The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Progress Report

What a month!I completely smashed my monthly goals! :smiley:

My goals for February were to complete N and F’s versions of Chapter 7. Not only did I do that, but I’m about 45% done on M’s too!!!

I am on a serious roll, hehe!

As is probably obvious, my monthly goal for March is to complete Chapter 7 . That means finishing M’s route, the love triangle route, and the friend route.

I’m feeling really positive I can do it, and to be honest, I am keen to get it done. I love Chapter 7, but it’s been a serious biggie, and I’m excited to move onto the rest that’s to come!!

Unfortunately, my ergonomic keyboard decided to die on me, so I’m having to use the laptop for a while until I can replace it. That slows me down a little as I get hand cramp from RSI easier on a normal keyboard, lol (if you type a lot, please invest in a good ergonomic keyboard! It makes such a HUGE difference, trust me :D) !

Shouldn’t take long to replace it though, so that’s only a minor hiccup for now.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I’ll talk to you all on Monday! :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind me asking how many chapters will the final version have? Will it be about the same amount as the first one? :slight_smile:


That is what she has said.


Yeah, it’ll be between 19-21 depending on how writing goes :slight_smile:


I continue to be in absolute awe of your writing productivity.


Should I try it now? or wait for the Full Game?
HNGGGG!!! Can’t decide!


@Von.Roven - Do itttt… ;D

Progress Report

It’s been one year since The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One was released!!!

Time has seriously flown! :smiley:

I’m still hoping—and on track—to get Book Two’s writing done and hopefully submitted this year. As for release, that’s not under my control, but fingers crossed for that too!

As for progress this week, M’s route is complete, including all personal edits and drafts!!

I actually started the love triangle route today, so am waaaay ahead of my schedule!

There is light at the end of the tunnel, hehe! :smiley:

M’s route came out at over 18,000 words. There’s a lot of variation in their scene though, so that accounts for a lot of it. It should make it feel like a more personalised playthrough though, so worth it!

Hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend! :slight_smile:


I’m getting more and more excited for book 2! Also I can’t stop replaying the Demo especially Nates route :heart_eyes: Someone help me!


I replayed A route so much to read over and over how awkward we both are and both unwilling to admit first we have a HUGE crush for each other that I expect next time I’ll do it both our character will either spontaneous combust out of sheer embarrassment or explode out of pure frustration. AND. I. LOVE. IT.
And I love you, @Seraphinite! :hugs::hugs:


vibrating with joy


Hi guys! Just want to share Sera’s website.


@resuri08 - Thank you so much for posting that! <3

Progress Report


I finally made it :smiley:

All the writing is done, I’ve completed my first lot of edits, so today I will be doing test playthroughs and a few more edits. But it’s pretty much fully done!

On Monday I will be moving onto Chapter 8!

Chapter 7 ended up coming out at 92,439 words…blimey! Even bigger than I was expecting, lol.

As much as I love Chapter 7 and hope people will enjoy the date, I also think there’s quite a few things in Chapter 8 that will have people excited ;D

So yeah, it was an intense week but it was worth it!

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend :slight_smile:


Whoa…that is one hell of a word count. But, this just means there are a lot of different outcomes and choices. Damn, these reports are just increasing the hype. Well, keep on the good work.:blush::blush:

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ONE chapter is bigger than some games I've seen heavens bless you my good Sera


Hey first awesome progress love Wayhaven, and your seriously impressive with how your going. Quick question so long as it’s not in spoiler territory how many chapters are there?

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That’s a lot of customization. Hope you guys appreciate it.


Always happy to help. :smiley:

Here’s an ask that Sera replied to in regards to how many chapters will be plan on Book Two.


how many chapter were in book 1 ?

Upon checking the game’s code, it’s 21 chapters. :smiley:

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so either less if 19…or about the same if 21…

Santa Santa…all I want is MOAR! :joy: