The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



that great hear these will be fun to play


Can’t wait until the book is finished. Keep up the awesome work.




I loved the 1st book y’know . And I can’t wait to get my hand on the sequel .

But you gonna break mah heart…


making me choose between A and N…:sob:


Progress Report

So the never-ending chapter…is still never-ending, lol.

But I can actually see the end of it now, thankfully!

I’m actually really pleased with what I’ve written, it just seems to be very slow-going for this chapter for some reason. Still, it’ll be done by early next week so there’s light at the end of the tunnel, yay :smiley:

Those who take a look on Instagram might have seen a peek at one of the choices for Chapter 4 :wink:

Sorry for the slow progress, guys! Hopefully once Chapter 4 is through I’ll get my speed back, lol. Though I think it will end up being about 35,000 words, so not a measly chapter!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


Don’t go to light… wait go light to never ending chapter XD


I always forget to check Instagram because I never use it :sweat_smile:


Do like me and put Sera on watch, that way everytime she posts something it will give you a pop up notification in your phone.


That’s a good idea. Most of the time I forget to check instagram until I come on here and see everyone all excited. :laughing:


Progress Report


Oh man, I thought it would never end, lol!

I still have to edit it, but at least the heavy base writing is done. And I’m really pleased with it…it just took a loooong time.

It ended up being just over 38,500 words, so it was quite a chunk of writing.

Overall, so far with four chapters, the total word count is 93,833, with an average playthrough of about 18,000. So it’s coming along :smiley:

Excited to finally get to move onto the next chapter and see how that’s gonna play out. Chapter 5 brings back a couple of other characters I’m looking forward to writing, hehe!

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend! :slight_smile:


At this rate, we’ll be playing in no time. Thank you for your continued hard work!



So happy you finally got through it! I know it’s been a journey for you.


congrat!!! (remember to breath too lol) .


:eyes: Brings back you say?

God I hope its Bobby


After a long day at work this really cheers me up :laughing:

Do take care Sera and don’t overwork yourself.


I am with you on that!
Though i think that i am one of the few who would rather have a conversation with Bobby (that they shove their grin into the mc’s face and that the mc is able to deal with it in several different ways), than that there is drama between Bobby and Unit Bravo… However, it could make for fun scenarios. Then again… Thinking/writing about it now made me realize that it is likely still too early in the crushing/pre-relationship stage for the vampire lovers to make much of a deal out of Bobby… Right?


I mean, I’m not saying it’s Bobby or anything, but you know…


…Jeez, I seriously suck at spoilers, lol!


Ah! I’m so excited! Can’t wait for Bobby to mess everything up like always :smiley:.

Please let him flirt with the Detective in front of the vampires. Please.

This is sooo off topic, but I have to...

That is a fantastic gif.

I am going to steal it! And wait in the shadows for an opportunity to use it, gneheheh.

Please forgive me…


Of course. It could be anyone



Yay, my MC’s true bae is back :partying_face: