The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. Everything is amazing, I love the details, the way every character just feels so different. The choices. Everything, I can not wait for this to come out. I need this in my life asap.



they almost kissed…omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg


Even through the layers of clothing, her touch on my back sends a buzz dancing up my spine, and it tingles throughout my entire body.

Her gaze finally drops to focus on lips. They part as though in command to the sudden attention.

my missing?


Petition to

smuggle in some chocolate for Tapeesa
Also ELIDOR oh my god, I’m so glad you can like hug him and have a good relationship with him and see him again :heart:
And that part where Felix is like “you think i’m pretty?”
lmao :joy:


Me in book one: I hope Bobby is one of the Romance option 'cause who wants to miss all that drama?

Me in book 2: Watch me damp Mason’s flirty moods. It’s really fun to watch him fail/try, lol. snickers

Edit: Thank you Sera for making this wonderful game!


Same energy :smirk:

Is the blur thingy showing yet?
Edit: Yes! The blur thingy is finally working! :grin:

Anyway, as much as I love M, A really wins me over in some scenes. Though, I admit, I once tried the LT route, and like for real? I am never going through that again (as tempting as it is).

Ugh, how is it that sera can make even a-holes as likeable as they seem? Is is magic? (Or do I just have a type?) Also, the short interaction with Elidor is pretty adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever pressed the hug choice as fast as I did in my life.



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I could have sworn I blurred it with the spoiler thingy. I don’t know why it’s not showing though. :thinking:
Sorry about that. I’m still rather inexperienced in this site despite having been here since august. :sweat_smile:


Don’t know if anyone’s pointed it out but gasp typo!

Adam opens his mouth to respond when Nate stans up beside him.

Unless you do mean stan cause/… well we all stan these vampire lads(and ladies)


Just a quick gush. @Seraphinite, I love you, never stop writing!!! This series is all the feels in a way only the Fallen Hero series has managed as well!! You are amazing and your work should get a Nobel, if they’re given out for literary works, I’ve been on the edge of my seat in anticipation since book one ended, and I’m about to fall off it now that I’ve finished the demo a few times. Sorry, will hush nao.


Also, where’s my Nate?!? Does a man that perfect actually exist?


Hey @Seraphinite just finished the demo and I’ve got to say nice work. I’m not normally a fan of romance games but you’ve got some of the best pacing and build up to an actually healthy and well invested romance (I’m doing the love triangle playthrough so I’m especially impressed with the actual tension that you’ve put in) however I’ve wanted to ask since I know that this is a planed multiple book series if the romance arc is the main point or if there will be another angle besides a mystery based one. I ask because I see a little potential for a political subplot in the town as well as some tension between the agency and the real world ( can’t keep the cat in the box forever right?) but all in all great work and can’t wait to see the rest.


Romance is the main focus of Wayhaven and will remain that way over the whole course of the series. I’m not a mystery writer and the stories will focus more on how to solve or deal with a bad guy/issue than working out what it is.

Also, I’m not a fan of political stuff :smiley: The Agency will remain a secret, and the town of Wayhaven—though put in peril at times due to the supernaturals now finding their way there—will remain stable in that area of things, lol!

Hope that helps! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

@Jeremiah_Sanchez - Aah, thank you so, so much! <3 (And I know right? If only Nate were out there somewhere…hehehe!)


Heh could have fooled me you have a great style that would go great in an old school adventure thriller novel

Heh me neither only reason I asked is that the conflict between the Mayor and the Captain could make a nice subplot if one or the other forces the MC to pick a side. I guess I meant more of the office politics that running a police station would involve but can’t blame you for wanting to stay out of that fire.

Works for me :grinning: Like I said I normally don’t play this kind of game so it is an honest breath of fresh air for me to find a romance game that is actually engrossing. Cant wait to see what you come up with next


I’m so happy to know that you can continue to enjoy it!! Thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:


Lol, if you find out where they’re all hiding let me know?


I just got that random scene

With Nate and Cara and for some reason him calling her rabbit is so frikken adorable?


Definitely! But I get the Nate-analogue!


Hi, @Seraphinite I know that this is most likely a useless comment and you probably already seen my comment up there, but thank you for answering that question about Mason/Morgan today. I’m not the one who asked that question but it’s similar to the one I did ask. While there are some questions I have like that I feel can kind of lead to red flags, like if the main character went through something traumatic, like how over the course of the story, kidnapping would Mason/Morgan still make those threats/sexual comments? and Mason/Morgan won’t push a pregnant main character out of the bed, right? but I know that you never created the romance options to be perfect(I just found that out today this is why when I created the post I somewhat nitpicked.)(I also never exactly played Mason/Morgan route so I don’t know what it’s like)
I also commented about Nat/Nate and how they seem to guilt trip the main character into taking the test but I don’t think that was your intention. I know that this a work of fiction but I guess I have seen how Fiction can become reality(I knew some people who were very inspired to go and date toxic people because they saw how the main character and the toxic love interest got together and how romantic it was from some books) and took off from there.
I’m sorry for spamming your thread and this will most likely be my last post but in general feedback/suggestions, I noticed that Bobby seem kind of one-sided in book one I hope in the next books we get to see more of a good side of to them. Also, it would great if in the books we could get the chance to confess to our feelings later on or maybe denying the feelings until the romance option confess, but I know that’s probably too hard to code though.
Also, you can delete that ask about Mason/Morgan and abuse(if you see it) since I don’t really think Mason/Morgan is abusive anymore since that discussion on the general thread and I know you’re probably tired of asks like those. Thank you


Lmfao, a good side to murphy.


Well, the line between what’s right and wrong is a little blurred at times in fiction. I think in book five, Murphy might just save us.