The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!




I didn’t know that happened!!

rushes to replay F’s route again


Yes, F’s route is actually very diverse. It’s fantastic.


sooo…here it goes…


I think the vromance changed order in my heart again lol

Ava is at the top .
Nat is second
LT is on third
Farrah is fourth .

well from Book 1 , LT was at the top y’know…lol

ohh ava…omg…I wish I had someone I could nudge during reading the demo…nudge everyone in the thread…She…S M I L E D O MG…Screeeeeeeech…almost made me wish the mc was a paparrazzi…and snap shot at that smile…how about that for decoration ? Ava smiles on every wall ? not creepy at all ! :sweat_smile:

Ava is tugging hard at my heart string , its Samara all over again…:heart_eyes:

Nat…the chevalier in shining armor…:hugs: you just wanna jump in her arms and say ‘twirl me around alreaddy I hear the wedding bells ringing !’’ …hey thats from someone who dont believe in marriage cough whatcha looking at ? insanity moment…move on!

Farrah , omg…her route is just so funny and a delight !! I got this though that if MC first kiss gonna be from Farrah and none else . cose she was sooo smoochable in the demo…you just wanna pepper her with kisses…what ? its totaly Legit…she is freaking Adowable !

Oh I did M route but beside the part where she hole you on her shoulder which was funny like hell…there is nothing there still .

I loved the difference in the scene with Tina and Verda .

I also loved the scene with Bobby .

I kinda find douglas crush creepy lol . I mean how old is he anyway ? Biebbbbbber! Lol

I also liked tid bit about the unit background . I laughed when farrah said ‘I just fall trough a portal’ …I was like…i can believe that lolol poor Nat…she was an elfish fish…I mean…her story remind me of that for some reasons lol .

I can’t wait for the carnaval ! We gonna get cotton candy and it be sticky and we get Smoochie Wooot!

So there you have it…


The demo is awesome!!!
Here is my list of ROs :


First is Mason
Second is LT
Third is Nate
Fourth is Felix
And last is Adam

Mason’s flirting was to good to be beaten


It’s actually passers-by, but that’s a particularly weird grammatical thing.

Because it’s being used as a proper noun, the capitalization is correct.

IIRC, Douglas is 18.

I’ve only gotten to give it one good run through thus far, so I’m sure I’ll have more impactful feedback later, but as of right now, I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bugged me at all was that my immediate thought upon discovering the contagion was, “Hmm, new people appear in town and suddenly everyone’s sick, it’s probably starting with the carnival,” long before the MC realized it, and being realistic, that’s not really an issue. I’m reasonably confident it would’ve been my go-to thought in real life, as well, but I also went through a phase reading up on plagues because I’m fun at parties, and that’s sort of an abnormal thing.

This demo is going to get me through so much homework. I love the difference in Douglas if he’s got a crush vs. if he doesn’t. Also everything else, but I wanted to point that out.


what is…this ?


The new stranger stands before me with head bowed. When I inch a step forwards, they gaze at me warmly.

Brown eyes meet mine, and the shadow no longer scares me.



Isn’t that your chosen RO? I changes depending who you romanced.


ohhhhhhhh…for real ???

lol I read that as a dude show up XD hence why I assumed…lolol…cose all the romance are female for meh…Doh moment there lol . Thnx for clarifying for meh.


As resuri said, that description is your RO. That one you have belongs to N, for F, is something like they look at your with curiosity with golden eyes, so on, so on.


He’s 19. He was 19 on the first book, but two months have passed so he’s either still 19 or just turned 20. I guess he’s still 19 though.


I’m late but sort of a suggestion, I don’t know if somebody said that already… But about the nickname/name stuff (can I say this or should I blurry it?), I’d rather to pick who can my detective by their name and who is better to keep saying “detective”. Like, I’m good with F calling them by their name but I barelly have any friendship with A and M. Even with A sticking to calling them Detective either way, my detective gave all of them the freedom to call them Alex, something I can’t imagine actually happening.
Just a comment tho, I know it’s already too much that we have this option and surelly it’d give Sera an even worse time to deal with the coding.

I love to be able to pick who’s trying to go for a kiss, N or the Detective. Even with nothing happening, that’s what makes this game so amazing <3


Dang it, I was close.

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

This is a repost:
One year later After finally getting to play the first book and the demo of book two and reading the questions on Tumblr, I think I can do a review of book one. I’ll try to keep it to things that can be improved on in the future books and not the first book.

The positive
  • The plot is unique and original, it doesn’t follow or try to be its original source material.
  • The characters are diverse, both culturally, racially, gender/sexuality and personality wise, none of the characters are shown in a stereotypical manner for their race, sexuality, culture.
  • Despite my somewhat non-interest in ‘human in a supernatural’ story I actually find myself enjoying the plot, it doesn’t insult you for being human.
  • It doesn’t assume your character past, I love any game that does this.
  • The fact that the main character mother is still alive
  • The fact that Adam/Ava is demisexual.
The Meh
  • The main character’s friends can be bland and uninteresting at times. Tina’s a happy and friendly cop who is buddy-buddy with the main character, and Vera’s a father who takes every time he can to get some quiet time. I noticed in the demo for book two we are somewhat forced to choose between the two at some parts. I would like it if later in book two we see a more complex side of them.
  • The villain in book one is kind of cliche, he doesn’t really have a complex plot and it seems like he’s just there to be hated. Since Murphy isn’t dead, I would like to see him being more complex in the later book’s.
  • Some of the characters just seem kind of there. We learn their name and some of their personality but that’s really it.
  • We can’t exactly be mean to Douglas or push him away…
  • Bobby is pretty one dimensional, they seem to be there just to be hated on at times.
The things I disliked
  • Nate/Nat and Mason/Morgan are pretty problematic both early and what seems to be later in the relationship as well.
  • Some examples of what seen for Nate/Nat would be:
  • They are shown to have an overprotective nature towards the main character, while there’s nothing wrong with this depending on how far it goes it can become controlling behavior
  • They attempted to or tried to guilt trip the main character.
  • They take the blame or attempt to steer the blame away from the other member’s wrongdoing. While this isn’t problematic in itself, it eventually does when it seems that Nate/Nat probably wouldn’t do this for the main character.
  • Some examples of what seen for Mason/Morgan would be:
  • They insult and degrade the main character for no real reason.
  • They make sexually or lewd comments towards the main character despite the main character might be uncomfortable with these type of comments.
  • Deep into the relationship it seems they allow the main character to touch them non-sexually but they never reciprocate or ask for these type of touches. (Though you could say in a way this makes a problematic main character.)
  • Threating the main character for doing something harmless that most people in a relationship do both deep and early in the relationship. (this is shown in the demo for book two with Felix/Farah)
  • Eventually following through with those threats if provoked enough. This is extremely problematic because it applies physical abuse which it’s never okay to hit your partner unless they hit you first. (and even then you should look for other alternatives before that.)
  • Adam/Ava and Felix/Farah also have some problematic things, but not anything that would turn a healthy relationship into an unhealthy relationship.
  • if it isn’t too much I wouldn’t mind if deeper into a relationship:
  • Apologized for how they behaved earlier in the relationship
  • Actually feel bad for how they treated/treat the main character if they do something that harms or hurt the main character or say something that hurts the main character.
  • If the main character was uncomfortable with Mason/Morgan’s sexual comments, I feel that later down Mason/Morgan should least try to keep it in their head.
General Feedback
  • I would love to see most of the characters who didn’t have much importance in the first book have more of an importance in book two.
  • I would like for the main character to be able to be more standoffish.
  • I’m a big fan of the defrosting the Ice Queen/King trope it would be interesting if the main character can be this in the later books.
  • Although I didn’t list this in the original post I would also like an option if the mc is uncomfortable with the supernatural to be able to explain why or to be able to pick and choose wich supernatural they like.

In my opinion:
Story: 9/10
Based on routes:
Adam/Ava: 7/10
Nate/Nat: 6/10
Farah/Felix: 9/10
Mason/Morgan: 5/10

I mainly made this post because I felt like I was coming off rude in an ask I sent to you and I wanted to explain it more clear since what I wrote was probably a confused mess, so my apologies and if you still want to answer it that’s fine, I really want to hear your response since I might have read some of your answers wrong. I also don’t hate the characters, and I won’t go out and harras people who have different opinions than me, this is all fiction after all.
While we’re talking about opinions, I would like to hear other people opinion, maybe I will able to see some things from another angle.


It’s not so much a complaint or a problem, and as someone who can’t write for shit and has a crappy imagination, I don’t like suggesting to a writer, especially one as talented as you, what could possibly “improve” a scene… but here goes. When you meet verdas family, and you’re romancing A, Verdas daughter goes up to N and they have what could be a very touching/foreshadowing scene. That is, IF you were romancing N. So I did it again, this time pursuing N(was gonna do it anyway haha), but the kid went up to A instead that time… it felt pretty disappointing, and like a missed opportunity… maybe this was intentional on your part(I assume so considering anyone but your RO will get this scene), but it still felt like a missed opportunity to me, I feel like it would really let the detective see their RO(and them you) in a different light at a pretty crucial stage in their “relationship”
Again, I have no idea what I’m talking about, but that’s just the feeling I got when I was reading that… and it just felt like an important moment, you know.


that scene is random I think . cose I saved at that point and reloading and got all of them XD


It’s random


If that’s true I must have gotten really unlucky, because I tried with all 5 “paths”, and each time anyone but the RO/s did it. Damn.
I never considered doing it again with the same one though…


You were indeed “unlucky” as it was random, but I quite like having it that way. I don’t think every single interaction needs to be focused on the RO. It’s nice to let the others shine a moment too.


I agree, it just felt like that specific interaction could have been a pretty “key moment”, or w/e you call it… it’s just what went through my mind as I was reading that part. And I was probably already anticipating it without realizing it, so the disappointment when it didn’t happen was just very… clear? I guess… if that makes sense.


Thanks for the comments and bug catches and things, guys!

I’ll be updating the demo again after it’s fully edited. Nothing new will be added, it’ll just be the edits, bug fixes, prounoun issues, etc. Just things to make it run smoother :smiley:

Just a quick note to say I’ll be away now until Monday 3rd, and likely still won’t be on the forums much after that. Things are getting very hectic at work now until the end of the year. Though there will still be an update on Tumblr as usual this week as well as asks I have scheduled too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! :slight_smile: