The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



That’s what I was referring to. There’s nothing wrong. The detective is emphasizing that Bobby no longer has any sway over them.


why not just say ‘‘not anymore’’ Though ? It sound weird when I read it though lol…oh well…

:sob: I dont know what happen…but I saved in the demo…and now I’m stuck in the stat window and I can’t leave it…


English speakers, myself included technically, sometimes say especially just to further hammer the point. It’s instinct.


really? well I take your word for it lol it just the 1st time I heard it…so wasn’t sure . but thnx for clarifying .


I’ve already posted this in the discussion thread but was kindly advised to post this here:

I’m not good at giving helpful feedback but wanted to say I really liked the demo, so I’ll post my thoughts here. It was nice to interact with the characters again (Especially Nat, though Farah comes close). I feel like things have improved in general. Morgan’s path is very fun to play and Ava is warmer than I thought she was going to be, which is nice. My characters still feel different from each other and I want to learn more about what’s going on.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


That has happened to me in other games so it’s the save system’s fault not any of Sera’s coding


First of all… AWESOME job, Sera!! Not only did you get the full demo out before the end of the month, but you gave us a hell of a ride! The worst part now is waiting for the rest. It will be torture!

After playing through all of the ROs (including the LT, after swearing I'd never do it), here are some random thoughts, with more detail to come later:
  • Pre-demo LI rankings: M, A, F, and N, with an outright refusal to play the LT.

  • Post-demo LI rankings: M, F, N, LT, and A dragging up the rear (and a firm step below the LT).

  • To N: for all the times I thought you were a prude… for all the times I swore you had a gigantic stick shoved up your ass and reacted poorly to bold MCs… and for all the times I sneered about you being so nice that my most ballsy detective wanted to run away screaming from you because you freaked her out… I AM SOOOO FREAKING SORRY!!! I was wrong. Everyone else was right. You’re a freaking godsend and, not only do you make my detective smile, you make me, as a reader smile. And you may be ranked third now, but you and F are basically tied for second–I can’t help that, because he is so adorkable.

  • To F: see apology above, minus the prudish part! You are no longer in ‘little brother’ category, with me forcing a detective on you. You’re hot as hell, and I love M’s snark about the MC with you, especially when she voices Mason-approved flirting techniques!

  • To A: Nyx’s patience with you is already running so thin that Bobby is starting to look good in comparison, and Nyx was involved with that asshat before and knows how horrible he is… get your shit together, A, before I stick Nyx in the LT–the girl deserves to be happy and not have to deal with your crap!

  • To M: What can I say? I still want to edited for extremely explicit content. Seriously, I love Mason more than ever. I will go into extreme detail on his scenes later (but OMG, the office scene just killed me and I howled in laughter when he slung Dezh over his shoulder to go over the tree, especially because she was torn between wanting to smack the shit out of him and throw him on the ground and have her way with him once he put her down!).

However, the whole ‘long game’ comment put a big, ice-cold, wet soggy blanket on it for me–a clear sign we will get no ‘fun’ with M anytime in the near future. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait till book 3 or 4, at this point just for sex with him , around the same time that we get actual relationships with F and N. That’s a huge disappointment, especially when he was basically pitched as a sure thing as long as no one mentioned the dreaded ‘E’ word. I wanted a hot sexual relationship between two people who have no clue about feelings or how to deal with them, wherein they display said feelings all along the way, getting stronger and stronger until they finally realized wtf was happening to them (and by the time they realized it, it was too damned late and they felt the dreaded ‘L’ word for each other). But that’s what fanfic for is for, right?

  • To the LT: I think I’m somewhat of a sadist. As distasteful as it has always seemed to me, this thing makes romancing A far more palatable. I’m enjoying it, despite knowing it’s causing A pain and poor N is oblivious. But I can see the appeal of it–especially for a character who’s attracted to A but is convinced it will go nowhere, while being drawn to N’s openness and caring personality. Why the hell should she sit around pointlessly pining for A? Better to move on with someone who is awesome and caring and not such a tightassed jerk… not realizing moving on isn’t as easy as it should be.

At first, I thought the LT was there just to string N along and force A to pull their head out of their ass, but now I see it for what it is: from a character’s POV, A is not an option, no matter how attracted and drawn to him the MC is–he’s too repressed and makes it clear he only wants a distant professional relationship (if that), so why not act on the attraction to N? Best response in this path is the one where the MC sighs and says she’s happy N is so open with what he wants. Never have truer words been spoken.

  • To the captain and mayor, I quote Dezh: Eat a bag of dicks. You’re both annoying. Even my nice characters can barely tolerate either of you.

  • To Verda, Tina, and Elidor (and, for that matter, Eric and spazzy Cara): You guys rock (and I’m sorry Dezh and Jax offered more candy into Cara just to make sure Cara didn’t get her sticky hands anywhere near them, and because it was funny to Jax!). Elidor, you got Dezh to not only accept someone hugging her, but to smile about it. Clearly, you have some sort of weird psychological powers. I’m keeping my eye on you, buddy.

  • To Tapeesa: My MCs who met you are bringing you chocolate, dammit, even if I have to head canon it.

And yes, this was the short version of my feedback. My detailed version will be a wall of text. Well, a bigger wall than this one!

I can’t believe I love Nate now…


Welcome fellow lover of tall people.


After catching up on all paths in demo except LT, here are some brief impressions:


F definitely surprised me here the most, in a positive way. I very much dig their development, even though I was on the fence about em in book 1. Scorching hot ball of sunshine proves me wrong, what can I say. Way to go you, marvelous you! :yum:

N and M I already love very much so, not much else to say, except “WHERE’S MORE!!!” On a sidenote, I’m amazed at how much patience M has. Being cockblocked so many times, yet still going strong and true to course… Either something’s fishy or M is slowly losing their touch, hmm

A is determined to fight A till the very end I see, so nothing new here lol. Oh and that automobile is doing just fine, thank you very much :wave: What’s up with the car hate btw? Do vamps draw straws biweekly on who’s gonna quip detective’s glorious vehicle next? Is there like an agency quota?

Now, Douglas… Sera, what have you done to the bloke??? I can’t actually believe how much he grows: fires shots right back at Tina, actually tries to do his job. What next?! Doug un-asses (is it a word? because it should be) his father and makes him mend his ways by book 5? That, please! Also, because of that from now on it’ll be much harder for me to choose the “stay at the office” option in book 1. If that is that the one.

Too bad we didn’t get a glimpse of the carnival itself, but the premise for bad guys is intriguing. Who are they and what’s their angle? What’s with unsubtle disease spread? Yeah, yeah, wait for the full release. Which I’m very much looking forward to.

Great job, all of you people who worked on delivering the demo! :smiley:


Now that you mention Douglas, this reminds me that I have to do play all the routes in book 1 and make sure they go to the bar, because holy crap! I am loving this Douglas, I can’t stand having him remain his lazy-not giving a fuck self.


I agree about Douglas. I love the change in him for the MC’s who chose the bar. I just wish I could get that Douglas for Dezh’s route, but staying in was sooooooooo much better in the M path (with the cool flirty moment and him not caring that you’re in the middle of a bloody fight, lol) than going to the bar and watching him mack on a bunch of girls and diss the MC. So I guess Dezh will have to suck it up and try not to kill Douglas, because she really wants to beat the crap out of him, at this point.


I have to say that I really like how the story is coming together here. There’s been quite a few interactions with the ROs, and to be honest, I was afraid of how that was going to go down after Book 1. But if the demo is anything to go by, the relationships are developing nicely.

Some of my favorite parts of the story which I will hide for spoilers:

  • Being able to feel as though I can still play the detective I set up in the first book and have her grow and change if I desire without being penalized.

  • Hugging Elidor (I :heart: this option and am thrilled we get to see him again)

  • The walk home with each RO. OMG! They all felt different and really well done!

  • The subtlety with which you integrated variation so that I’m not jerked out of the narrative. (My short detectives are craning their necks, people are recognizing the abilities I excel at, and the ROs are noticing how I respond to them.)

  • Douglas if you save him. I’m holding off having my main change her decision, but damn, you are making it hard! LOL

  • Meeting Tapeesa and Vieno. I hope we see more of them later on.

  • Verda’s family! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  • Seeing Bobby again, but I cannot wait for the RO to meet him/her. That was torture not letting us have that moment!

  • Reading from the ROs point of view. I still love it, and I think you give just enough of a taste for us to see what they’re thinking.

I just love everybody’s route. The only exception is my poor heart can’t take the LT, and I am starting to wonder if you secretly get pleasure seeing us cry angst-filled tears. :laughing: But I suppose you must have your tea…


Agreed, i wonder though how ava would react about his invitation to the mc to go to the carnival


My bet? She’d probably break something and/or look constipated, then sweep out of the room, lol. If the MC dared ask if she was bothered, she’d swear she wasn’t and be even more constipated about it! Maybe A needs ex-lax… :expressionless:


Yeah it would be a memorable scene, farrah’s probably just laughing

Stuff i liked
  • It might seem silly, but i liked how i could have a great relationship with Elidor without hugging, but just the hi-5.
  • I like Douglas almost growing up (i think it’s only if you save him, but i always do because i can’t have my MC stay inside the office because the whole Bobby bugging office thing angers me so much i can’t deal with them at all after that so i just avoid that scene). I guess Douglas is experiencing his own coming of age story while we are on a corner smooching vampires
  • Verda, Verda’s family, anything Verda-related as i love the guy. And the scene with his daughter was priceless!
  • Torturing A in the LT route (even though that route started to hurt more)
  • Rebecca’s reaction if we flirt in front of her is equally as mortifying as hilarious. I loved it
  • All ROs were adorable in their respective routes. Adorable! Even A and M that were slow burns were pretty satisfying imo. I loved every single route! Even the LT route! It takes skill to make each route equally as satisfying; not to mention no route was weaker or lacking something compared to the rest (which happens most of the time) so they were all awesome!
  • F being a sassy brat in general and the option to confess to them (also them falling. That was hilarious)
  • A breaking the Detective’s stuff and getting all defensive about it (and our options to respond to that were really good)
  • I loved how MC could be the one who made a move first on N’s route.
  • M and the rainbow-stripped socks is a 10/10

So, long story short, i liked everything.

Now, i don’t know how I will manage to wait until the full game is out. I’m greedy and i want more now :sob: (at least i have you all to wait with :hugs: )


I loved the demo so much. Some overall thoughts and shameless fangirling about A's route, because that's just the way I am (also, sorry about my english):

  • I really loved how character-driven everything was: character interactions were already the first book's strong suit, but it becomes even more clear in the book two when we know all these characters a bit better. All the scenes with Verda and Tina, for example - you just genuinely want to spend time with them, and that one choice when you have to choose to go with either Tina or Verda was actually hard, haha.

  • All the new characters too! That small bit with Tapeesa or Vieno was really interesting, and I'd love to see them again - Tapeesa especially stole my heart with that chocolate detail, aaww. (Btw, vieno means 'soft' or 'shy' in finnish, which I find hilarious given Vieno's everything-but shy nature :D)

  • Bobby continues being… Bobby. What can I say, I love to hate them, lol. All the choices in that scene were really good, my poor uncharismatic MC trying to convince Bobby without any luck. Plus, all those comments about UB and how near thing it was that Bobby and LI almost met each other… all the tension, agh.

  • My friend pointed out that the descriptions of nature were once again lovely, and I agree - it really makes Wayhaven feel more vivid and alive.

  • Verda's husband and kids!!! Meeting them was just as delightful as I thought it would, and I absolutely loved all those Cara & UB scenes - M's was probably my favorite, but all of them were precious in different ways.

  • That bit about UB's backstories, I want to know more!! So glad we get to hear about it. N made me so sad though…

  • As I have mentioned out previosly, A's route is literally combination of all the tropes I love with burning passion: slow, slow burn, mutual pining and repressed feelings, all the internal conflict it causes. I understand why some people would find it annoying, but that's the beauty of having multiple LIs, right? What I find so intriguing is that there's clearly something in A's past that have made them this way, and I am dying to know what it is - obviously it isn't excuse to act warm towards MC and cold the next moment, and I think/hope it will be addressed at some point, but to me it's also important part of A's character, how deeply they feel despite how hard they try to deny it, and how it messes them up. It makes them flawed and conflicted and idk, I love it.

  • '"I cannot," he replies, head turning slowly towards me. "I should not."' Like… stuff like this. They are such a mess, and like someone on tumblr very accurately said, plucked straight out of a period romance novel. My heart.

  • Shy MC and A are the most awkward together in the best kind of way. Also, that whole tree thing and how A is pleased if MC is openly impressed?? Good stuff. Also, A breaking stuff again and, specially, the moment that caused it… My heart! Can’t wait to play the whole game.


Don’t you mean…I can’t pee-lieve it!?

I’ll leave now.


Okay, I gotta gush about the tree scene a bit as much as I can, I haven’t done it with N yet

Pardon My Gushing

I love getting to see how all the UB approach the same problem and how it really tells a lot about them. F and A both take the chance to show off in different ways, and that F will happily admit it where A won’t, and its pretty cute how M is more thinking about how to get the MC over instead of just themselves. M, you cutie pie. I think M’s tree scene is my favorite. The secret softie.

To this I have to add

I love how if you tell F that he is very agile, then he is bragging about it and slips, falling into the ground on the most disgraceful way possible. I was cracking up with that moment :joy: