The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


This is just practice, everyone on the forum is just playing around. We’re just training you for the real deal. If you can’t survive this…you will never make it to book 6. Sera is merciless.



Randomly Specific Fluff Volume 3!

MC bringing A a bottle of water while they are training. A takes the time to sit with them for a bit, leaning against the wall in the training room. While talking MC makes some comment about A not being able to lift them and A, not really thinking, lifts the MC easily with one arm, holding them close with their faces mere inches apart. A only lets them down when they hear someone in the hall.

N and the MC going on a patrol together one night. At one point the flashlight MC was using goes out and the total darkness is a bit off-putting… until the feel a warm material wrap around their shoulders followed by an arm. “Don’t worry, MC,” comes N’s voice right next to their ear “I’m right here.”

MC is walking down the hall when they notice F’s bedroom door is open. Curious, MC goes over and knocks on the door. After F tells them to come in they walk in to see F putting up framed photos and posters on their walls. MC happily offers to help and soon the walls are pleasantly decorated. F beams and picks up the last picture to place on their dresser: a framed photo of Unit Bravo and the MC all together, F hugging onto the MC in the photo. MC smiles as F happily turns to them and wraps their arms around them.

M frowns as their knocking on the MC’s apartment door isn’t met with a response. With a slight haste they take out the key MC had given them and quickly opens the door. After a quick scan of the living room they see MC asleep on their couch, curled up as a movie plays on the television. M doesn’t think about the warm feeling of relief they feel at seeing MC safe, instead they walk over and pick up the blanket off the back of the couch and lay it over them before leaving, sending A a text that MC is fine.


Here are a couple of adorable asks to fulfil your wish!


Omg… this is canon

N: Oh no, oh please no, F! That is an authentic Turkish oushak! F THERE IS A BATHROOM ACROSS THE STREET PLEASE!
F: I fucked up


A: M why are you standing outside?
M: grimaces There’s no way I’m going in there, F threw up that junk humans feed to their little animal friends all over the floor and I CAN FEEL it through my veins.
A runs in to find N sprawled on the couch sobbing with pictures of them in turkey when they got the rug, and F is still on the rug puking their guts out.
A: I leave for one minute…


@Cheion I forgot in that first ask that N thinks of MC as their other half :weary: :rainbow:!!!



Because the idea of F getting the familial love they richly deserve after losing their family back in the Echo World is emotionally fulfilling? c:




… and the gears are shifting back to angst once more. We really love our angst too much.



F: OOO Bacon


I like to use angst as a little seasoning to bring out the sweetness of the fluff!


You might want to mention that in the WIP thread and @sera while you’re at it so she can see it.


I just let out a faint noise at that. Can somebody come and check if I’m still alive or just pretending for the sake of Nat’s existence

I’m fucking laughing so hard. But it’s just another opportunity for MC to comfort N. And have a vacation in Turkey with them on the rare occasion of them not having to work. ;D

Y’all are so precious. I’m glad I fell into this fandom. :heart:


I’m no doctor but I am pretty sure sure that you are still alive, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: though you might just be a figment of your own imagination stranger things can and do happen often in this wacky world of ours :joy:


My pulse when I think about N indicates that I won’t be alive for long. :smiley:

Also, if anybody wants to beta-read my Nat/MC fanfiction, please shoot me a private message. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry :sob: I would love your post but I’m all out of love for now so here :heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: and do not worry my friend I will make sure you stay alive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why N want to indicate MC’s life is not long? :slight_smile:


@Eric_knight I may have formulated unclearly - I meant that due to heart palpitations caused by N I might not live long, because I love them so much. :smiley:


That’s actually a good circumstances…
Like we can requeat N to perform CPR right? :wink:


I am the only one who is not in the fluffy romantic spectrum lol. I just want more friendship and banter. Funny Thinking my main for now is N and he seems for me very clueless about my bold sarcastic mc innuendos. N need M give a flirting class or something. If not I totally imagine My character Drawing him some clues to make him understand lol. It will be funny, but nothing can’t be funniest, than Bold Mara with A