The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP - First Demo)

Branching mastermind at work :joy:

So happy to see this and thanks for the update. Can’t wait for more and please, do take care of yourself and take rests and breaks as needed.

Much :heart:


Right back at you, you awesomely branching and flavouring author you! :hugs:


Ahhhh I loved the first two books and am even more excited for this one!! Great writing as always :smile::+1:


Good luck! :grin:


This was awesome, already excited for the whole thing :slight_smile:


I really liked the 2 previous books and i’m excited to play the third one but i have a question. How many books this serie will have? the third will be the last one or there will be more on the future?

i think there’s 4 or 5 more? i think its been mentioned before


sera has confirmed that there are 7 books planned :slight_smile: i’ll go hunting for the source but it’s been said a couple places


I remember this information too. There are going to be a lot of sequels!


Progress Report - 16.10.2020

So this week was unexpected.

I wanted to finish chapter four this week, and I would have easily except my rat, Bo, needed major unexpected surgery.

I’ve had to watch him constantly to make sure he’s all right and doesn’t mess with his stitches, so I’m running on about 3 hours sleep over the past 72 hours. It’s an interesting state to be in…I think I smell colours at this point… :smiley:

He’s not out of the woods yet, but it’s looking really positive, so the constant watch can slow down now.

As such, I haven’t managed to finish as much as I wanted. And I hate getting behind. Like, I really hate it!

So, to catch up, I’m not going to be doing asks or answering as many messages on instagram, private Tumblr messages, website emails, etc next week. I’m gonna just spend all my time on writing, and that will free up quite a bit.

Patreon is already scheduled, so that’s all good to go for next Thursday (glad you guys enjoyed M’s and F’s scenes so far ;D), but I’ll be scarce on other social media.

It won’t actually take me long to catch up. I should finish chapter four by Monday/Tuesday, then I can edit and do test playthroughs on Tuesday and Wednesday, then start chapter five on Thursday, putting me back on schedule!

I still got quite a lot done this week though, despite everything that happened. Finished the three branches for if Tina, Verda, or neither know the truth. Finished Bobby’s version or Doug’s version. Did the common scene before another love interest split, and now I’m onto the Verda-branch specific scene which I think is going to be a lot of fun to end the next demo on… :wink:

No Creek Edge this week though. I really will fit that in at some point again! I’m keen to finally get those love interest sprites started!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you again next week! <3


Sorry to hear about Bo needing surgery, happy to hear that he’s recovering well so far!


3 hours of sleep in 72 hours? Can’t imagine how much caffeine you needed for that.
Good to hear that at Bo is doing better at least!


Get well soon Bo!
And thanks for the update, I’m so in love with Wayhaven Chronicles :heart::heart: and so thankful of your efforts. Remember to take care of yourself too!

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Progress Update - 23.10.2020

Oh boy, what a week!

Not only did I catch up on my schedule, I zoomed past it and got way further into chapter 5 than expected!

The opening of chapter 5 (which will be the opening of the final demo), is one I’ve been very excited about getting to write. I didn’t actually realise it was in chapter 5 and thought it was a later chapter, so I was very happy to get to this already, hehe :smiley:

Chapter 5 is pretty intense writing-wise, mainly because it has a lot of split scenes. One of the split scenes is another chance where you get to choose who you want to spend time to really start deepening who you want to be on the BFF routes with. And the setting is something a little bit different, which I am really keen to write!

The editing and playtesting for chapter 4 went well but I didn’t manage to finish in the two days planned, so I’m going to keep going on that this weekend. The chapters for Book Three are getting so intense (in the coding and branches, variations, etc) that it’s really going to take more than I used to plan out time-wise for it, so I’ll probably go to doing what I am now and finish up those on a weekend.

It’s funny ‘cause my sister was archiving some old Book One stuff, and I had notes on it about how I wanted each chapter to hit a 15,000 minimum word count….ahhh, those were the days, hehe! :smiley:

Creek Edge was on hold again. Book Three is really much more work right from the beginning so it’s been more difficult to find time around it, but I’m hoping I might be able to find a new routine in the New Year which will help me get back to that.

Still, I’m hoping to get some time to do some sketches in for the CGs I have planned, as I’m really keen to get something done towards it. I’m very excited for the romances in Creek Edge!

So yeah, a really great week this week where it was nice to just hammer out so much!

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend, and I’ll update you again next week! <3


As a new comer on the forum, it is so nice and inspiring to see you post regulars updates!

I think i will never be ready to make a choice for the BFF route :joy: Gotta play them all :eyes:


Has there been any NSFW scenes in book 3 so far? The ones in book 2 were so well done :slight_smile:


I don’t think so not yet

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With book two in just a little snippet of book three, you may have convinced me that Ava is in fact best grill


A certainly has the most character development in their route, even has different kind of in the love triangle route.


I can’t wait for more.

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