The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I chose Bobby as en ex who i can’t forget… it gave an intriguing feeling whenever she approach me, and she had that confident tone which make me pondering :-):relaxed:


Unit bravo could totally make it as the backstreet boys…


And the Detective can be their fifth member :wink:


I thought just the same :joy:


It’s ok, we will never get the chance to have anything with Bobby ever again, Bobby is finish for, the best they can have is having an MC that doesn’t hate their guts, but still, there will never be anything resembling attraction between them. Which I thank Sera for every day :joy:


Lol, Totally The simply idea that a larry Lafter blonde try to seduce me is too scary… It could be worse imagine a blonde Yaba the hut with a Lacoste polo


I was reading some of the older posts I missed…And it turns out some of you have a thing for murphy?..
Don’t worry, I wont judge you
I will pass judgement


Murphy?! Pffffft, hell naw. He did such horrible things, Im not attracted to him in any way. It’s not like I enjoy his mystique or find him sorta charming at times, or just enjoy him being bad…stop looking aT ME I already have 4 vAmpIRes


How about thrall Murphy :wink:



well for me…a good murphy is a dead one…

Although , I do hope he come back for ROUND 2 !


I am no fan of his, but i like him far too much as a character to simply let him die. He has too much potential to do great and horrible things. In my opinion, anyway.

I hope that he will manage to escape from the holding cells of the agency (together with other creatures) at some point during the series (or help the caged creatures escape in the case that he himself was never captured). And when he does, chaos ensues! Or rather… Angsty revenge… cough, book five, cough Honhonhonhon!



I like to think there is more to him , and wouldn’t be caged that easely . Dunno about working with others though…but letting everyone out…is a good diversion regardless .


Ah well Murphy is more of an acquired taste akin to liking something because everyone tells you not too :wink:


the return of Murphy will be the death of me yeeess bring all the angst and sexy vampire (don’t @ me) back pls :sparkling_heart:


The moment RO gets introduced to Bobby…when the detective finally says: This is Bobby, my ex.
Us watching it all unfold :coffee:


Errr… i think government protocol forbid them to attack or harm innocent humans :wink:

Similarly if MC is rude and disrespect Rebecca, UB still need to protect MC …Lol :-):sweat_smile:


Innocent??! Bobby broke my MC’s heart :sob::pensive: that gotta be a crime somewhere


I’m not sorry for this…

N on the outside when they meet bobby


N on the inside


When M meets Bobby


M meeting Bobby again after they develop feelings for mc


The rest of unit bravo while F starts dissing the hell out of Bobby


F insulting Bobby


A's death glare when mc says the magic words "EX BF/GF"


The rest of ub and mc watching A, Bobby and the tension



true but ex-Bobby innocent? nahh my MC will lowkey be anticipating M vs Bobby UFC

but tbh M’s loyalty and defensiveness towards MC later on still has me shaking like omg they care so much they’ll go as far as to track down the person who harmed the MC in the past (regarding Sera’s tumblr ask) like yess hit me with those feels sweetie


don’t be