The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


And A is the opposite.

MC: does something cute
A: starts having a feel
A: distracts self but learning how to code


Then it looks like by the end of the series A is going to be a regular tech-guru

MC: “where is A”?
A[coming out of the basement]: "I am no longer A call me



Wtff!!! The angstttt. I mean, I shoulda known N was gonna get hurt in the love triangle otherwise it wouldn’t be the angstiest route.
But like how would N find out about A’s feelings.
Imagine in one of the books your with A, having a “moment” with A’s arm on your’s and then N just walks in like
“Detective, I was-…I,…”
A yanks arm away from mc’s
A is shook
N heavily swallows
N: “I’ll, uh just put these here”
N walks away slowly, shoving their hands in their pocket, with a sad frown wondering: “how could I even think that?! A doesn’t…there’s no way, unless…”
N whispers: “A and mc have…fallen for eachother…”
And then N goes for a walk filled with pain, dread and denial that their bff may perhaps like mc…and also the thought that mc may have affections for A as well.
No biggie right?!
I’LL GO DIE NOW :sob::sob:


I am so freaking glad I have no interest in the Love Triangle whatsoever… I do not think I could survive such amounts of emotional torture…

I wish you the bests of luck you brave, brave soldiers.


Right in the gut. I could imagine N’s look of dread after stepping into the room crystal clearly. That hurt.

Also, I am listening to Kevin Kern’s “We Should Waltz” and it makes me wonder: Has Sera said if any of the agents can dance? Because the mental image I now have is of Nat and MC waltzing to classical in the candlelight, Nat’s hand on MC’s back and the other hand joined with theirs. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got you, fam


How the fuck are y’all so quick to find information lol. Thank you!

So glad to have my waltz fantasy validated


Because we are old fans that have read Sera’s tumblr every single since for many many months… :rofl:


You are all jedis that’s the real reason why lol :wink:


GREAT, I was having a fantastic day, then I go ahead and read this discussion. why do you all have to come up with realistic yet depressing theories on N?! LIKE GO EMOTIONALLY BREAK SOMEONE ELSE DAMMIT :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:.


I blame whoever sent this ask:
Actually I don’t blame you, whomever you are becuase this was totally the confirmation I needed, to know that the love triangle is gonna be so angsty…and I’m totally gonna play it…cuz like… giphy
One more thing: “For once, in a long long time, they have someone that makes them feel like themself again.” referencing to N feeling human again, like you all said. Also referencing to how my heart is breaking into a million pieces after reading that


I am monogamous and I re don’t like the triangle because I feel is destroying both hearts and feelings like for me, is really egoist. Because they aren’t in love for each other. I normally play ruthless and doesn’t care but that’s because those npcs aren’t my ros. If I love someone I don’t want make them suffering. I am not bashing people whom like the triangle and I suppose all will be right and that. Still for me, feels like wrong.


I mean, the whole point of the love triangle is to have drama because yes

I am not playing it for now, I will once all books are released, but for now I will stay away from that pain, lol.


But the thing is, you’re not hurting both of them, at least not directly. You can choose to romance, flirt with and be dedicated to only one of them, while the other one has feelings for you which you may or may not be completely oblivious to. It’s true that they are still hurting, and it breaks my heart reading it too, but from a roleplay perspective you can, like I said, be oblivious to the advances of the other person after one point and be committed to the one you choose. Flirting with both of them on a regular basis - now that would be kind of a dick move.


Oh no, not in this one, is canon that the MC will have feelings for both of them. You can choose with who you expend your time, and eventually you must choose one of them, but you will have feelings for N and A.


Of course I can role play, that :wink: The thing is I don’t enjoy it due I respect this characters so for me feels not fun. I normally go ruthless because I can’t give a damn about those npcs, but when I care about them is different story. So I won’t go for both personally


Wow damn, I wasn’t aware of that. Well, bring it on, love triangle. I’m ready to die.


The whole purpose of the love triangle is pain and suffering :joy:

Those who play it now, when there is 6 books yet to be released… are either brave, crazy, or both.


This is something I love speculating about personally, as there are just so many ways it could happen. I, of course, like to imagine it going down in the angst-iest way possible, but that’s because I’m a glutton for pain.

Or maybe it happens in an almost-funny way, like someone mentions it to N.

Some Dude: “Man, it must be weird to have your best friend be in love with your girl/boyfriend.”
N: “Um, w h a t.”

Then what was a light-hearted, funny scene suddenly gets really depressing, and the levity a moment before really emphasizes the now-overwhelming angst.

It’s probably definitely not how it actually goes down, but it’s fun to imagine lmao


That random person you talk about is F. They have no problem telling N what’s going on.