The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Spinoffs confirmed!??! Ah yea can’t wait to see who we seduce or uh get seduced by next.

It’s too early in the morning for the waterworks y’all :pensive::sob:



I was all happy, reading along, and then oof, instant KO


ahhh :face_vomiting: Bobby … I know he is not fat lol By I still with my Larry Lafter mental image.

What I would like Is there is some kind of external person, from agency who has chemistry with the pc. I mean I would love see UB jealous. Even If don’t leave anywhere But not werewolves I have a phobia to hairy guys a werewolf is a nightmare for me . A demon could be far better


Bobby is not werewolf, is an external person from journalist agency , and had chemistry with MC… fit your profile nicely :slight_smile:
Edit : wait… what’s wrong with fat , he could be like teddy bear, you dislike teddy bear ? :slight_smile:


The sweet, sweet pain. A and N both knowing about each other’s feelings in the LT is gonna be a clusterfuck of feelings, y’all

But also I just noticed I can relate to N so much (what with being kind but having hidden depths, and not feeling like themselves), which is weird because my MC is basically a self-insert during the N route and I love her. Now idk what that means from a psychological view… Guess I’ll think on that one.


I can confirm from personal experience that a teddy bear is excellent partner and cuddling material.


I know Booby is not a werewolf lol
I was referring to Unit Alpha rumor. And fat an hairy would be too much for me I am okay with everything not hairy . Hair should be only in the head… I want flirt with a seductive demon and see the UB faces. They probably would be like Why with a demon, Aren’t we enough?


@poison_mara… see here is someone who agree that Teddy Bear Bobby is a good cuddling partner

Comparing demon with teddy bear, teddy bear definitely a better choice :slight_smile:


If Teddy bear is saved maybe if not I am perfectly fine alone . If you are hairy Hair is the only you will have in your bedroom because mara has runaway after see first hair signal


Okay, you know what, I wanna talk about N for a second cuz I think that ask confirmed something for me. I think that N’s bad reaction to the MC’s blood or drinking less blood themselves is simply N’s own fear of lose what little humanity they have left. N might physically be a vampire but unlike F who was born one and A who has been one for so long than they don’t feel human anymore, N doesn’t feel like a vampire themselves. They don’t want to feel like one.

N, despite outward appearances, is not okay at the start of Book 1. N is the only member of Unit Bravo who we knows hates being a vampire . N loves working with the Detective in Book 1, romanced or no, probably because it makes them feel human again, a feeling they desperately miss.

So at the end of Book 1 when they have that have that overwhelming, terrifying temptation to drink the MC’s blood, MC a person who they have bonded with and care for especially if you romance them, its probably a horrifying experience. Its just a punch to the gut that despite being around humans more, despite them learning to control their hunger, despite going out of their way to learn to eat human food, they are still a vampire. That possibility to lose control is always going to be there whether they like it or not, even if the actual possibility of it happening again is very low, the fact it could happen at all is terrifying for N.

In conclusion. N needs a hug.


Lol… a Teddy Bear without hair is not a teddy bear anymore…, right ? @AbbyMcGonagall :-):joy:


If That’s so. I want make Him wake up to reality and assume what he is. If not I will breaking probably If there is a troupe in vampire lore I don’t like Is vegetarian vampires… Those that doesn’t stop whining about mortality lost. I mean I will support him but trying to make him mature and assume his damn reality for once. I will be patient but I hope then he returns to real world.


I don’t think N is asleep to reality. I think N is very much aware that they’re a vampire. I just think that they miss being human more than we really realize…


Hair covers more than 90% of your body and it’s very natural not to have it only on the head. I believe that would be quite unhealthy. In the 1900s, shaving companies actually invented the notion that body hair in certain places is gross and disgusting so they could sell their products. The body hair stigma, especially surrounding females, is pure capitalism.

Exactly! :smiley:

That theory is exactly what my angst-loving heart needed. Damn. N just got even more precious. #PROTECTN2KFOREVERMORE


Each one has they kirks I hate hair and sweat hair is repellent for me … I could be with a hairy person always he doesn’t want intimate relationship because I can’t lol.
I am referring to chest hair and beard lol… All of you sure are thinking dirty lol


It’s a supreme test of will. Blood there only sustenance and hardwired into their makeup, I mean it’s amazing anyone of them can even control themselves at all especially towards the MC ‘one of a kind blood’. N unlike the others still sees some benefits towards being human because they are not as utilitarian as A, as moody as M :sweat_smile: and F was never human so they would never know.


It seems they certainly do have a lot of internalized self-hatred. N rationally knows that vampire /=/ bad, and they don’t have a prejudice against vampires, but are still very emotionally hung up on it themself. It seems like in that case, either they feel like they have lost part of themself, or they feel they have done something that bad. :confused:

It makes sense why A would be so extremely protective of and supportive of N in that case though-- they have only ever known N as a vampire, and probably ran into _that_wall with N multiple times.


What if N’s rejection of anything modern (technology, etc.) is rejection of their immortality - because if they hadn’t become a vampire, they never would have lived to see all those developments? N just misses listening live to classical music and writing letters the old-fashioned way.

They would definitely write romantic letters for the MC as a way of courting.

Edit: Also, the notion that N is probably depressed because of their situation, but good at hiding it, destroys my heart. What if the MC is the hope they needed?


I agree completely! It would alsp tie in with his comments about regretting being like the rest of UB, and him missing humanity. And like one of the posts mentioned, him getting less blood from the Agency may be a manifestation of a desperate attempt to be less vampire-like.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before, but N reminds me of Mikaela from Seraph of the End - a character who was turned into a vampire, hates it with a passion, and tries to retain his remaining humanity by refraining from drinking human blood. At one point, he is completely horrified when he almost gives in to his temptations (when he almost bit a girl that he rescued).


Ya’ll I am actually really worried about N now tho?? We need to protect them.


Do you all think is so? :thinking: Then N is certainly Not for me at all. I don’t have patience for thousands of pages about a vegetarian vampire depression. Lol I will End with A as main romance lol.