The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



Can’t wait for the full game,my gosh!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph:




Can’t believe your speed!!!:scream::scream:
It is a freaking interactive game with a lot of paths and choices that makes it twice the length of a conventional normal novel!!!

All that I can do is​:clap::clap::clap:

Keep up the great work :+1::+1: :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Hey I literally just finish book 1 and it really good the story and how it’s played out Murphy and other just perfect.I can’t want for book 2 come out and already play the demo.I think I want to help you finish coding it without payment.i know a little bit about coding mainly JavaScript and I think I can help you ease the burden.yeah I’m a student anyway just tell me if I can do anything to help


This is addictive as hell I keep replaying it just to get all the romance options done


Hi @Game_On

I would like to direct you to our main Wayhaven Chronicles discussion thread. This thread is primary for initial impression and feedback for Book Two.


Pretty awesome, right? You should come over to the Wayhaven general talk thread and join us in our appreciation of it.

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@Game_On - Thank you so much for the kind offer! I’m doing good at the moment as I tend to code as I write anyway :smiley:

Progress Report

So as some of you may have seen on my Tumblr this week, I finished N’s scenes for Chapter 7 well ahead of my estimate! Woohoo!!

I changed up my working routine and it seems to be much better suited to the way I work. So that’s made a huge difference for me.

I’m working on editing and bug checking N’s scenes, but I’ll be starting on F’s next week already!

Oh man, it’s always such a huge boost to reach goals early, hehe :smiley:

The individual scenes seem to be working out at about 12-13,000 words each, so I’m super happy with that. There’s quite a bit of variation and choices, which should make replaying (even with the same LI) fun and fresh!

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend! :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying to my comment and it good to know that you are doing well.I can’t wait to play the next 3 chapter and also good luck to you finishing the game.(P.S sorry if you don’t understand English is second language in my country)


By the way what’s the deal with sports car at the beginning of the story is it just for character building or is it gonna be used later in the story

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Has there been an update to the demo since Jan 1rst? I saved my game so I could continue on once more was updated, but it keeps loading like its the end of the story. Just want to make sure I am not missing something :slight_smile:


The demo will only up to deciding that they will go undercover. It will not be updated anymore.


I want to cry.:sob:


Progress Report



As you might be able to tell, I’m pretty excited about that, hehe :smiley:

I even treated myself to a seriously tasty apple turnover as a reward!

N’s and F’s scenes for Chapter 7 are complete! I will be starting M’s on Monday, way before I had planned!

Things are really going so well on the writing front and it’s a major boost of motivation to hit targets so much sooner than planned.

M’s Chapter 7 should be so much different again than the others, and there’s one particular bit I’m very eager to write…it’s gonna be great fun :smiley:

So yeah, an absolutely brilliant week for writing and hopefully another super productive one next week!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I’ll talk you all on Monday! :slight_smile:


i really hope that in the final game of 2 book you consider editing Ava route a bit, i still can get to like it in the 2 book after loving how she was in the 1 book… and the choices us (mc) have when talking with her.(such cold choices) :pensive:


Curious here, has anyone heard any update on the progress of this game? Not exactly on Patreon and can’t really view comments because I’m not a member.


The author posts weekly progress reports here in this thread and on her tumblr


and on instagram too at seraphinitegames


She post weekly updates every Friday here as well. You could see the latest one a few posts above yours.

Also whether your a Patreon or not, she gives updates in all her social media accounts like her Tumblr and Instagram.