The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


First I got excited thinking about N’s lips, but then the scenario of MC seriously needing CPR entered my mind… and now I’m back in angst territory. This is how fast it goes.


If you guys wanna use a link about N and their relationships, here’s one. They always want the best of serious relationships looks at M.
Also Sera is more clear this time in stating that N only ever had night long stands very rarely that still has them feeling guilty; it’s a very touchy subject.
Also more proof that N will go to whatever length to feel human again. Oh and there was this one ask a while ago, about unit bravo having kids and their kids wanting to turn into vampires, N was the only one who said absolutely not…Just more painful truth.


If you really being hospitalised… tell N that you left your teddy bear at home… so N will be your temporary teddy bear :-):rofl:


Lol, Then I seriously need to change my main. Because I like him a lot… but I mean Mara would not get old and die while the guy she loves remain young She would be in a eternal torture known that each moment she is becoming frail and rotten, while He has a cure for her and he prefers seeing her suffering, decay and just die. I understand he has a vampire complex … But Mara would not become a granny if there is a easy fix.

So A or F?


The fix is not that easy, actually. The process of become a vampire will likely kill the person. So really it would be like playing a russian roulette.

Aaaaaaand, N is very flirty if you play with a bold MC, they don’t shy away from making innuendos and stuff :smiley:
That’s why they have the nickname (here on the forum) of N Suavewell :joy:


I don’t know I play bold and he yeah, reply but reply in a allure Victorian way… He is not M who clearly knows what my Mc is suggesting.

Edit Also Mara would not get old , she is obsessed with live forever now she knows. So She would find elsewhere someone who help her.
I would personally not stopping by anything if I could achieve eternal life and youth


Oh, he does know. But he is not interested on getting in your pants straight away. He is more the romantic type, so even if he is eager to have sexy times, he wants you two to know each other first. I mean, in the romance scene at the apartment, he was going to kiss the MC, just to be interrupted for the door bell lmao.


Hmmm He maybe wanted kiss her hand instead… lol :wink: He is really cute, and huggable. Sadly, Mara would crush him due she does not want get old and die


Well, this type of conversation will be addressed in future books. But MC will remain human through the series. And well, we have no idea of if there will be epilogues saying that the MC did eventually become a vampire or not. So for that we have to wait and see :smiley:

Of my four MC’s, all but one will be sure they want to turn into a vampire. Mostly because thinking about their RO watching them grow old and die breaks their heart. They don’t want to think the pain they will go through once MC dies, and for this, they want to turn.

The one who doesn’t want to turn into a vampire, is mostly because she thinks, “I know turning is not easy, I know I will likely die, so… what if in my desire to have eternity with you, we lose it all? What if I die?”


Yeah, We are in same team. I mean If there is a chance of not getting old and die I will take it. And That conversations lol … And with Mc blood she will become a beacon for attacks so I hardly doubt it will have a lot of future without becoming super human or something due they won’t let her be


I know you’ve changed topics but I just want to say:

That’s actually heartbreaking not only for the MC but for whoever they end up as well. Can you imagine having your partner wander that? Both A and N don’t deserve it. I’d say the one who got the better end of the deal would be the one the MC didn’t pick, then.

I haven’t played the LT route yet - I’m also waiting for all seven books to be out before even considering it - but I hope Sera gives absolute closure. Whether the Detective chooses N or A, I hope it’s well stated that there are no regrets and there never will be.


You know I wanna gush about one part of the game that might get overlooked. The little touches that make the MC feel more real. For example when you first meet UB. When you meet A there’s a part where they glance away then look back. For the longest time I thought the MC always looked away first because the first time I read it I played my more passive MC, but when I read it with my other MC she doesn’t break eye contact with A until they both do. Man I love all those little touches


I wish I had that kind of self-discipline…

Like a lot of the others, I originally had concerns and was cautious about getting myself into something that would be, beyond joking, too painful to enjoy. This was especially true before I knew her general plan for the LT route, and even moreso before I gained trust in Sera’s writing process.

After seeing all the asks and her assurances-- at least that we are all in this together-- I bit the bullet. Now I have submitted myself to the pain, and there is no going back. :pleading_face:

Honestly tho it is amazing, no surprise there


I think it will be a really well written story line and I am so glad that I don’t want it as main because my rp will be far easier lol. Poor Lt people


Yeah , absolutely! I love all the little things added in—all the slight differences based on how you react or who you interact with. It’s one of the reasons I can read the game over and over again.


Yeah, even between bold style small stuff based in sarcasm and other stats make experience more organic, That’s something that always say in my feedback, small details are a big deal for immersion and attachment to characters. Many authors consider that something minor and is not. I hope soon we could choose have a hobby or something similar and drag UB to be part of it. lol The fun… Imagine all team sewing or karaoke lol


That definitely would be fun. :smile: I really liked the small slice of what it’s like to hang out with Unit Bravo in Book 1. I can’t wait for more scenes like that in 2.

Another thing I really like… you can fail in this game and it’s still good. Unit Bravo failed at their mission to keep the detective safe. They failed! (I was so shocked when I realized this.) You can fail to catch Murphy, and it just adds to the story. So I can’t wait to see how these choices like that affect the game series later on.


I really want to have a playthroughs where Murphy scapes… But men, I can’t, it scares me :joy:


Saaame. I really wanna know what happens but my “must do everything right” part of my brain is like “No, you fool, that’s BAD.

… but I wanna knooooow


Well, we will read spoilers about it eventually, if it’s good enough then we can replay :joy: