The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

One small step for most, one giant leap for A… :joy:

Ohh I on the other hand, don’t mind. Gimmeee all possible bits and chapters! I will take them all. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve done some very loose maths that is probably not accurate.


So looking back on Seraphinite’s tumblr, we can see that the first two chapters took up about a 3 and a half months.Assuming the other chapters are the same, and we
add on a week or so for branching, the full demo will be available in about 7 and half months.Add that to the current 3 and a half months, we get 11 months
(give or take).And if it takes as long as the other games, it’ll still be another year till completion.

That is why I will be reading every part of the demo.

This is assuming a lot, and should not be used as a deadline or timeframe.I only really did this to justify my lack of self control when it comes to TWC


lol i fully cop to my own lack of self-control bc I’ll be rereading the demo more often than my textbooks this semester

[slaps hood] this baby can fit so many playthroughs inside!


Same. My adviser’s going to be pissed this term.


First demo is already out on Sera Patreon and will be released for everyone else at Friday!

I could say that I’m excited… But it would be a huge understatement! :star_struck:


Linking to @resuri08’s post in the general discussion thread;

48 hours people, 48 hours.


I will be looking forward to getting off work on friday. :relieved:


OMG omg omg! It’s almost here, we are back again for another round!!



Edit: If it doesn’t load or is slow to load, give it time or try later again.
If it gets stuck loading at the same spot, over and over again, clear your cache (helped me on the phone).
It’s not broken, but simply overwhelmed by the number of Wayhaven Fans. Also happened for the Patreon release.

Best of luck!


Should there be a separate thread for the demo so people who don’t like spoilers won’t risk seeing any and the rest of us won’t have to blur everything we type? Might be a question for a moderator. @Eiwynn, thoughts?


@rose-court should decide this, since she is involved with the fandom here a lot. I would think so, but I want to let Rose coordinate everything.


Would be nice to have a thread to discuss this and future demos/betas, without bringing the spoiler button to a breaking point :sweat_smile:

Will wait for a decision before posting anything.


There’s a separate thread for the Book 3 demo. I would suppose fans could discuss over there rather than here.

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Why don’t we use the general thread? As a substitute for the time being, I mean.

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The general thread can be use for discussion as long as it is on spoiler tag. I do remember that the general thread was made for discussion while the demo thread is solely for feedback and bug reports.

Agreed. I’ll go ahead and update the Discussion thread to reflect a strict Book 3 spoiler rule, as the WIP thread—by necessity—will have to discuss the topic rather freely.

I’ll also be keeping this thread open as I imagine the demo will bring in new players who may have questions or need help with the game, but this means that this thread must also be spoiler free if discussions veer off here and there. If you notice a discussion focuses more on Book 3 than Book 2, please gently remind users to take it to the appropriate threads.

And please, if you see any more complaints regarding Dashingdon in any threads, flag it, don’t engage. I won’t tolerate any kind of entitlement for what is essentially a one-man volunteer service that has done more for this community than can be properly expressed.


Is Douglas a Romance Option if you’re playing as a Female MC?

Nah Schoolboy Crush for female Mc and hero worship for male mc

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Nope. And there won’t be.


Douglas’s hero lol