The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

I observed an interesting difference while playing a second time with slightly different key personality traits (stubborn more than stoic). Everything else was the same as when I played the 1st time. But for some reason the second time I supported the captain’s experience with running events, the Mayor made a negative comment about our father and how we take after him. The. Audacity. Of that man! Good thing there was a good selection of answers to that. But I’m still fuming. :triumph:


I noticed that too. I’m not sure but I guess it happens if we choose not done blood test.

Why does the mayor talk bad about mc dad ? I think he was jealous of rook or something like that


(Tests for the Agency? Done them). I’m pretty sure it’s personality-dependent - on the first run, even though I paised the captain over him and went along with his idea, he kept it civil. And personality and RO were the only differences, otherwise my MC’s are completely the same with the same history and choices.

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Upgraded? Sweet! This site would be not be the same without dashingdon


He was jealous, the way he looks at Rebecca makes it quite obvious.


Oh, okay then. Thanks. I noticed personality dependency, but thought it’s possible only if the test is not done.

I finished the LT route from the demo, and I loved it. Ava’s reactions to the Detective and Nat’s relationship are painful to see, damn it.

One thing I really liked compared to book 2 is the pacing. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thought this but I found that Book 2 took a bit too long to really get into the conflict and find out what’s Wayhaven’s newest threat. But this time around we get thrown into the action right away and I love it. Really looking forward to book 3!


Does anybody know how much of book 3 this covers? I want to play this but if it spoils like the first 2 chapters or something like that I’d rather wait for the full release. Can anybody help?

The demo for now contains the first two chapters and gives a small hint of what might happen in the upcoming chapters.

The full demo’s supposed to cover around 5-6 chapters. I think.


I love this game series and honestly can’t compliment you enough on your coding ability to create such complex and really route varying games, that also carry the specifics and emotion of past books.

If you’re ever in need of a beta tester, I’ll happily devour anything you write. It’s honestly incredible and I can’t wait for the release of the third book.

Thank you for all your hard work XD


Has Sera mentioned how many chapters are planned for book 3?

Yup! It is personality dependent, after a quick look to the code, I checked that having more or less of certain personalities stats can give you either positive or negative comments from the Mayor. Though even when they are “positive”, the Mayor is still talking badly of our dad with comments that are basically “It’s good to see you are not like your father”.

The audacity of this man, blegh! :unamused:

And this user is correct. The next update for the demo (no date planned) will add episodes 3 and 4 and after that, there will be a final update that will add episodes 5 and 6.

As per how many chapters are planned, I do not think even Sera herself is sure about it right now! Most likely, in a few months from now, she might be able to give a general idea of how many episodes will be in book 3, @DilshardH. However, based on book 1 and 2, I am pretty confident saying that a rough estimation would be something between 19-21 episodes, give or take, but again, that’s just a rough estimation of my own, so don’t take my word for it!


More than 10, IIRC.

That much, huh? Looks like Book 3’s going to be real fun, if you’re correct.

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It may have changed, but so far


I can’t remember the exact number of episodes of book 1, but I think it was 20 or 21… and book 2 had 19 episodes, so it’s to be expected that book 3 might follow the same trend :slight_smile:

What do you guys think of the Mayor?

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Finally, some good fxking food. I loved it and can’t wait to get more!

I absolutely love that we have four love interest, because if you’re not vibing with one love interest, you got three others to chase after.

M: I love a man that can be soft and sexy at the same time! But no really, it’s so sweet how he shows his affection

F: I love him so muchhhhh. He wanting to do more for you is so cute. Making my MC get so flustered!

N: While I love how affectionate they are, I need some destruction. This route needs more suffering. I need a loving but dark man.

A: The only route where my MC wants to round house kick him more than kiss him. I love slow burns and Sera is definitely delivering it! A’s route is my definition of a slow burn in my books. After going through this forum @EvilChani is right. While I don’t find the route boring, I want my MC to call out A more and be done with his shit!


Just when I thought there was no hope for 2020, this demo proved me wrong

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Apart from being a disgusting selfish old creep, he is also disloyal husband that’s the worst part imo. I always choose and will choose Captain over him.