The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



@resuri08 I think there is an issue with your combat and science. I’ll make sure to let Sera know. You should be getting Vieno. Thanks for posting this.

I won’t be around much today (gotta get the Christmas tree and then decorate the house), but I’ll try to keep checking in every now and then.


I haven’t encountered Vieno, so I guess there really is a bug


I’ve only ever encountered Tapeesa too. What are the stats needed to see Vieno instead?


According to spunkycatninja, Vieno should have met the MC with a high deduction or science. On the other hand, MC with high people or combat stat should have met Tapeesa.


Are you guys trying to determine what stat has the highest value out of 4?


Ahh right thanks! I played as high people/secondary combat and high deduction/secondary people but I’ve still met Tapeesa.


Try main deduction and secondary science it worked for me


As I stated earlier, this choice is bugged.

If you can’t wait for a fix, then to see Vieno, make sure your deduction and science skills both are higher than people and combat.

Otherwise, can we please move this talk to the other thread? :slightly_smiling_face:


Found a semi… bug I’d say - the scene with the dice character roll at the police station. Due to the nature of *rand, if you go to the stats screen and back at that page, rand will re-roll. Most likely swapping characters in the process. Some kind of sorcery, I’m telling you. Moving rand some place behind a page break or beginning of the chapter would fix that.


A friend of mine has pointed out Verda’s kids have been in the carnival more than once and this honestly scares me a little like CAN WE KEEP THE LITTLE BEANS SAFE?



I think the greatest threat we’ll ever have to face in any of the books will be those cliffhangers. They’ll be the death of us all.

Oh boy, this was SO fucking good. Totally worth the wait and then some. All the choices available are insane, coding this monster must be a nightmare. Your writing is as good as ever, some scenes got me cracking up real good and others got me real flustered. Really, so good.
I honestly didn’t know how much I’d missed Unit Bravo. A real fucking lot, apparently, cause I went through every possible choice just to bask on every possible thing they had to say. I missed Bobby too, YES, I SAID IT. I hope the day comes when we can hang out in normal circumstances. Preferably with a RO around.
You know, when reading a CYOA story I usually stick to just one RO and even when replaying I don’t pursue another, it feels like cheating in a way. With your story, though? I can’t fucking choose who I like best. A with her alluring Ice Queen act going on? M with her brutally direct flirtation? Or N or F with their never ending sweetness? I honestly hate you so much.


I’m not sure if this has been brought up but if you stay with Verda when Rebecca calls

I’m not sure this is right?

Isn’t the MC sitting at their desk?


MC is a cyborg *gasp


Oh deeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrr i’m so happy the full demo is out!!! Can’t wait to annoy the shit out of Adam and hug my vampy-bff Felix <3


its sooooooooo gooooood…

my heart is being holed in 3 different direction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What did you like about it most? That’s such an excited reaction that I just have to know! Lol


Ava is Sooooooooooooooooooo

and Nat is soooooooooo

and farrah is soooooooooooooooooooo

when I regain the capacity to forms words to describe what I’m feeling…I let you know lol…

right now…I’m going Soprano…never though I had it in me to form so many different Screech :rofl:


isnt this a weird sentance ?


“You don’t have a say over my life, Bobby,” I reply, straightening up my back with more confidence than I might actually feel. “Especially not anymore.


Not in speech. It’s a fragment. We talk in fragments all the time.


hum? what do you mean ? I just mean that bolded last part…the ‘especially’ feel akward there no?