The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Yeah, Then a moment you go your college flat and caught your bf with your supposed friend in bed. Solution to that if you’re confused sit and talk about it like adults if relationship is real you will solve that


And I agree with this, but still, we don’t really know how the love triangle is going to be written. For example, we don’t know if MC is on denial at first, or being naive about it, kind of “nah, this is not possible, I am just imagining things”.

You know I am on the “don’t play the love triangle because I feel like a monster” boat, but still… we don’t know enough to have a solid opinion about it, I guess?


Yeah, But I myself as player know what will happen. And that makes me not entirely fine with it. Not the scenario itself but the emotional reaction cast. Still interesting from a storytelling standpoint


At the very least, we have the option not to do that route. I might consider doing the LT route once all the books is out.

I know we can’t form a solid opinion yet but this is just one of beliefs that I usually integrated with my MCs that’s why I am not good at RPing because I can’t play evil characters or try other MC types. :joy:


I found the scene I was talking about, read at your own risk! Here Sera gives a explanation on how it will work and gives an example of it.


It is okay you just role in base of yourself is okay. Rp is a game so you should do what is fun for you lol.



puts on a lab coat I would put that in the middle-to-low range of the Angst Scale, depending on your feelings on F. For someone like me who loves F with all my heart it hurt but it was also the kinda hurt that was like “well, this can be fixed by showering F with love which was my plan anyway.”


Rereading it now, Sera did mention the MC having feelings for both, which is kind of a deal breaker for me so kudos to those people who will try out LT until the very end. :joy:


God, I’m just thinking they day people playing the love triangle has something like:

In that moment I realised something that wasn’t clear until this very moment, the one that is always in my mind, the one that is always in my heart, the one I want to be with is…

  • N
  • A

I would rather die than make that choice.


Well let me just spin the angst-o-meter and say that falls on a solid 2/10

[cleans horn-rimmed glasses] whip out the blackboard we need some kinda equation to calculate this


I was thinking anywhere from 1-3, because you’re right. It’s a fixable issue, and while incredibly heartbreaking in many ways, it’s not, like, rip-your-heart-out-and-make-you-sob-into-ice-cream depressing “Stay with me.”.

I was thinking that breaking the news to Garret’s mother would be about a 4-5. Any thoughts?


Oh I would put that at a 7 because she was so heartbroken.

I mean, we never hear anything about Garret’s father… that was her only family… she’s alone now.

Edit: who you bring with you might be a factor too because, like, what if you brought M?? I wouldn’t want some scary person breaking the news to me and then yelling at me to calm down.


o h
oh yeah


Because the hurricane outside my house was not enough now im crying hard enough to have a hurricane in my room :sob::sob:


Hurricane? I hope you’re safe!!

I’m sending all my good vibes! :heart: :heart: :heart:


That’s true. I always bring N regardless because…well.

So I guess that’s why it registers a little bit lower in my eyes because N helps a lot in that scene.

…of course, then you leave the house and you see Kate crying through the window…

God, maybe it is a six or seven? Is this what N’s route will be like???


I suppose it’s also a question of does this scale reflect the general angst level or just how angsty is the angstiest moment?

Because if it’s general, sure, N’s route might generally be just slightly angstier than average but that might mean that 75% of the time it’s all sunshine and butterflies and sweetness but then 25% it’s CRYING AND RAIN AND SAD


Mmm. That’s also something else to consider.

…but can we all agree that the MC bleeding out is angst level 10? like, is that the kind of crap my heart is going to have to deal with during A’s playthroughs or—should I ever feel up for it—the LT?

am I gonna need heart medication to continue reading, Sera??


I can’t give you a number on the angst-o-meter but I can try a visual



Because the angst is OVER 9000!

:musical_note: cue Titanic music :musical_note: