The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Oh dear…


She’d freak out and look for any other option. She doesn’t know what her blood will do to Ava and that really scares her. If it came down to it though, she’d start crying and beg for her to just do it because she can’t lose her like that.


She’d try to be fairly calm, at first. But as Nat continued to refuse, and her condition got worse she’d start to panic and plead with her.


“Fuckin’ really Morgan? Alright, fine, then we’ll both die. That’s a great alternative to surviving and getting the fuck out of here. Look, we can deal with the consequences later. Right now, open up and bite down!


Mine would prob get quite bit annoyed… Like she couldnt pick better time to argue how ethical those actions are


Ilya would be ticked. Really ticked. Girl’s got a temper on her, and that would set her off really hard. It’s her blood, how dare he, yadda, yadda, etc. Under the anger, she’d probably be scared out of her mind, but Ilya deals with negative emotions by getting angry, so her hope would be that nobody notices.


Stephan would beg. He would plead. He would say or do whatever he could to convince Nate to take it. This is … probably more significant than it sounds, but Steph doesn’t actually talk if he can help it, 99% of the time, so to freely say that much is really weird for him.


Auren would probably just (very disrespectfully) try to take advantage of the fact that Morgan is, in this situation, badly wounded and force her blood on her. She can be angry at her later; Auren is nothing if not efficient, and there is a time and a place. Severely injured is not that.


Tadhg would be in tears. He’d be just destroyed. There would be begging, pleading, bargaining, anything he could think of. “Please, Farah, I can’t lose you,” etc.

The midwestern United States!


I just bumped into a rather irksome old ‘friend’ today, who tried to pry into my social life and then telling me how much better hers was as compared to mine. *rolls eye * And obviously I hated it, but I just stood there like an idiot with no idea how to retort. *sobs *(I bet Henriette, my MC, would have reacted to the situation better than I did.) So the conversation was the most uncomfortable, longest 10 mins of my life.
This also reminded me of how great you guys are, so friendly and supportive.

So that raised some questions:

  • What does your MC like in other people?
  • What does your MC dislike in other people?
  • How does your MC behave around people they like?
  • How does your MC behave around people they don’t like?
  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.
  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable

I’m not sure how to answer for my MC yet, I’ll answer the questions when my mind is clearer. *Walks away still feeling pissed off. *


I’m sorry you had to deal with that crap, @Querida! Try not to let it get to you. Usually, people who want to demean others by talking about how great they and their lives are in comparison do it because it’s the only way they can feel superior, which is completely pathetic and not worth your anger or upset. Real friends don’t do that shit. Ever.

pours you a virtual drink of some description or other

I’ll answer the questions later. Kinda brain dead right now from the past couple of days.


I’m sorry about what happen but you shouldn’t let it get to you. People who do that usually do it because they need to feel better about themselves and the only way they think they can achieve that is by hating on someone better than them(which is sad i know people on the internet and irl like that and its pathetic when they attack or harass people about their social life but no one knows who they are.)I hope your day gets better though and try not to let an asshole effect your mood.

Also i like your questions, i’ll probably answer them later(after i figure out how to explain and develop an oc.)


Sorry that happened to you! :c That’s really rude of them to act like that to begin with. Please don’t let it get it to you, they’re just looking for any reason to feel better about themselves at your expense. I hope you feel better <3

my answers!
What does your MC like in other people?

Blaire appreciates individuality and confidence in themselves! He enjoys people who do things their own way at their own pace, and likes to see them be dedicated and honest in their actions.
Sienna likes people who are sympathetic and considerate of others! People who consider the feelings of everyone involved and actively make sure that no one is feeling left out.

What does your MC dislike in other people?

Blaire doesn’t really like people who can’t stand up for themselves and hypocrites. He thinks everyone should be able to stand up for themselves and doesn’t like blindly following orders without some sort of consideration for the whole picture. Hypocritical actions and words really piss him off because he thinks everyone needs a standard for themselves.
Sienna doesn’t like people who use others for their own gain. She doesn’t believe in self-serving people and hates people who are. To her it’s awful to just use someone for your own agenda.

How does your MC behave around people they like?

Blaire is more open to them, he doesn’t shy around and is more honest with what he says. He doesn’t really hold back with people he’s comfortable with. Basically whatever filter he has around strangers goes away with people he’s comfortable with, and it’s very obvious when he is.
Sienna forgets personal space. When she’s comfortable around people, she’s the type to lounge next to them, hug them unexpectedly, tends to get really close. She’s had to be reminded of it many a time.

How does your MC behave around people they don't like?

Blaire will be stiff and cold, but he would atleast try to be cooperative if it was a work related scenario. If it was on his free time, he wouldn’t care and wouldn’t even consider hiding his dislike of the other. He doesn’t believe in fake pleasantries and would let the other person know he doesn’t like them all that much.
Sienna would force herself to be nice. She doesn’t like being mean ever, and tries to resolve fights before that happens. Would need to step away for a second to collect herself if it got to the point of being unbearable. If she really, really disliked them she would tell them she disapproves of their behavior.

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.
Short drabble thing for Blaire

His finger presses down on the button before the microwave lets out that irritating chime. There is noise in the background-Felix is laughing loudly, something akin to a snarl from Adam, and some nervous laughter from Nate. Mason is as silent as ever. Blaire ignores it for a moment as he pulls out his leftovers from the machine, careful of the edges lest he burn himself, as he uses his other hand to dig around in a drawer for a fork. He heads to his living room watching as the others continue their board game of Monopoly-who suggested this idea again? Oh right, it was him, mostly because he wanted to get Adam riled up just to mess with him. The thought of tonight turning to a bloodbath didn’t occur to him until now, but still he’s content and happy and amused.
His eyes glance over at Mason, who’s chosen to watch-ignore-the game instead. Gray eyes lift from whichever wall he was staring from to meet his own dark chocolate ones. Blaire can’t control the way his lips curl with a silent promise of ‘later’ and thrives in the way Mason matches his look for own of his own. He breaks it away-lest there be trouble- to watch as chaos ensues from the few feet infront of him as Felix refuses to let go of his properties and Adam is seconds away from bursting a vein in anger. “Kick his ass Felix,” He grins around his fork, wide and sardonic. Nate shoots him an exasperated look trying to calm down everyone involved. It’s chaotic but it feels like home, he thinks as he moves to sit next to Felix to plan Adam’s defeat.

Short drabble thing for Sienna

“Look at all these books,” Her eyes are wide, head turning from direction to direction as she sees stacks and stacks of books. “Oh gosh,” She immediately rushes over after a title catches her eye. It’s a book on physics, rather new and a title she doesn’t own yet. But wait! There’s one on chemistry too on her left. There’s laughter behind her and she looks over her shoulder startled. Nate is behind her, apparently amused at something.
“I’m guessing you found some books you want to buy?” Her cheeks flush at the question, but her smile tells it all. A book sale was happening in Wayhaven and Sienna jumped at the opportunity to go. The biographies, the essays, the memoirs! It’d be a tight squeeze on the shelf back home-she really did need to upgrade that at some point-but well worth it!
“Just a couple! But after that we can all do whatever you guys want.” She peers around him, her tiny figure trying to look past his hulking height to see where the others wandered off. Farrah is busy looking through some sort of record holding book, Adam disappears around the corner of the health and fitness literature and Morgan is-where is Morgan??? Her dark and surly friend is nowhere to be seen and she doubts there’s a dark corner for her to lurk when the shop was so brightly lit. “I’ll be fast,” Her attention snaps back to Nate, wide eyed, before she turns back to the books reaching for titles and quickly deciding which ones she wants to take home.
“Mind if I stick with you?” She hears Nate ask, but she’s so lost in her own world, she can only shoot him a smile and a shrug before giving her attention back to the literature.

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable.

For Blaire it’s any sort of presentation or scenario where he’s the main focus and/or infront of a crowd. The feeling of being watched has never ever settled with him, and he prefers talking and interacting with others in small numbers as opposed to large groups. It makes his stomach turn, his skin crawl, and dying would be more pleasant to him than that.
Sienna it’s interacting with Rebecca. She loves her mom dearly, but she’s still extremely frustrated with her for disappearing so often as a kid. She finds it difficult to interact with her for lengthy periods of time, because of those feelings. Seeing Rebecca’s concern for her makes her feel bad for getting angry though, and it just turns into an unpleasant feeling all around.


Hopefully, next time that “friend” is out of doors, some bird will decide to drop they business onto her head. Seems like far less than a person like that deserves.

And I hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this. If not… internet stranger hug?

and so i shall raise some answers!

What does your MC like in other people?
Honesty. Consistency. A legitimate desire to help others without doing so for personal gain. Knowing when to back off re: personal shit. The ability to enjoy the silence. The desire to learn and grow.

What does your MC dislike in other people?
Selfishness. Ulterior motives. A tendency to pry minus the ability to take a hint that it isn’t welcome. Snobbishness. Undue arrogance – the kind that arises from a dire lack of self-awareness.

“The inability to see that I fuckin’ SUCK.” -smack-

How does your MC behave around people they like?
More likely to fidget doodle/origami because at this point, he’s certain that those around him will know he’s actually paying close attention. Will be far more likely to speak up and contribute to conversation without being prompted. More impulsive/free with swearing, emoting, so on – won’t be constantly checking to make sure he’s in character because he won’t feel the need to be in character.

How does your MC behave around people they don’t like?
If “in character” as “Detective Westwood”: Polite. Overly polite. But he will definitely find a way to throw verbal jabs without blowing his overly polite cover – this is more for his benefit and sanity than to hurt anyone because he doesn’t really give a shit if the person realizes they’re being insulted. If “in character,” but not in a professional context, will likely do away with the politeness.

Otherwise: Anxious. Absolutely silent as he removes himself from the situation.

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.
-Alone/in the presence of a special someone once things get heavy enough. Headphones in to keep the mind quiet if alone – may or may not be in otherwise – probably not in because his presence is usually enough to keep that shit quiet. Working on paperwork, tinkering, doing something constructive with his hands (not like that… but maybe like that. Not to himself. Sans headphones.)

-On the ice. Stick in hand. One d-man on his back, the other scant feet in front of him, facing him. He dekes, spins, finesses around the d and then all that’s left is the entirety of his offensive zone and the opposing goalie. He speeds up, pushes the puck forward one-handed, then faking left – the goalie takes the bait, slides-- he quickly goes right and lets off a backhander, burying the puck in the open upper corner of the net. He hits the boards behind the net with a grin, hardly noticing as the rest of his team skates up to celebrate with him.

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable.
Some “important” function he’s required to attend. So there’s no escape. A gaggle of people he doesn’t know with whom he’s expected to ~mingle~. No social buffer in the form of an acquaintance or colleague. Wearing an ill-fitting, rented tux (“fucking monkey suit”). He introduces himself as “Detective Westwood,” but without his badge --without that all important prop to keep him grounded and remind him that he’s in character-- the title feels like a lie, heavy on his tongue. They’re looking at him, and for a moment he’s certain they can see him. His legs almost give out.

Well. Shit. It’s going to be a long night.


No! I certainly do not hope so, because in a lot of cultures and folklore a bird pooping on you brings you a ‘shitload’ of luck (pun intended) and that unkind person does not deserve any such luck.

Instead, let us hope that guilt will start to eat at that person’s conscious, giving them nightmares and the memory popping up throughout the rest of their life to make them feel horrible about their own behaviour.
That is what I am going to hope for, for that unkind person anyway.

Because, @Querida, I am aware that we converse little (if at all) on the forum, but what I have read of your comments makes me believe that you are nothing but kind. You do not deserve such treatment and I wish I (or even better: one, if not all, of our charming vampires!) had been there to interrupt that horrible conversation…
The one and only positive thing are the questions it made you think of, which are fun, thank you for sharing.

Revealing more about Lorelei:
  • What does your MC like in other people?
    Intelligence, witty comments, sarcasm and honesty.

  • What does your MC dislike in other people?
    Dishonesty, (overly) boisterousness, littering, and indifference (or worse) towards nature and animals.

  • How does your MC behave around people they like?
    When Lorelei likes them in a friendly manner she can often be found near them or in the same room. She would be teasing them or talking about something that interests them both (likely an academic subject).
    When Lorelei likes them in a romantic manner she would be flirting with them, seducing them towards the nearest bed.

  • How does your MC behave around people they don’t like?
    She generally avoids such people, if she cannot because of whatever reason she ignores their existence unless she is directly spoken to by them, in which case she is curt and makes certain she does not have to communicate a second too long with them.

  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.
    Lorelei is most comfortable when she is in a calm and silent library, hiking and/or horseback riding in the forest, being around/with her nanny (when her nanny was still in her life), and after she has had a good training session.

  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable.
    When someone would accuse her of giving the wrong information, or, even worse, when someone would ask her if she has gained weight.


I’m back guys (back from sulking in my room)

@EvilChani, @Alexis, @nelphii, @OScott, @L_M.

A very mushy thank you!

Aww guys, thank you so much for the kind words, It was so heartening to read your replies. I’m no longer upset, just a tad annoyed at having to bump into her today.
Anyway, you guys:

I never though about it like that. Just thought there was a problem with me - now I know it’s the problem with her.

I… I accept! *hugs back tightly *

Oh… I don’t actually treat you (or anyone) as a stranger - you’re so active on this forum that it’s hard to feel we are not best friends already. There’s a kind of a bond we have made while we are prattling on about WC. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

Ooo, I don’t think I can handle being around even one of our darlings *sees charming vampire, sucks in a deep breath… swoons*

Coming back to topic, I have my answers for my list of questions.

What does your MC like in other people?

Charisma. The calm, cool, and collected self-assuredness that charismatic people possess; when they enter a room, from the way they walk to how they talk, they effortlessly grab everyone’s attention.

Thoughtfulness. When someone takes time out of their day to do the little things without being asked and goes out of their way to do things to make her happy

Good-breeding. Someone who behave with good manners, proper etiquette and civil restrain; doing things like grooming oneself, holding the doors open for other people, handling situations with tact, having dining manners, having polite conversation.

*sneak a glance at Nate *

What does your MC dislike in other people?

She doesn’t exactly dislike anyone, unless betray her trust or backstab her. She believe that they are their own person, and that can choose how they want to lead their lifes (even if that means being egoistic, rude, selfish, snobbish, undecisive, whatever…) So she’s kind of indifferent to how people act.

How does your MC behave around people they like?

If someone actually becomes her friend, it must be because that someone has gain her complete trust (which rarely happen). So if she likes the person, she would let down the barriers that she has put up – or at least, most of her barriers. She wouldn’t hold back what she says, as long as it doesn’t verge on rudeness. She might not answer an deep question about her life though.

How does your MC behave around people they don't like?

if it’s just a random annoying person, she will talk to them, all the while keeping a diplomatic poker face. It doesn’t mean she agrees with the person she dislike or goes along with what they say; she just maintain a consistent level of decorum when interacting with them.

If it’s someone who she hates (those who have betrayed her trust or backstabbed her), she will make snide and contemptuous remarks about how good a friend that person is, how good is was to meet that person, and how much she values their friendship. She’s not exactly subtle when it comes to dealing with people she hates.

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.

I think that is obvious by now.

Henriette: (*walks past a store, stops and looks at window display* )

Henriette: (*rushes into the store and lets out an easy smile* )

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable.

Forgetting a name
(In a bar)
Guy: (*spots Henriette entering the bar* ) Hey, Henriette.
Henriette: (*walk over to Guy* ) Hi, err – Wow, you have a… terrific memory. I can’t believe you remember my name from six months ago. I have problems remembering the names of people –
Guy: (*frowns and stares at Henriette* ) It’s Raymond, and we just met one week ago!
Henriette: (*shifts uncomfortably on the spot * ) Oh… right!

(In a bar, waitress places a bowl of peanuts on the table)
Girl: I don’t eat peanuts because I don’t put nuts that small in my mouth.
Henriette: (*smiles uncomfortably* )



Q and A

What does your MC like in other people?


Honesty, loyalty, drive.


Honesty, compassion, empathy.


Playfulness, strength, protectiveness, no bull shit.

  • What does your MC dislike in other people?

Liars, laziness, aggression.


Coldness, rudeness.


Bull-shit. Jerks.

  • How does your MC behave around people they like?

She gets extremely flustered, blushes a lot and has a hard time maintaining eye contact. Rubs the back of her neck and plays with her hair a lot.


Blushes, laughs and smiles more, leans a bit towards them.


Ramps up the flirting…hard. Smirks, gives they ‘bed room eyes’, brushes against them if she gets the chance and knows they’re interested. Might move in a way that shows off her body.

  • How does your MC behave around people they don’t like?

Frowns, crosses arms, stiff posture, short, blunt responses.


Tries to remain polite. Tenses and wrings her hands a lot.


Dials up the snark, rolls eyes, combative remarks.

  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.

Sitting at home sipping her morning cup of coffee without having to worry about work.


Stargazing out her window while drinking tea.


Driving fast down a highway or deserted road.

  • Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable

Any loud, rowdy atmosphere. A packed bar or wild party, for instance. Really not her scene.


Any situation where she has to speak in front of a large group of people, just…no.


Getting stuck at a stuffy social event. She’s rather eat nails.


I wasn’t around when these questions first popped up so I’ll just~ answer them now~~

Many questions, much answer

What’s the maximum amount of time your character can sit still with nothing to do?

With nothing to do, very little time, even just watching TV for an extended period of time is very boring! At most a few minutes. (he can kinda force himself to stay still if he’s cuddling with his partner or something of the kind but otherwise not really)

How easy is it for your character to laugh?

Very easily. He carries his heart on his sleeve and tends to be rather expressive with his emotions.

How do they put themselves to bed at night (reading, singing, thinking?)

Tahir has extremely light sleep, but also the magical ability of just deciding to fall asleep and managing it so he just… Time for sleep and he’s asleep.

How easy is it to earn their trust?

Tahir tends to allow most people some base amount of trust, and doesn’t really need to trust someone to give them quite the benefit of a doubt so, basically don’t be a jerk right from the start and he’ll be in good terms with you

How easy is it to earn their mistrust?

That likely requires some sort of betrayal. Sharing a secret told in confidence, actively trying to harm him or someone he cares for. If it’s just accidental it wouldn’t hurt as much, but if it’s done on purpose they’re very likely never truly being forgiven.

Do they consider laws flexible, or immovable?

He tries to pretend he considers them immovable but he’s actually rather bad at it because he is too concerned about the well being of people. Neutral Good, basically.

What triggers nostalgia for them, most often? Do they enjoy that feeling?

Tahir tends to try not to focus too much in the past.

What were they told to stop/start doing most often as a child?

Stop as a child? Swearing. (I headcanon his most usual babysitter as a child was a siren)

Do they swear? Do they remember their first swear word?

The good old classic ‘fuck’.

What lie do they most frequently remember telling? Does it haunt them?

That he was fine with Rebecca leaving for work. He doesn’t regret them but it still hurt to see his mom leave.

How do they cope with confusion (seek clarification, pretend they understand, etc)?

Seek clarification or do research himself, maybe even both, he’s a very curious person.

How do they deal with an itch found in a place they can’t quite reach?

Ignore it! Mind over… itches?

What color do they think they look best in? Do they actually look best in that color?

Whites and blues. And yes actually. Tahir might not have the patience to clean up properly but he doesn’t have a completely hopeless sense of style~

What animal do they fear most?

Tahir’s not really afraid of most things, he has no survival instinct but, probably, lamas? The spitting isn’t fun…

How do they speak? Is what they say usually thought of on the spot, or do they rehearse it in their mind first?

Consequences of being a very open person is that you tend to just say what’s on your mind~! Thankfully they’re normally nice enough things that they’re more likely to fluster the person he’s with than anger them.

What makes their stomach turn?

Losing control. Being in a situation where he’s helpless or being so angry that he just sees red.

Are they easily embarrassed?

He’s easily flustered, but not really embarrassed, life is too short to really let himself be embarrassed by most things.

What embarrasses them?

Tahir is actually not really that good at dealing with people and tends to put his foot in his mouth and that’s always fun~ (and also flusters a hell of a lot when people are very forward about sex and flirting~)

What is their favorite number?

5 or 7, normally he doesn’t really care much about that.

If they were asked to explain the difference between romantic and platonic or familial love, how would they do so?

(whoops forgot this one!!) And oh boy! This’s a big’un.
Tahir loves easily, so the difference between platonic love and romantic tends to be the intensity of it, how much more he wants to be close to the person and how much more touching them and getting to interact with them means, and how much more he is willing to do for them.

Familial and platonic is… more difficult to explain. Though he accepts Rebecca as his mother always and loves her, her absence did leave him not feeling quite as strong as a familial connection as he would have so it’s more difficult for him to distinguish between the two loves, mostly distinguishing it by what ‘duties’ would normally come with that love due to the familial connection. Something he later might change his mind on (and changes in a certain AU).

Why do they get up in the morning?

Because life is worth living. There’s so many things to do and learn and the sun is shinning and when it’s night again there will be stars in the sky to gaze at.
He just likes life.

How does jealousy manifest itself in them (they become possessive, they become aloof, etc)?

It’s very rare that he’ll actually be jealous but he turns quiet, and hurt. Tries to be as supportive as he can but it tends to be easy to see how fake the smile is.

How does envy manifest itself in them (they take what they want, they become resentful, etc)?

Envy is easier to handle but the way he handles it are similar. Though it’s easier to be happy for others when it’s just envy.

Is sex something that they’re comfortable speaking about? To whom?

If it’s not many details about his preferences? And mostly just basic commentary, yes and with most people (though he’s likely to still blush if it’s not just scientific commentary). If it’s more detailed or if he’s being teased by the other person it’s not that he’ll be uncomfortable but he’ll be very very flustered.

What are their thoughts on marriage?

Pretty neutral. It’s a promise but one he doesn’t really feel he’ll want to obligatorily go through!

What is their preferred mode of transportation?

On foot. He’s a horrible morning person who exercises every day and keeps fit and enjoys running and walking to places. He’s an abomination.

What causes them to feel dread?

Loss of control. Himself, how easy it is for his temper to escalate and the consequences of his actions when he’s not fully himself then.

Would they prefer a lie over an unpleasant truth?

No. If you don’t know the truth you can’t try to fix whatever’s wrong. He’d rather know the unpleasant truth and try to find a solution.

Do they usually live up to their own ideals?

It’s a work in progress! Tahir tends to believe that it’s good to be kind and good towards others but he still gets angry very easily and it’s easy to be tempted to hurt others because of this and it’s something he’d like to stop doing.

Who do they most regret meeting?

Bobby (also his high school ex)

Who are they the most glad to have met?

Tina, she helps him come out of his nerdy shell and actually meet people and go out from time to time. (in AU Wayhaven, Keiji because he’s all of that but also easily accepts his darker side he’s not comfortable showing Tina, and they have a similar horrible humor)

Do they have a go-to story in conversation? Or a joke?

Not really but he’ll always have something to say if it’s about science! And in particular astronomy~

Could they be considered lazy?

Nop. His life normally consists of exercise, work, catching up on the scientific community and repeat, some times interrupted by Tina’s or others’ invitations to go to the bar.

How hard is it for them to shake a sense of guilt?

Extremely. Tahir won’t blame himself for everything that happens but when he considers himself at blame for something he tends to overly focus on that and feel extremely guilty for a long time.

How do they treat the things their friends come to them excited about? Are they supportive?

Always supportive. If it’s something he doesn’t agree with but won’t harm others more obviously not pleased but still supportive.

Do they actively seek romance, or do they wait for it to fall into their lap?

He doesn’t tend to seek it but he’s not really waiting for it either. He just tends to be too focused on other things to really think about that.

Do they have a system for remembering names, long lists of numbers, things that need to go in a certain order (like anagrams, putting things to melodies, etc)?

He shortens it to simple sentences and memorises them like that. If it’s just words he doesn’t need any special trick to memorise them.

What memory do they revisit the most often?

A memory from when he was a child, doing his homework on the coffee table, Rebecca answering a call behind him and being called to work. She’s peeved enough that a single ‘fuck’ slips out in a whisper as she ends the call and Tahir just gasped! And pointed at his swear jar that from that point forward was ‘Rebecca and Tahir’s swear jar’

How easy is it for them to ignore flaws in other people?

Depends on what the flaw is. If it’s someone like Bobby who is always trying to rile people up for their own profit he actively won’t ignore it. If it’s something less bad he doesn’t care all that much, people don’t have to be perfect. (tho he wouldn’t mind if he were!)

How sensitive are they to their own flaws?

Hah!! Very! Especially about his temper and other similar faults!

How do they feel about children?

He’s terrified of them! They’re tiny and frail and influenced by your actions, it’s way too much responsibility!

How badly do they want to reach their end goal?

Tahir doesn’t really have much of an end goal except just get to live a good life and grow as a person. So… A lot, technically? He’d very much like to not die!

If someone asked them to explain their sexuality, how would they do so?

Normally he’d just go with ‘bi’, cuz it’s pretty simple and most people’ll get it. ‘There’s a lot of hot people out there’ if that isn’t enough.

And your own questions;

Um. What kind of label would your MC give their RO/relationship with their RO? Or… rather, I guess, how would they introduce their RO as their romantic partner? “This is RO, my __________.” If that makes sense?

He normally just goes with boy/girlfriend if dating, partner or significant other if they’re non-binary. Simple terms, he’s not the most imaginative person.

Has your MC surprised you in any way? Like… by developing a trait or something that you hadn’t intended, but you decided to run with it?

Tahir is old enough to drink in Europe in terms of when he was created so there’s really nothing this boy can do to surprise me

This took way too long @@ but also, pretty fun~

Sorry you had that bad experience @Querida D: (gosh, it’s odd to be calling someone darling like that :sweat_smile:), hope you have a better rest of the day!

Boy, do I feel you Henriette, do I feel you…


Okay, finally found time to answer questions. These are just for Dezh. Will do the others later…

What does your MC like in other people?

There are two categories here with Dezh, the things she’ll admit (and realizes) she likes and the things she doesn’t realize she likes but is drawn to, nonetheless. T

he stuff she admits she likes: genuineness (not to be confused with non-snarkiness, but rather people who don’t pretend to be something other than who they are), honesty, strength, the willingness to fight by her side, and the ability to sit comfortably in silence without having to fill it with inane prattling.

The stuff she doesn’t realize: dependability (if you ask her, you can depend on no one but yourself), kindness (if someone is nice enough to her for long enough, she’ll start believing it’s real), and people who accept her as she is and still seem to give a damn about her.

What does your MC dislike in other people?

People who are abusive to animals or children, or any other being unable to protect itself. Any sort of false façade, because she can pick up on it in a heartbeat. She also dislikes people who are too nosy into her business, questions (seriously, she can get pissed off if someone asks her the time of day, if she’s in a particularly ornery mood: “Do I look like a fucking clock to you?”), people who don’t say what they mean and try to hide their meaning in diplomatic words, people who pretend to care about her only to prove otherwise.

How does your MC behave around people they like?

She doesn’t like many people at all, so it’s obvious she likes people if she voluntarily spends time with them. Other than that, she’ll actually talk (instead of just glaring or snarking), she’ll listen to what they have to say (instead of just pretending to listen), and, if she really respects them, she’ll argue with them when she disagrees (instead of just ignoring them and doing as she pleases). If she actually agrees to go along with someone else’s plan, instead of doing her own thing, then they’ve clearly earned her respect (just don’t expect it every time!). If she gives someone a gift, then they know without a doubt that they’re now considered part of her life.

How does your MC behave around people they don't like?

She is completely closed off and has an expression and aura that makes anyone with sense head the opposite direction. If people she dislikes force their way into her personal space, she is so hostile that only a complete moron would fail to back off (if they touch her, she will likely knock them on their ass).

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most comfortable.

Other than training or being alone? She’s comfortable around Verda, and around Tina, though she lets Tina do most of the talking. She’s comfortable around UB now (despite the way Mason makes her heart thump out of her chest), whether it’s patrolling or just being around them. As stated above, if she respects someone and really likes them, she’ll argue with them, which means a comfortable place for her is bickering or arguing with people she likes. She also gets less abrasive (she’ll never stop being entirely abrasive, but she gets far less so with those she likes).

Describe a scenario in which your MC feels most uncomfortable.

Having to deal with Rebecca. Being forced to deal with feelings. One of her most uncomfortable nights from college is below:

Dezh let out a long breath between her lips, clenching her jaw so tightly it was a wonder her teeth didn’t crack. How the hell had she gotten into this mess, anyway?

“Will you stop looking like that?” Tina said, smacking the back of her head with the comb in her hand. For the briefest of moments, Dezh considered taking that comb and seeing how Tina liked having it shoved so far up her nostril that it embedded itself in her brain. “This will be fun.”

“I look ridiculous,” Dezh growled, glancing at herself in the mirror. It was bad enough that she had to wear a dress, but Tina had picked it out and all but forced it on her. Her boobs were shoved up so high it was a wonder they didn’t come out the top of the dress, and it was so tight through the bodice, Dezh could hardly breathe. The worst problem, though, was the color. Emerald green, Tina called it, and swore it matched her eyes, but it wasn’t dark enough. She’d specifically told the bloody woman she wanted to wear black! She tugged on the skirt part of the dress, shaking her head. The slit on the left side went all the way up to her hip, baring her pale legs. If the light hit her leg wrong, she’d probably blind people.

“You look beautiful. Stop being…” She trailed off when someone knocked on the door. “There they are! Come on!”

Dezh glared at the back of her friend’s head, but followed. Slowly. With a growl. “How the hell did you get me to agree to this?”

“A bottle of Mezcal,” Tina quipped. “And you ate the worm.”

Dezh grunted at the memory, wishing she could be like Tina and get blacked-out drunk off a handful of shots. Bile rose in her throat as Tina opened the door to reveal two tall guys, both of whom were also totally built and easy on the eyes. When Tina threw herself at the dark-skinned dude with light blue eyes, Dezh assumed the other was her… date. He was hot enough, she supposed. Nice body and an easy smile. But the last formal dance she had gone to was in high school, with Ian, so she felt nothing but dread about this whole night. With her luck, Bobby would be at this thing, too. In which case, she wondered if she could kick the shit out of someone while wearing a stupid dress.

Somehow, she managed to make it through introductions without running for the door, but when her date—what the hell was his name again?—held out his arm to her, she simply stared at it, without turning her head. Until she saw Tina slip her hand through her date’s arm. What was this, the thirteenth century? Pretending not to notice it, she headed out the door.

“Do you like to dance?” her date asked, stepping way too close to her for comfort as they headed for the car. Wonderful, they rented a damned limo. She hoped there was booze in it.

“I don’t dance,” she growled. “Unless it’s with death, and that’s only so I can spit in its face.”

“Dezh!” Tina snapped, turning to glare at her. After a second, she laughed. “She’s just being funny, Liam. Right, Dezh?”

Dezh glared at her friend. “Uh huh,” she managed to say, for no other reason than she’d promised Tina she’d try to enjoy the night. Next to her, Liam chuckled and put a hand to her back. Dezh drew in a long breath and let it out slowly. If she made it through this night without killing someone, or herself, she’d be surprised. The only solution was to drink. And she needed to start now.

Can he teach Dezh this?? She has to be falling on her face to go to sleep, lol.


Ava is perfect, ok.


Was…was that not already obvious?


As if there ever was any doubt


Anyway, I finally got a chance to let my conceptualisation of Henriette come to life… And here’s to share with all you good people:




Yeah, I suppose. But popping pills is just…convenient, and it works fast. But yeah, it’s a reason to put Henriette and Dezh together; Dezh can show her some moves.

Oh, they will be such good shopping companions. (Ahem!) The first thing Henriette will do is to drag Dezh to Victoria Secrets to buy proper sleepwear - by that she means silk chemise - because you have to be pretty at all times, even when asleep. I’m sure Henriette will allow Dezh to buy some black camisoles and rompers for a start, but she eventually start picking out ones with colour for Dezh. And since they are already in Victoria Secrets,Henriette will definitely insist that she buys nice, proper lingeries that flatters her body - because you have to look as pretty on the inside as the outside, right? (Really, Henriette?)

Oh, it would be…interesting to put Dezh and Henriette together.

(at Dezh’s house)
Henriette: Dezh. It’s your last year of college, you’ll regret it if you don’t go.
Dezh: *groans*
Henriette: *tugs Dezh’s hair into a stylish chignon* Come on, Dezh. You deserve be pampered and feel like royalty for one night.
Dezh: *groans*

(at the prom)
Dezh: *grumbling* This is just as bad as high school prom.
Henriette: But it is a prom, Dezh. What else do you expect?
Dezh *groans, fidgets with her plunging neckline dress,*
Henriette: Stop that, It’s unsightly. And it also ruins the dress.
Dezh *tries hard not to punch Henriette in the face, instead grabs another glass of wine*


Lol, so is N running to help or running away because of the detective’s blood?

Also, made me think of another question. What is your detective’s most embarrassing moment? And how would they react if they did something embarrassing in front of UB?




Emma is a klutz, so there could be many…Once at work she yanked a door open hard, and smacked herself in the face. In front of the whole police force…so like three people? She had some pretty nasty bruising for a long while, and Tina still hasn’t let her forget about it.

She wouldn’t be overly upset if she did something embarrassing in front of Farah or Morgan, she’d just glare and snark back at them then move on. She’d feel a twinge of embarrassment in front of Nat, but I think Nat’d put her at ease enough that they could both chuckle about it. Ava on the other hand…She would be humiliated. She’d flush, she’d stammer, and she’d try to avoid her until the embarrassment faded.


Cassandra once tripped on a pothole, and on the way down bit her tongue so hard it was swollen for weeks. There weren’t very many people around, but she was humiliated.
She’d be utterly humiliated. It’d take her quite a while to get over it.


Hayden pretty much has no shame, so it takes a lot to actually embarrass her. That said…she’s not great in the kitchen. More than once she’s lit her kitchen on fire. Lucky for her, she was alone for those disasters so it’s all good.
If she embarrassed herself in front of Ub I don’t see her dwelling on it, she’d probably find it hilarious.


It’s not “if,” it’s “when.” :laughing: And I imagine all my detectives would probably be pretty mortified though some might try to brush it off like nothing happened.