The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Dude. You just made me laugh out loud on the train. Again :laughing:.

I’m blaming you for all the weird looks I’m getting btw.

But do you guys think Bobby will ever figure out the truth? About our dear vampires and the supernaturals in general. I mean, can you imagine their smug annoying face if they do… My Detective will do everything in her power to stop that from happening.


Depends, Sera said Bobby’s pretty much a a coward. (I’m paraphrasing, as I can’t find the exact message.) So that might actually freak them out.

EDIT: I rather like the idea of Bobby hiding under the detective’s desk screaming and sobbing. I mean I don’t like it but…
Bobby: sobbing “TAKE DOUGLAS!!”
MC: “…get out from under my desk.”


lololol ohhh thats priceless XD


I think she would…

and then the blackmail will happen…and then she will dissapear…

Ah imagine if murphy get her lol

mc: Bobby is gone!!! and it’s all my fault!
A: I need to make my boots shine more…brb
F: pffff again ? you wanna see your reflection in there or something ?
N: want some cupcake mc ? just made them :slight_smile:
M: Smoking plz stop yelling…
mc: B-but bobby is-…

everyone leave the room…
mc: FINE! Then I go look for her all by myself !!

mc leave…

A: crap ! Now where did she go ! TEAM TIME TO CHASE THE DETECTIVE!
F: heard something about bonnie …who is bonnie ?
N: Bonnie ? Don’t know…but we gotta go and make sure the mc stay safe !
M: maybe it’s the name of a local ?

thats how important is Bobby! :sweat_smile:


Nah, is not realistic that Bobby will ever be a threat, if they found out, they would either have to cooperate with the Agency or the Agency would erase their memories.


Eh I’m always down for the latter


Could I just kill Bobby and have it done lol. I want kill him. Like He put a recording device in my desk I call Mom and she will grab him and use him as a blood bag or demon food.


Lol, you still can’t kill Bobby, I understand you don’t like them as a character but sera won’t be killing off any of the important characters (I’m pretty sure?). Also let’s be honest, they may be an ass but Bobby makes things more interesting and noteworthy…like when they’ll meet ro :relieved:

Who knows…Maybe Bobby’s just bored and needs some…entertainment from mc and RO :smirk:, but yeah they are pretty shallow for that one.

lmao, Rebecca would be more likely to get some agents to “remind” Bobby that they’re just a local news reporter if mc comes to her. (and by remind, I mean scare the hell out of)


Now i am fanficting my MC turn into vampire in future while Bobby is growing old :slight_smile:

Bobby : You still come to visit me …MC
MC : Of course … you were my first love
Bobby : Those days were long gone and my days are numbered, why hanging on to an old lady?

MC ; nonsense … you are as pretty as the day you walk to my table and asked for a dance , i always couldn’t figure out why you chose me?

Bobby : I would had reject everyone but there was something about you i couldn’t resist … perhaps i thought i could use you in future or perhaps i was just pitying you for being too shy sitting there alone …

MC : You know i could turn you too…

Bobby : Nahhhhh… then i will always come between you and Natalie, i had my chance but i was too proud to admit i love you too…

MC : You were the cheereleaders queen of our time , you could had found someone else easily…

Bobby : Deep inside me , i was still hoping you will return to me… but after you turn, i know you had made your choice , part of me just die with your choice…

MC : Bobby i am sorry… it was a difficult choice , i didn’t know your true feeling then because you hide it well

Bobby : Forget me my friend and carry on your life… visiting hours end soon… good bye dear MC and thanks for being the only one who melted me…

MC smiles and gently holding the hand of the flail old lady on the sickbed … looking at her face, all MC seeing is the face of that cheerleader queen who walked to his table in the prom night , taking his hand for a dance to the awe and jealous of all others … Bobby’s face may aged but the aura of who she once was never fade…


Yo, you seriously like Bobby lol. If Bobby was dying and my mc came to visit them it would probably go more like
Bobby looks up at mc from death bed
Bobby: No matter how much things change…
mc moves closer
Bobby: you’ll always… whispers be a bitch
mc pulls machine plug
Bobby dies
mc walks out of room whistling
doctors voices in Bobby’s room: Wtf, I could of sworn they had like 1 day left!


You’re mc is a good person.
My mc wouldn’t even visit.
Come at me


Quoting another from incorrectwayhaven, in honour of Bobby:

Bobby: gets down on one knee
Detective: oh my god, it’s finally happening
Bobby: falls over
Detective: the poison is finally kicking in

And another:

Detective (comes in looking disheveled): Sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff.
Bobby (comes in, also disheveled): THEY PUSHED ME DOWN THE STAIRS



Why is everyone here so murderous…

Bobby is just an ass there’s no reason to off them :cry:


I suppose what Bobby did (in their view) warrants a death sentence. It really depends on your own person. I, for one, find Bobby annoying but for wishing someone dead is ill fitting in my point of view with some exception of course.


I hope Bobby is here for the whole series…being a constant thorn in our side the entire time. :grinning:


I don’t think bobby deserve to die…

homewhever , if its revealed that what she does…do indeed break homes , lose one job…and stuff like that…

well…ok…maybe not kill her…but jail her at least .

@spunkycatninja I do too! only to rub in her face I got 3 great gf and none of them are her!


I wasn’t being Literal lol I know I can’t kill him… If I could totally he was vampire food :wink:
All of you are saying far more exaggerated examples. Why is me The one who is taking ALWAYS LITERAL :sob:


I’m sorry, but someone needs to stop Eric.


Oof sorry didn’t know.
On another note as I was casually strolling the web like a normal person (lies) I found a comic perfect for N and grumpy mc romance.


Lol You capture Mara personality well…