not back off at that. She would just tell him “then quit the police and stop being a whinny selfish child, you have a job, if you don’t do it get the fuck out of here”. If he insisted she would probably take it to their superiors so they could take action, because, yeah, he got a job to protect the people, and Marla doesn’t have the power of the command chain to order another Detective what to do, but their captain does lol. If she sees any cop that puts people in danger with their behaviour, she will 100% take action and make sure that changes one way or another.



Wayhaven’s Detective office is actually Fight Club


IDK if you meant that in a sfw way but that, was not how I read it if i’m gonna be honest. …and know keiji i’m probably not actually wrong

Good~! It means that Tahir’s plan mostly works and he gets to fluster Keiji afterwards which is just :ok_hand:

:ok_hand: Good try, Marla, darling!! Those idiots do need a good slap to the back of the neck!

Tho Tahir is, still gonna stick with his tactic of very slowly trying to get through them with just being friendly and fuss over them-- Oh hey! Bad cop, good cop scenario basically?

D: Oh boy! This does not sound like it’d go well at all!!


Tahir: ‘I trust you~’

RIP, Samir. The sane one~

Edited to say: Gosh that’s a longer post than I thought it would be, rip


Marla at Samir: frowns for a second Damn, I can’t say no to you. throws an arm over his shoulder Gonna go grab something to eat?

Yes, her mood would change in 0.1 seconds.

Question, if your Detectives had a tumblr, what things would they post/reblog about?

Marla would probably reblog every post from warriormale, then also post lots of physically strong people training, in gyms, in police departments, in the military, etc etc. Motivational posts. Nature, cute animals, lots of cute animals, probably nutrition things to, to stay in shape boys and girls! :D. Occasionally she would through some philosophical post about life, responsibility and the weight of this.

Astrid would be memesmemesmemes. Cute animals, more memes, videogames, memes. Oh and food, looooooots of pornfood. Lots of pictures of herself.

Iris would be one of this tumblrs that posts pictures of quiet places in nature, books and cozy houses. Typical picture of someone reading next to the fireplace in a wooden cabin, with a blanket over them and a hot chocolate.

Irina… she would mostly post about science and facts. But not the cool facts and more the type to be to the point science. Also, she would be ranting every time someone posted fake science facts. She would also post history, but not as much. Posts about why people is shit and why the human race should go extinct at some point (this posts would come up when she reads something about some crime that was particularly bad). Oh, and cats and amphibians.

At least I know Charlotte would be full of Star Wars and Kylo stuff


Heh, it was meant in a sfw way but it is indeed still Keiji and reading it in a nsfw way is also perfectly accurate

the sentence that has flustered the meme boy many a time~!

heh, fortunately there’s plenty more actually functional detectives to hang out with (like Tanwen! cause with what i know of samir it’d just be too adorable if those two are in the same room)

Marla has good taste~!

But to actually answer your question: Tanwen would have a studyblr, filled with self-care tips for long study sessions and pictures of cutesy journals and prettily coloured to do lists. Also her fandom sideblog where she fangirls a lot

Jay would have a more blog-blog, posting about the things he makes (both just WIP shots and tutorials), with links to his etsy store. Would also reblog informative posts&videos about historical weapons and armour and blacksmithing techniques

Keiji’s memes. memes for days. (and a sideblog for #edgy aesthetics)

Val… would be a lurker, mainly. Pictures of dogs (sometimes pictures of their dog), pretty aesthetics that are mostly about abstract colour, those kinds of things


Thank god Marla is going to do something. Blaire and Sienna were over here ready keel over with worry over Dezh and Keiji.

Blaire would be one of those aesthetic blogs that posts a lot of photos, scenery, quotes, art, music, etc. He’s all about aesthetic and vibes and his blog would show that! He’d also have a sideblog for memes, and fandom related things like anime, books, games (that he would try to never let anyone see), because he likes to keep his blogs organized.

Sienna would be a studyblgr! Probably have a lot of tips and tricks on how to keep organized (that she tries to follow but fails at), lots positive quotes and reminders, posts her own photos-she probably has her instagram linked to her tumblr. As well as part of the science side of tumblr, just explaining things in posts and what not. She keeps it all to one blog bc her blog is as messy as she is.