The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)



But also what if N writes sad poems about humanity, you know, the old-fashioned way. And as soon as they meet the MC, suddenly most of the poems start revolving around one human in particular and become more filled with hope?


I feel like a bus just rammed into me full speed with a full set of feels along with it. But if the MC is essentially the one thing that truly reminds N that they were once human. Imagine the level of angst that will hit us in that LT especially if we pick A over N


I highly doubt that there’s going to be “thousands of pages” about it. I’m sure its going to pop up but considering Sera isn’t a heavy writer I don’t think it would ever be sole the focus of N’s romance. Its just another part of their character. N has had a long time to come to terms with being a vampire and while it might not be a part they like about themself I don’t think they would allow their feelings to bring others down, N is too selfless for that…


Basically :sweat_smile:

Does anyone remember that ask where someone told Sera like ‘N is amazing, worth everything, etc.’ and Sera was like, yeah, A would aggressively agree???


In my teens I read big party of Interview with A vampire Anne Rice books. And I ended tired of several books about whining about humanity loss. It was like five books in a row with exactly same plot with different characters rinse and repeat… Then Vampire diaries two first books … I can’t help but snore because the same plot again. Still Sera has made an awesome work not being stereotypes full so I trust on her. Still N is cool.


Ouch. I don’t think I could bear to do a playthrough like that. I couldn’t do that to N. And that’s a lot coming from me, considering A was my fav romance up until… yesterday lol. How fast the tables can turn.

@paragontethras Talking about N on the forum is better than any gym workout. FIGHT ME @ INSTAGRAM FITNESS ACCOUNTS, the nerds are taking over


They take steroids and pre-workout like fools. True geniuses know that the only real workout is not crying when we talk about all these sad theories


Is that why A is so buff because of all the N caring they do?


Or crying for those who usually don’t express their emotions with tears. Wayhaven offers an individual workout, fitting your needs, for everyone. Our strength stat is at least 10 points above all the other fandoms here.


New Canon right here without a doubt. A got swole by caring for N 24/7 no breaks non stop caring



A at the agency gym: 200… 201… 202…
Rando agents: watching appreciatively
A, swole as fuck: you should see the other guy

Also HONESTLY holding in like explosive crying could forreal give you some abs :joy:


If not we could us me as a ram I could be a really scary jumpy grumpy caffeine squirrel and I could scare all those fitness people with no problems


If the MC romances N does that give A an excuse to have a workout partner now?

A: 300…301…302
MC: Alright good set I can’t wait to hit it now
N: can you please put me down now


That’s it, no more steroids - The Wayhaven Chronicles will be enough. Just give them the LT and watch those muscles grow like vegetables.


I found a few!

Confirmed details from Sera
^ UB from oldest to youngest
^ age of UB according to their driving license (spoiler being that some of these are the actual age of their turning)
^ A is much older than N

Theories and hunches

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)
^ N’s age
The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2
^ F’s and M’s age

Still finding the elusive A…


I don’t know whether it would be a theory or a hunch, but a while back it was suggested that A was a Gaul when they were a human. It hasn’t really been discussed with detail in the text (so maybe a hunch?) but it seems like it has enough circumstantial evidence to be a theory


Makes you wonder since A is older than N and if they were Gaulish or Germanic we are talking alot older. How does A not have trouble around technology at least nothing that we know of yet :thinking:


N has trouble with technology because they purposely refuse to learn about it where A doesn’t. A is a practical vampire so they probably see it as “oh, this thing makes life easier so I’m going to use it.”


A is older than N. N is second oldest, then M, and F is the youngest.

Here is the ask:


Especially when N has more… important things on their mind.