The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP - First Demo)

Wow now that’s a nice surprise :+1:.


I think the site may be a little overloaded right now but I can’t wait to see Nat again :slight_smile: here’s to hoping it’ll be fine after online school lol.


I came as soon as I heard that this was out. This must be why I can’t upload my own game at the moment lmao


Well, another one waiting to be able to play the demo! :joy:

I think dashingdon might be trying to help us avoid binging the game too fast (?)


I can’t believe the fandom overloaded the site :joy: I’ve been having issues with the site even before the demo release but WOW


OMG I’m so excited!

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I’m looking forward to this. I can’t wait for more slow burn with Adam!

Yes! Excited

Anyone reached the end of the demo? Does it go further than the scene with the winged person and the girl?
I need to know if there’s any reason to wait and see if it will load the next file. :laughing:

It does go further than that.


Just finished book 2 a few weeks & really excited to read book 3. Can’t wait to see where our MC’s adventure takes us next

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Thank you!
Then I’ll let the loading continue.

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The thirsty cavaliers are raiding dashingdon in hopes A will touch their hand at least, yes, i am one of them :eye: :lips: :eye:


Ahh!!! I’m so excited to see Unit Bravo again!!!

Out of all days, of course Dashingdon has to act up today :rofl:

I’m in the option about the Maa-alussed and I chose the first one and it’s taking a long time to load :pensive:


The same thing is happening with me

Mine gets stuck at loading too. Ugh whyyy

I guess that we have to wait a while :pensive:

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Seraphanite dropped the bomb…OMG…I was expecting atleast 6 months gap…Time to meet Unit Bravo…

I cannot believe my eyes !!