The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Alistair is perfect same as Cullen so don’t dare suggest… :wink: Alistair is not an ass but is certainly a hot cynical royal bastard. I could be laughing hours with his banters and stuff… Romance itself… Is too sugary until I finally can hardened him Then he became less romantic and bolder and more mature


That last one is just plain mean–not funny. I just don’t understsnd how berating a character or person like that is considered funny.


Hmmm. I think that, F’s character in general isn’t stupid, they’re just still not used to how some of this world works, like how this person put “what kind of animal is the Pink Panther?”, it’s a very F thing to ask because they are just uneducated on some of this worlds ecosystem. Doesn’t mean they’re dumb or stupid. Just like how N struggles with tech sometimes. I think that the joke made, wasn’t much directed to F, I mean yeah it was making fun of F, but lighthearted as people make fun of all the characters at one point or another. I agree that the word choice was a little harsh but this stuff is all just joking around. Like how people make fun of M being a closed off asshole or N and their inability to use technology (memes) and A and their closed off self. It’s all fan jokes.


I was taken aback when I first read the last line. It’s true that it was a mean. :thinking:


Depends on how you take it. The way I first read it, it just seemed like F was playing dumb.

F: leans against the door frame with a smirk “So detective…What kind of animal is the Pink Panther?”


Yeah I gotta say, they could have said something like:
Detective: I’m proud to identify as morosexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively.
Farah: What kind of animal is the Pink Panther?
Detective, already taking off their clothes: Farah, I love you
Which is still funny, but more subtle and not straight out being rude.


I think it’s actually a reference to a tumblr post, actually!
Edit: found it!

So they’re not being mean to farah it’s just the direct quote lol


I don’t really think it’s berating, as @Dagger1819 says, it depends how you interpret it. I call my friends stupid all the time and they call me dumb sometimes. I think this one of those times where the person isn’t serious, just messing around with RO.
Edit: Oh well then that makes sense lol @StarlitOpal


Here’s one for all of them just to be fair. (I’m just joking around, lol, I don’t actually mean this stuff)


mc does something affectionate
M: what kind of foreplay is this?
mc taking off clothes (only to find M removing their clothing also): M you’re so fucking stupid


mc: A, let’s just spar for fun, I wouldn’t want either of us to get hurt
A: Pffft, I know your trying to get my guard down, what kind of trickery is this?..
mc throwing gear on the floor and taking off clothes: A you’re so fucking stupid


mc: And you click the big red circle to take a picture
N: Alright…But how do I open this “camera” application?
mc laughing and taking off clothes: N, you’re so fucking stupid


I’m just gonna bow out of this. It’s just mean, no matter how I look at it. Calling characters a moron and stupid when they’re not is not my thing.

@Mewsly I want a Bobby vs Bravo scene soooooo bad!


More from the tumblr here!


I would have loved to see N’s reaction when this happened!

Detective: I didn’t drink that much last night.
Tina: You were flirting with N.
Detective: So? We’re married.
Tina: You asked them if they were single.
Tina: And cried when they said no.


Poor M, oblivious detective

M: I like your shirt.
Detective: Thanks, it was 50% off.
M: I’d like it 100% off.
Detective: The store can’t just give out free stuff.
M: That’s not what I-
Detective: That’s a terrible way to run a business, M.


Sneaky F. I like

A: The detective and I do not have pet names for each other.
F: Mmhmm. …What do bees make?
A: Honey.
Detective, from the other room: Yes, dear?
F: Don’t you ever lie to my face again.


F is me, everyday.

F: Oh my god, I need an adult.
F: Wait. Shit. I’m an adult.


Would be even funnier if this happened in front of UB.

Douglas: Can I ride my skateboard outside?
Detective: I’m not your parent what do I care?
Douglas runs off
Detective (shouting): NOT IN THE STREET!

Bonus: Bobby

Snarky detective ftw!

Bobby: I met a real dumbass today
Detective: You looked in the mirror?
Bobby: Someday you will have to answer for your crimes and God will not be so merciful


How do you take excerpts from a post like that? I found a few I wanted to share but I don’t know how to grab the excerpts like that? :sweat_smile:


Oh! I copy the posts from tumblr and paste it here, then blockquote it :slight_smile:


I don’t see the mean anywhere… It depends entirely on your culture or interpretation not the phrase itself. It is problem humor from a country has to be understood in another.

It is not making fun of him her in my opinion is both making puns each other with F knowing what pink panter is due my pc loves pink panter.


I actually have a different version about Bobby :slight_smile:

Bobby : I met a real dumbass today
MC ( Myself and nobody else ) : I will only be your dumbass …
Bobby : I am sorry… Someday I will have to answer for my crimes and God will not be so merciful like you did


Fixed it :laughing:


Shouldn’t it be Natalie or Ava won’t be so merciful for Bobby’s crimes…? :wink:
Wondering how would Natalie react when MC is blinded by Bobby’s charm… Ava should confront Bobby in a more professional manner, since A most likely will follow protocol…

But Farah’s confrontation to Bobby should be the most mysterious since F is always that friendly to everyone :slight_smile:


Instead of When is charmed you should say If. There ia no way Bobby charm my girl like in millions of years


Yes you are correct… it depend on our preference towards Bobby’s charm :wink:

But like @L_M once mention,female Bobby didn’t even try to have relationship or date with anyone before but she make an exception for MC…

So it was something like, when almost all the college’s male audience were trying to court Bobby’s hand in the night event of the school , Bobby slowly stride to MC’s table and invite me for a dance instead… so that is the charm :-):stuck_out_tongue:


I choose not knowing Bobby at all so for me he is a random guy. That I know is not ugly but for me is a sweaty blond larry lafter