The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



"That I would like you? I ask in confusion

Bug report!


Is morgan actually going to start having feelings or does she just want sex?


I’d recommend checking the discussions thread or going on tumblr for you to get a clear indication on how M will behave towards you.


It’s so great to have Sera back <3


Pretty sure someone has asked this already but is it possible to save your progress from book 1 in preparation for book 2?


Not yet–that feature generally isn’t implemented until the next game is about to be published, to make sure that if the author needs to make edits to the first book to accommodate the second it won’t mess up anyone’s save files


Hi EarnBoogie! This feature is given by the CoG side once the full game is released in the stores. The same will be applied to all the CoG games you play that have more than one book :smiley:


If I understand @EarnBoogie’s question correctly, we could already save our playthrough though. You could already input the file name and our email address during Book One.

Yes, you can. If you already done Book 1, you should have been already input your desired save file name and email.


have no one got got blood + feeling playing the wayhaven


I found this little thing in my latest playthrough. After A breaks the plant in the Detective’s office:


Well… MC, I strongly advise you to not listen to A. If A don’t find something to break, they will probably break something that will be irreplaceable.:wink: