The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!



Hey hey hey! Of course it was where M’s was, I was trying to figure out what they were thinking after all!

Still, I would think by the laws comedy and M’s, ah, reaction it must have cut off something dirty? Legs, pecs, muscles aren’t really dirty? I just think “a great” opens it up to more options. If you imagine your MC not being muscular then “some great abs” wouldn’t fit, ya know? And, to be honest, the first thing I thought of isn’t something men have which threw me off since I was playing a male MC. Plus having it be more open would be great for NB MCs!


Yeah, I was just teasing a bit. :smirk: I couldn’t help myself.


I haven’t finished this yet but omg it’s so good, and also it is very weird to see my name used as a dog name (I’ve only seen Dylan used as a human name) and kinda broke my immersion for a sec because I was like “Wtf why am I suddenly speaking in third person?”


I don’t remember having a dog. Did I miss something?

Edit: oops I misinterpret your post :thinking:.
Edit 2: there’s a dog?
Edit 3: oh yea… The dog in the firefighters building. XD OK… I am really half asleep. :joy:


Hey, everyone -

Guess who’s back! lol Oooh man, so far I’ve gone through the demo three times (one with the A & N LT route, an A route and an N route) and…oooohh my goodnesss…:heart_eyes::kissing_heart: hahaha I cannot wait for this book to be completed! But the demo will certainly do for now. :grin:


Can I just say how I love the fact that the detective could not fall for Morgan’s charms that easy, really glad you allow players to do that. I really find it cute, so, thank you!



@Seraphinite i just have another couple of suggestions and feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


regarding N’s route, i just noticed that N didn’t even once ask the detective how they’ve been, especially when they haven’t had any contact for two months. i think it just feels more natural if N does that, regardless of whether MC was traumatized or unaffected from what Murphy did to them.

also, we can see that N feels remorseful over what happened to the detective but i think it would be better if we get an insight to it, (like in A’s route, where we learn how angry they are at Murphy for what he did to MC) or maybe just add in N’s POV something like “I’m glad MC is not affected anymore” or like “I’m worried, MC is still traumatized.” because otherwise, it feels weird, like N forgot about their conversation about the incident before MC got in the car and drove off and just went like “so MC likes me too, now I can really pursue them. i bet A wouldn’t be happy with that.”


@Seraphinite By the way, is this going to be the full demo, or do you plan on adding more chapters to the final demo?


There will be more chapters uploaded. I believe she said 6 in a post up above somewhere.

Here’s the exact post: The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)


Maybe N doesn’t want to remind the detective what happened in the past with Murphy… N is just glad to see the detective is doing well… and afraid that if N ask the detective about how they are doing after that, then the detective might remember the horrible time they had to spend with Murphy…
It’s just my opinion anyway… though I didn’t get the impression that N is being weird just because they didn’t ask the question.


I agree. Besides, who’s to say there’s not going to be a lengthy discussion about it later on? It’s only three chapters in. The routes don’t all have to progress in a similar structure to each other. It would feel very artificial if they did.


it’s here!!! also i love that M goes zero to literally no chill when it comes to the detective if you’re romancing them lmao


From ‘If you were on fire I might maybe piss on you’ to ‘If you were on fire I might maybe piss on you and then make out with you’


i get what you mean. but they don’t have to bring up Murphy, you know? just ask how MC is doing.
but that’s just my opinion. in the end, it’s all up to Sera what she wants to do.


I finished the demo multiple times and finally worked up the courage to post, since I rarely interact on the forums. I really loved the first book–bought it twice for different platforms in fact, couldn’t help myself. :sweat_smile:

I was so excited–still am–to meet Unit Bravo again! Especially Nate because he’s bae. :heart: Thank you so much for bringing my dream man to life! /squeals

I also forgot how much Mason gets under my skin? I’m not sure if that’s the correct term, but his way of flirting leaves me confused. On one hand I have the intense feeling of wanting to just ignore him and yet on the other, I can’t help getting flustered. Pretty sure I won’t be able to get along with someone like him in real life but hey–that’s what IF is for! And it’s funny how I find him less intimidating than in book 1. For now, at least. /snorts

Either way, I’m looking forward to how the story will progress! :heart::heart:


So, um, holy heck…? You’ve ALREADY got this much done?! So fast! Also, I guess we know what the moons meean now! Hhhhh, I was so embarrassed during the Nate and Alex interactions.

They’re equally easy to get along with. Felix, apparently, is very easy for me to get along with. Mason is barely a teammate with me… accurate. xD


That ‘barely teammates’ status gave me a chuckle too!


I got that too. The funny thing is, in the first Wayhaven book I tried my best to get along with him, but it always seemed to backfire. We didn’t start actually getting along until the playthrough where I was romancing him.

Anyways, so I found this:


And honestly, I don’t know if @Seraphinite meant it to be tablet or table… I figured I could at least bring it up to your attentions.


I didn’t warm up to him until I ran through his route as well. He’s a tough nut to crack. :slight_smile:


Mason is actually the one my character romanced in my first play through. Ended up with 13 friend points and 7 flirt points.

Amusingly enough, on my Nate path, I ended up with 12 friend points with Mason. It was impossible to befriend him much on the Adam play through, but I still ended up with 5 friend points for him and didn’t get hit in the face with the bush. Yay!