The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


If that happened recently, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well! Except for the crying over TWC lol we’ll never be fine in this fandom

@MrDrTaco That Titanic graphic is :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2:

I may or may not have written a fic about Nat/MC that may or may not include French kinda dirty talk, a little angst and MISSED OPPORTUNITIES in the library, where can I post it? :innocent: (Will only do that tomorrow, still need to edit it and it’s 2 AM, whoops.)


There’s a link to the Wayhaven fanwork thread in the first post. You can post all your fanfiction/fanart there. :slight_smile:


Just for that im going to retake French in college so I can read all the lovers talk that shall be exchanged :wink:

(edit:) had to remove that embarrassment


HOW DID I MISS THIS ASK WTF. Did you guys all read this!!! I mean…How did I not know about this… Alright I’m going scuba diving in sera’s tumblr to see what else I missed, wish me luck.


Haha, it’s just two French sentences. :stuck_out_tongue: Just, the way I wrote the descriptions around the dialogue turned out waaaay more sexual/intimate than I’d thought even though absolutely nothing sexual happens, so I call it kinda dirty talk. :smiley:


You are not going to find more scenes like this one. This was a one time thing to give an example of the love triangle with an actual in game content. It was… omg, I just looked at the date of that ask, more than a year ago, I feel old :joy:


See but that’s the best part everything in French sounds like your tying to seduce someone


N knows. Believe me, N knows.

:wink: :wink: :wink:


Alright, guess no scuba diving for me, however…after reading that I’m… 89% less likely to try the the love triangle, reading that was just too painful. Even for someone like me who loves angst :slightly_frowning_face:


Join the club! There is a few of us who agree to play the love triangle once the 7 books are out. This way we can have the lacerating pain at once and not over the course of 7+years :joy:


Right…Like picking between A and N is like…Picking between desserts and savory food.
People have different preferences as to which they want, but…only having one and losing the other will leave life so empty. Every time you see a dessert or savory snack, you’ll always be reminded of the choice you made that day to eternally leave one behind. And no matter how much you try to enjoy the food you picked, and try, you’ll always feel a little…hollow.


Ok, this is actually good and horrible. Please don’t. I don’t need the image of MC expending the rest of their life with N or A, being relatively happy but always with the shadow of the “what if…?”


You took my most favoritest (I understand that isn’t a word) thing in the whole wide world-food, and just…broke it. Now every time I see cake, I wont think of the deliciousness or the saltiness of potato chip, now I’ll only think of the pain I’ll face while playing the love triangle
Thank you


god it’s only 9 in the morning here and my heart is already aching, i hate y’all

jk, i love you guys


I have a question! Hmmm, oh yeah, when do you guys plan to stop trying to kill me with all this angst?


Hahaha… Oh boy do I have bad news for you…

People here needs to feel their angst weekly quota or they will slowly start to degrade. But don’t worry, there is a balance, once the angst quota is filled, then they need to fill the fluff one.

With my estimated calculations, I would say that between today (UK time) and one-two days, the energy will shift direction and will start feeding the fluffmometer.


(While that’s actually great since I secretly love angst, so keep 'em coming you guys!)


Someone please change the topic.
and save me from the angst, I thought it would be fun but I was wrong…so very wrong



One topic change coming right up:

So does anyone think that F has tried dog food just to see what’s up?

F: The furry human looks so happy on the label! It must be good!


F: [sobbing] N! I WAS WRONG!! [pukes all over N’s antique rug]


This is The System, none here are exempt.

Today, we were emotional about…throws dart…N and…throws dart…the seemingly endless stretch of inner turmoil they feel about…throws dart… just fucking existing.

Tomorrow we tackle: throws dart A and… throws dart their distressingly repressed habit of…throws dart… forgetting to turn the lights off!