The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



Those mean agents called Rin and Orianna “Special Little Snowflakes” :frowning_face: They liked Samir tho.


I had no idea there was a variable for that, and let me tell you, that is so cool :open_mouth:


I know Sera already addressed this a bit (both M and A are a pain in the ass to get close to and it will be several books before they warm at all), but if you’re like me, that still might not have made you feel any better about it. But don’t worry…

Since you aren’t importing your character, your stats are off from what you’ll be getting from your book 1 detective. If you pick M as your BFF outside of your romance, the demo doesn’t even give you enough friend points with M to keep them from trying to smack you in the face with the branch from book 1. If you put any effort at all into making friends with M in book 1, you’ll be fine and starting as ‘teammates’ at the very least. If you made the effort I did with certain detectives, you’ll get ‘better teammates’ or, as I would have with one of my detectives ‘closer teammates.’ That said, the absolute best you can get is ‘closer teammates.’ Unlike N and F, who top out at ‘friends’ or ‘totally mates’, M and A will only go as high as ‘closer teammates.’ Hope that helps!


Favorite parts…

A's Route

Well…all of it…Ava’s my favorite. If I had to pick though, the breaking of the plant was pretty funny, and I like the variety of choices. (With ‘Tina’s going to kill you.’ legit making me laugh.) Also really like how into the MC A is, (even if they don’t want to see it) and how obvious it is to everyone else.

N's Route

Overall very cute, and the scene were N called the MC amazing made my heart skip a beat. (Also F in N’s route is hilarious.)

M's Route

The minor ways M showed care for the MC were cute. Also holy god I still dunno if I want to get busy as soon as possible or take it slow, help.

F's Route

So F started out as my least favorite of UB. (Well mostly. Took a bit for me to warm up to M.) Not because I didn’t like them, but for some reason I couldn’t see them as anything other than a really good friend.
…Book two is starting to change my mind. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s so much easier for me to see them as a viable romance option now. I really like the way the MC and F get on in book 2 so far. It’s also pretty cute how clumsy F can get around the MC. :blush: F falling off the log made me laugh.

LT Route

Haha, no. I’m not that much of a masochist.


I don’t know if you’ve caught this already, but in

this scene

I had been talking to Ava, not Farah.


Alexa was called that too and when I did Lisbeth, I was surprised to see a different reaction since the latter was more accepting of the supernatural while the former, not so much.

Edit: @spunkycatninja
So I tried my re-run with Alexa (MC with high deduction), I still got Tapeesa.

Here’s my stat and the scene where I got her:


Is it possible because the combat is my secondary stat?


Even though i really can’t see Felix as more than a best friend (ouch, friend zoned) and i tried to romance him (but it just doesn’t feel right? idk) these excerpts from his route in the demo is still quite adorable.

The adorableness of Felix. Spoiler alert?

I can’t. My heart.

awww dang
Seriously, he’s just adorable
Dang, Felix. Smooth AF



I think we better move fawning over the different ROs over the main discussion thread over here:


My only complaint about the demo is that it is too short. :disappointed_relieved:
Haven’t caught any bugs yet, but I only played it twice. More replays are in order.
Also. My MC might have been more or less open-minded about the supernatural stuff in the 1st book (mostly confused), but now that everything is settled he is more or less “keep them away from me and my town, pretty please”. I don’t understand why the box-carrying supernatural was so sure the MC wanted to be liked. (Is the upper echelon’s opinion of us always positive, by contrast? Provided we are compliant in the 1st book?)


So happy the demo is out :heart_eyes: although now the wait until the full game is going to seem like an eternity…

I’m really excited to go undercover with the LIs :eyes:! I know Sera wrote a snippet about this, but I hope there’ll be a scene where we have to hide in a small closet or something :heart:

One thing I feel is F comes across as kind of dumb instead of just innocent and juvenile in the new chapters. I think instead of just having them not know things they just look at the more innocent side of things. Like when they don’t make the connection between the carnival and illness, maybe they say something like ‘too much fun making people sick?’ instead of staring blankly. Just my 2 cents, don’t want to tell anyone how to write their own story!


wait, you can get unfavorable rumors???


Yes, you can. When I was doing my Adam and Mason run, I got different rumors for each of them.


Another post with some small issues I noticed and general reactions, which I’m going to sit on and collate this time rather than just post in a rush of excitement because I’m a responsible adult.

All under a cut so I don't have to spoiler tag individual things
  • Bobby’s nickname for a romanced detective is consistently capitalised, which reads a little odd to me? It seems like it should be lowercase
  • In a similar vein, could we at some point get an option to object to M’s nickname? One of my detectives has Bobby as an ex and hates his guts, so he really wouldn’t like anyone calling him by the same nickname Bobby used to call him. Not that I imagine it’d be easy to get M to take such an objection seriously, but even just having the option to object to it would be great for roleplay
  • also bobby is the literal worst and if they continue to pull shit like that, an option to punch them would be great cause i’m genuinely not sure my detective would be able to restrain himself
  • F is the literal best and I Would Die For Them. their “*gasp* you like like me” moment? i ascended to heaven and have not returned since. i have him matched with a very quiet, serious detective and to see him bringing out their sassier side seemingly without effort and to have them trying and failing to hide their smiles around him is just wonderful
  • carnival dates
  • Not from the new update, but I’m still so glad this option is a thing cause the reluctant sense of duty is one of my detectives to a T
  • minor, nitpicky little thing, but for the choices for your excitement about the carnival, would a Very Excited option without cursing be an option? cause the “Hell yeah, I’d go right now if I could!” option is the only one with enough levels of excitement for one of my detectives but she doesn’t curse… basically ever so picking that one doesn’t really feel right
  • why am i playing the love triangle why do i do this to myself


Forgive my ignorance, but who is she and where did you meet her?


After you went to the Agency to check on a supernatural you and a RO discovered, there’s a scene where you will met an agent, it’s either Vieno and Tapeesa depending on your stats.


What rumors?? I don’t remember getting rumors???


When our MC talked to Tapeesa, she mentioned that people from Agency talked about our MCs in either a favorable or unfavorable way.


Ohh that. I thought they were talking about something else lol. But thanks!


So, I just finished the demo and I have to say it is really good. I can’t wait for it to be released. :wolf:


One thing I really do wish were in here is the option to be more traumatized by the murders you “allowed” Murphy to get away with and to be more public and obvious with your criticism of others (the police captain and the mayor) who also allowed it.