The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Depending on where some of us are located, it might be under the name Parcheesi or Parchisi (original Indian name being pachisi). Which looks like the sort of game I could enjoy with the right friends. And Cards Against Humanity… would be a weird game to play with Unit Bravo once they understood the game.

As for something resembling an on-topic post, I might just go ahead and get a Wikia account and see what I can do with the Wayhaven wiki.


Cool I didn’t know it was Indian. How could it make famous in Spain more than a century ago I have no clue lol. I will appreciate read all people are compiling. It would help future new fans a lot. Good work people!!!


Oh yea it would be shock factor for A and N and they would not play once it started getting a lil naughty. It would just be F, M and the MC at that point most likely


I have only 1 word:



My Risk-loving ass: Go on.

and also A, probably, I get the feeling they’d like Risk


MC: Hey guys I got Risk
A: [Immediately perks up] We must play. Now.
MC: I also got myself a helmet just in case things get out of hand.
A: [Opening box] Hmm?
MC: Nothing.

Also, 2 words especially for @impeccably-stressed: Risk Legacy

AKA friendship destroyer

[eighteen hours later]

A: I move ten artillery from Eastern Canada and attack Greenland with its single infantryman.

MC: Oh Jesus, N, will you keep track?

N: [with a pencil and paper] Re— [yawns] —oh, excuse me. [clears their throat] I’m ready.

A: [rolls eyes] Oh, I hardly think it will take so long.

[a half hour later]

A: [in full panic mode] [yelling at his last infantryman while they roll the die in their hand] If you do this, you will come home to the United States of the Americas as a War Hero!! Parades will be thrown in your honor, a national holiday! You and your children and your children’s children will be compensated for all their lives! Money, fame, women, men, whoever you so desire, just don’t lose this engagement for me—shit!! [drops the dice]

N: [leans over] One.

MC: [snores]

N: [nudges the MC] MC, A rolled a one.

MC: [mumbles awake] No, no, I’m sorry, we’re all out of off-white Persians…

N: What?

MC: [shakes their head] Is it over?

N: Yes, your single infantryman took down three battalions of A’s forces!

MC: Aw, damn, really? That means—

A: [moves every piece on their board] I attack with all the forces available to the United States of the Americas!!!

MC: [blinks]

MC: I concede.

A: [shaking their dice furiously] Your Greenlander infantryman stands no chance against—wait, what?

MC: I give up, I have work in a half hour.

A: …

A: Call in sick.

N and MC: What?


Risk: Don’t Even Risk It!


A: Call in sick or I’ll give you a real reason to
MC: Let’s just bring the game to work


This is the funniest thing I’ve read today, goddamn I’m laughing :'D Gotta love A taking everything seriously. At least you know they’re not messing around with MC.

Actually, I think N would be able to handle it, with their hidden naughty side and all that.


I suspect M would really enjoy this game… though the things they would come up with are probably better said in the NSFW chat. :stuck_out_tongue:


The fights me and my family had over parchís… Specially when there are two people in the same space and someone else’s falls there. When they decide who they eat, then is when you see their true colours :joy:

Like: you bitch!!! You could have eat him twice now but you keep eating me wtf!!!

Ohhh the memories.

On another note, looks like we are going to met a tier 10 supernatural on book 2 :eyes:


Lol Nobody can play parchis in family without fighting lol. That’s why we Spanish play board games after all.


How much do you want to bet it’s going to be the leader of Unit A and the guy Sera wants to flirt with :rofl:


Can we take a moment to appreciate how happy Felix looks because HE IS RIDING A UNICORN :unicorn: :hugs: (link is embedded in picture)
“Felix would like to meet a unicorn

Edit: Here is the link
Sorry about that, wasn’t my intention to post it without the link. I haven’t quite figured out the HTML system here…


I can’t get the link anywhere, so I think you should say how is the author and then put at link to their tumblr, since is against the rules to post art that doesn’t belong to us, specially if it has no reference to the real author.


F’s path in one of the books should consist of trying to find evidence of unicorns existing


And then we find out the unicorn is the tier 10 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




For once, in a long long time, they have someone that makes them feel like themself again



Who needs Unit Alpha when we already have Bobby?? :slight_smile:


What about if for future games we can play as part of the member of one Unit?!