The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Rebecca just carries the whole team… just like she does in real life.

Samir is my only character who probably actually plays already so he could make whatever character was needed, probably a healer which a fully fledged out backstory and interesting ticks and all this good stuff. He has to gently remind everyone that he gave them bluffs because they won’t use it other wise.

Rin… fighter. Tough fighter who just goes along with the group and hits things, like, super good.

Orianna would make a ranger who’s preferred Monster is the undead and is named “Buffy.”


You guys have been BUSY! I need to read all these later… but I witnessed a scene that reminded me of F and A SO MUCH and it made me HAPPY

This is v off topic from what you guys were talking about but I am a drunk Kentuckian at a horse race so pls excuse!!!

feat. a rando man, slightly drunk, as F: Horses! They’re so BIG!
and another rando man, less drunk, as A: Yuuup.
F: I must ride one.
A: [pauses] What?
F: WHERE CAN I RIDE ONE? [mimes riding a horse in a crowded courtyard filled with professional jockeys]
A: You don’t??? You’re drunk, stop that [tries to grab him]
F: [neighs in protest]
A: [hiding face from onlookers]


I second this! But also Uno too. I’m just imagining everyone skipping over A or giving him the +4 card and cackling. Question do you think A would do well in a game of Charades?

dnd stuff

Blaire would play Cleric bc he knows no one else would take up the role, but if given the chance he’d def play Warlock or Ranger. He’s a big fantasy buff so DnD is right up his alley.

Rido would play Paladin or Barbarian; some sort of tank role just because he likes to charge in.

Angela and Sienna would play if everyone else was playing. Sienna would not understand and need to be helped step by step- she’d play alchemist or brew maker. Angela would go Rogue or Druid, but be too hung up on stats.


LOL. If it was team vs team charades where one person has to get their partner to figure out what they’re doing before the other person can get their partner to figure out what they’re doing. So if A was playing team charades, then yeah they’d be good because of the competition, they would try so hard to win, like I would honestly feel bad for their partner, imagine A just vigorously making gestures at you up close, with competition written on their face.


Okay but what if their partner is the one who has to make gestures and is like me and terrible at miming things.


If its teams and their partner is N then no one will stand a chance. If they’re paired with someone else… good luck everyone


lmaooo, if A and N were together they would probably take like 2 seconds per turn, I swear. They wouldn’t even need to gesture much, they would already know what the other was thinking.
A and N vs F and M
MC: Alright, GO!
[A begins to raise their hand]
N: I got it! You’re a walrus giving birth!
A happily nodding
Meanwhile F is still trying to get M to pay attention


Hi guy i am sure this has been explained but i just spent a while looking through here and couldn’t find it so i’ll ask: what’s up with when team bravo’s gender changes? I’m new to the game and have been playing through each of the romance options and have always said that I’m into men and women, but have changed up gender.


If you look in the FAQ in post 2 of this thread, there’s an explanation on how the genders are changed depending on the MC’s gender and their orientation.


Yeah, new rules:

  • The Agency announces that for the Charades competition of next year, no teams that have work together for more than 50 years will be allowed, as it’s not fair for our human competitors.
  • For those who prefer a more difficult mode, we will, starting next year, proudly start the supernatural Charades. In this mode, only the hardest of the immortal world will be accepted. Are you prepare for the challenge?




But seriously, imagine a competition between teams that have been working together for centuries, it would be brutal :joy:

Then, global ban to all supernaturals that can communicate mentally :joy:


M probably should not be allowed to pair with the detective too, if the Agency wants things to stay safe :joy:

F: Hmm…So the detective seems to be striking a dance pose.

A: And M is just staring at them…

N: Come on, M, get on with it! You’re supposed to- WAIT M WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT.

F: … I don’t think that’s the word they got. Should I still stay it aloud?

N: No no no! (frantically tries to pull away the detective while standing in front of them to block the view)


ALL CAUGHT UP (and sober)

All of this is making me even more eager to meet UA! I wonder if Sera’s hints about one of them possibly being a werewolf could mean that they could all be werewolves… in which case… could they be a pack? (whispers) Do werewolf packs in TWC have hivemind capabilities? If yes to ANY of the above: that’s adORABLE AND ALSO VERY BADASS

Edit: did Sera ever mention if there are multi-race units? :thinking:


Yes! I found an ask about it:


yeeessSSSSSS :raised_hands: I’m taking that as a 50/50 chance and that’s good enough for me to run with

ALSO, WE NEED NOT ONLY A BEACH EPISODE BUT A SIREN BEACH EPISODE. Featuring a startlingly competitive impromptu water volleyball tourney.


Bless your soul. Unit bravo in swim suits/shorts, AHHH :sob::sob:


I’d like to play Twister with UB ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


~700 new replies when you’re off the forum for a week or two, gosh.

Also, is it only me or is the thought of Natalie Sewell comforting and validating you during bad times an amazing coping mechanism?


While we are at it, Can we have a military undercover episode too? I love me some men in suits.