The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


This is one case where I wish CoGs have saves. I would love to just save before that part and then see what happened. I think playing through the game to get to it makes me even less willing to do it.


OMG, guys, you unstoppable force! I didn’t follow the topic for like one day? And here I’m trying to catch up with +255 posts.
I don’t regret anything.
Oh boy, there gonna be many sleepless nights when all books are out, cuz I’m thirsty for drama/angst/sarcasm and joking with F.
Also I still can’t bring myself to play F’s route. I like too much his poking in Adam’s and he too much younger brother for me.
Am I the only one who feel this way?


BTW how do you do this “strikethrough text”?
Not sure if that’s correct way to say, but according to Google translate that is. :sweat_smile:
I’m lurking here for long time and still don’t know this :exploding_head:


I like F romance as is like Friends and lovers kinda cool parners in crime, That is jealous just seen them lol. Still I like him as friend in the UB. M is like my little naughty bro and I want find him a date lol. I hope with time I could get a really cool friend relationship with him. With A and N I don’t see them as friends . I respect A when I don’t romance him but I don’t think Mara and him as friends even if they will trust each other they aren’t just compatible for friends. N Is my main and when I am with A I think they won’t be friends only companions. At leastI feel so now


Lmao I only ever had playthroughs in which Murphy escaped up until two days ago where I first tried Nat’s route. Then suddenly, they’d caught him and I was like… that’s a possibility

Apparently I was being continually, phenomenally bad at that final battle and didn’t even know it. :joy:


And that’s awesome! Usually I like friends-lovers route too, but F for me more like sibling. It’s just feels wrong for me to have for F feelings.
It’s cool Sera write such different romances. All of them feels unique.
My cup of tea is Adam with sarcastic, charming, friendly and stubborn MC. Complete opposite of Adam except stubbornness :smirk:
Interactions between them just priceless!


Lol I never failed never in like 10 plays lol


< s > strike through text like this, just remove the spaces between the brackets and the ‘s’ :slight_smile: </ s >

it will appear like this!


actually, it’s much easier if you do this:


it’ll appear like this

also, I have a whole thread dedicated to formatting commands on the forums. :slight_smile:


I learnt something new today :joy:

I have so much more to learn any formatting here. Sometimes I feel like N with technology with all the rules I still am not aware of. Heh.


Just saw this

MC: [slams file on desk] 28 bite wounds

( I hope this is a scene) :rofl:


I understood that reference :laughing:


So I was going on a Disney song throwback, and from that movie frozen there was this song that reminded me of A so such. It’s called “fixer upper” and the bold lyrics are the only lyrics that really work with A’s romance lol

Unit bravo singing

Is it the clumpy way he walks?
Or the grumpy way he talks?

Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped
Weirdness of his feet?
And though we know he washes well
He always ends up sort of smelly
But you’ll never meet a fellow who’s as
Sensitive and sweet!

I’ll say! So tell me, dear
Is it the way that he runs scared?
Or that he’s socially impaired?
Or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods… what?!
Are you holding back your
Fondness due to his unmanly blondness?
Or the way he covers up
That he’s the honest goods?

He’s just a bit of a fixer-upper
He’s got a couple of bugs
His isolation is confirmation
Of his desperation for human hugs


O m i goodness that is so A, they act like they don’t enjoy human interaction, which is fairly true but damn we all know they’re looking for an excuse to just scoop the mc up in their arms.


Ohhh, this is something I’m interested in writing in the actual book (Book Two, most probably :wink: )

-insert Heavy Breathing gif here-

I am so ready for Rebecca to wreck Bobby’s shit oh my god.


Dear lord… I fear for Bobby’s wellbeing. At the end of the series, Bobby will be nothing more than dust at this rate…

On a whole different, much merrier, note:

I was reminded of this fantastic Tumblr and saw a few beautiful and/or hilarious ‘incorrect quotes’ as the writer likes to call them:

Detective: Hey, how do you want your coffee?
M: As dark and bitter as my soul.
Detective: One glass of milk, please.

Detective: ordering a cake
Staff: And what would you like the cake to say?
Douglas, whispering to the Detective: Do we want a talking cake?

Bobby, as M is walking away: What an ass
Detective, sighing and staring at M’s ass: I know

something breaks
MC: Ahhh, fuck me
M: appears

Someone: dies
Detective: Press f to pay respects.
Detective: pokes F

I could continue copying and pasting late into the night, but I have to get a little bit of sleep. Anyway, I can recommend this blog to anyone in need of a smile.


The talking cake one always gets me :joy:


Ahhh, that one is my personal favorite!


insert meme: ah, i see you are a woman of culture as well


One more.


This is seem to be a popular theme to do. I remember reading this in regards to Alistair of the DA series. :joy: