The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I didn’t want to call F out like that lmao


Hey, Mewsly…guess what?

You broke my heart.

This is going at the top of the ‘N and Blood’ Hunch section because hot diggity damn I think you’re 100% right!!!

Oh man, you know this probably also ties back to N’s “dark times” of having anonymous sexual partners rather than romantic ones.

If they’re just one-night stands then N never has to tell them that they’re a vampire, which means they can pretend to be human again, if only for a little while. :cry:
But their “dark times” probably just fucked with them even more, because despite everything they’re so non-human all they can do is pretend for a few hours yes hours to be human again, which is probably why they’re so…focused on the Detective in either of their romance paths, because it’s almost like the promise of being able to pretend, but…for a lifetime. :eyes:

Ok guys, that’s enough for today, I’m gonna go cry my eyes out and eat some Ben and Jerry’s. :sob:


Hey, Rose, what the fuck

Talk about breaking hearts jfc




Rose, you know I like you, but I hope you choke.

I’m mourning because I don’t have sofa so good, I’m sorry, please forgive me


ur so evil…yet so right…



just wait until I actually start writing a game. :eyes:

no, no, jk, my first game is gonna be light hearted and fun and filled with cupcakes and satan

I forgive you.

[shoves more ice-cream into her mouth]


shit hold on, i have to tie it back to the convo:


Although I like the idea of F being the one to break the news to N, I don’t think it will be them because in the shorts Sera has posted of LT stuff, F teases, but only enough to bring attention, and N, poor sweet N, kind of seems to brush off their comments because, well…now we know why.

So I think, if N isn’t going to realize anything until someone points it out, it would have to be a completely different stranger who is not F, because N just seems to ignore their comments in favor of living in denial.

This Ben and Jerry’s is suddenly very bitter and salty—oh right, cuz I’m crying.


I like the idea of some random supernatural mentioning it, like an empath who thinks it’s just so obvious and then being entirely oblivious to the drama unfolding before them after they tell N. So, like, another F, but one with even less tact.


c: Ha… I broke my own so it’s fine.

Maybe that ties into why N is so against the MC turning into a vampire. I mean, I am 100% sure N’s number 1 reason would be it’s dangerous and MC’s safety is N’s number 1 priority. But some, small, selfish part of N might just want to keep their lover human so they can do normal human things like go on dinner dates and sleep in the same bed every night.


Is that even legal, my god.

Oooh! Does anyone remember what species Agent Chana was? Because I would assume that everyone of her kind would have her psychic powers, so maybe a Chana-like NPC?

Oh hell, or even Chana herself! :scream: I mean, she might want to avoid further heartbreak and just spill the beans outright?




I thought today was tuesday not angstday shut up, that joke reads


Then again N’s Angst Level is pretty darn low, right? We might all be getting worked up over nothing…

or Sera’s even more of a monster than we know…


Okay, folks I want be able to tell them directly into face and sincerely what is happen I mean is the minimum dignity possible. You are cheating with both at least have the decency of tell them. I caught a bf so I know how much it hurts.



Well…ok, hold on. I think we can do the math.

Would we all agree that the scene in Haley’s bakery would be angst level 0?

How’s about we rank things compared to that? Like, what would the angst level be for, say, the MC’s conversation with F in the apartment?


It’s not really cheating in the sense that you can date them both at the same time… but you do have feelings for another person while dating someone else.


Is cheating you are thinking in two people and seeing both in that way. Is cheating, you are not being honest and harm everyone you include


Well, we still don’t know if you will be cheating.

So far, what we know about the Love Triangle is, the MC will be dating N during the books, except that A will have feelings for the MC and the MC for A. In the romance scenes (not necessary romantic scenes, Sera did post one, I will try to find it) you will have to choose if you go with N or A, not necessarily to cheat, but for example, there is an argument between then and you have to choose who you go to check with.

Also, unlike the rest of the routes, this romance will keep track of the romance points you have with A and N, the reason for this is, some scenes will trigger with one or the other depending which one has the most points.

Apart from this, I don’t think we have more information, and I am sure we will also have room to roleplay a bit, so for example, we can roleplay an MC that tries to repress their feelings for A as much as possible (even if they eventually fail because plot reasons).

If we will cheat or not is something we still don’t know, so we shall wait and see.


Which one? The romance one or the about having a real home? They are very different…


I consider cheat the fact of not being sincere and saying what going on in one head . Maybe you physical not cheat, but still you aren’t being honest. Moreover, both are friends … It is a crappy situation where no one is guilty about but … I would not want be in that situation


I have to agree with some of @poison_mara 's view. For me when you have feelings for two person and you agree to date with one but still have unresolve feelings for another, it’s unfair for both parties. That is why I am wary of the concept of a love triangle.


I was thinking the platonic one, because that’s, like, generalized angst, rather than one pertaining to a single romance route.

I think that if we can quantify a generalized indicator of angst, we will have something to compare the romantic angst to, give or take a level or two. :nerd_face:

And I would suggest non-romantic scenes over romantic ones because romances can and will make people (understandably) more emotional, but general, platonic scenes I think are easier to come to a consensus.