The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



Fabulous idea. :+1:

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Throw sugar cubes at A, it should probably work


I like playing shy because real world I can;;t take being flirt on my face will go red if someone tried


The Full Demo is NOW OUT! It includes Chapters 1-6!


I truly hope you guys enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Also, for anyone interested, my Patreon Page is also now out:

And now I’m off to try and calm myself down and not get too overly nervous, hehehe ;D Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


you made my day boss :cat:




Thank you so much! So excited!!


OH MY GOD HERE IT IS!!! :heart:


Wow this’ll be a wild ride, I’m so excited!!


Is it going to be rude if I ask you how many chapters did you plan for the 2nd book @Seraphinite


It’ll be 19-21 chapters, depending on how writing goes :slight_smile:


I just died from reading this.


Yes, enduring today gets rewarded


On that scene where Ava waited me and walking me home, after lifting the trees… she was supposed to face me while talking to me right ? Then the supernatural’s hand touch me and i Scream before Ava step in front of me… i am thinking how would Ava miss them in the first place until they touch me , since Ava was looking at me and thus should saw them right? It looks weird for them able to appear behind me unnotice by Ava …perhaps i miss read the scene ? :slight_smile:


The vampires are just very distracted by the detective. :smirk:


I would love to be your beta tester in the future. Wayhaven is my favorite HG. _


So this sentence here:

The remaining natural light which does filter through the trees dotted at intervals down the street

This is possibly me not being a native speaker, but it sounds so… Strange to me, it took me a while to understand what was being said here, so I don’t know if you would like to rephrase that to make it more simple :thinking:

Again, I don’t know if that is already simple, but it was confusing for me.


Don’t worry. This is good feedback and something to take into consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:


After a moment, they begin to speed up, like the the excited heartbeat of a predator

Catched this too!


So, I just noticed that the ‘I head to my own car happily enough’ choice increases the ‘Mind’ stat by 5%, I’m not sure if that should be the case? Isn’t that kind of implying that we cannot quite genuinely love and be satisfied with our Hatchback? I’m not a native English speaker either so I may be misinterpreting, and I know stats don’t matter as much but it’s just a little thing I thought I’d point out.