The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

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Maybe give the demo a break for a bit, and at least let dashingdon finish updating their site.


Sorry I retract my comment, didn’t realize that this was a site issue. I’ll try again later.


Was not expecting to see this. Literally squeaked.

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Same here!

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I’m not even mad that I spent the whole day trying to play and could read a single line. I’m just happy to see that the game is so popular that broke the site lol


You know your books are fire when you can crash a site :joy::100::raised_hands:t5:


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Well everytime I’m pressing the Next button, I’m like, oh god this demo’s gonna end and I’m not patient enough to wait for full release :joy::joy:

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omg I’ve never been this excited!!! I can’t wait for the full game!!!

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All that wait and suffer… It was all worth it

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I think dashingdon hates me. I got through one chapter then it started messing up again :sob: (unless that was the end?)

I was enjoying what I was reading though!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder thar is having issues with traffic at the moment. Linking the poster with the post from dashingdon about the issue.

A kindna spoiler free guideline: The demo goes way past recap and ends with a phone call.

Edit:Put spoiler tag just in case.

Edit2: @bric Could put spoiler tag on my post you quote below. :slight_smile: thank you!


Okay, cool. That’s good to know!

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oh well, i just have to wait then.
In a meantime, maybe i’ll do something productive like… RE-READING TWC BOOK 1 AND 2. :heartbeat:


Aaaaaaaaa I like it so muchhh that it’s hurtsss

YASH!!! I can smell some whumps coming…

A thought: If The Agency has tested your blood and, given the news shared by the Mayor and Captain, I found it extremely odd you can’t bring up mission-related stuff to your mother while she is there.

If something came up that can adversely impact the mission (blood being drawn) and my duties are to work with the agency anyway, then I am expected as an agent to bring this up to my superiors, paperwork would become a lower priority.

As someone with experience in that department, that interaction (or lack thereof) stood out to me more than anything else.

I haven’t finished all the demo, but I wanted to jot that down.


Hello guys I want to ask something: I haven’t played both of them mostly because they seem expensive is it worth buying it?

Hi, @WarMaster999! Fair warning, you may find the responses here are quite biased in favor of buying the games, as in “hell yes you should buy it it’s freakin’ amazing i didn’t know i could love fictional characters this much but i do how do i stop do i even want to probably not” or maybe that’s just my response? :thinking:

Really, it depends on what you prefer out of CS games. The Wayhaven Chronicles is a essentially a romance game with heavy RP elements, not gamey at all. Stats do more to affect flavor text, excepting towards the climax of both games, though the full repercussions of those outcomes have yet to be fully seen. Even so, the biggest draw for most are the characters: they’re vibrant, reactive to your MC and their personality, and it is your MC’s relationship with them—coupled with player choice—that influences how scenes unfurl, ultimately affecting the way you may read the story itself with each playthrough.

I should also mention that the games themselves—as of yet—seem to be standalone-ish in that while your choices from previous games carry over, they don’t directly influence the plot of the subsequent book (so far as we know :eyes:). The games are more akin to a television series, where each season/series has its own storyline with the premise of the player as a Detective thrust into the supernatural world and the dangers that come with it being the binding narrative. As I see it, rather than an overarching narrative, the real connective tissue of the whole series is more about the emotional arc each character goes through, something you don’t often see in games.

So if that interests you, then hell yes you should buy it it’s freakin’ amazing i didn’t know i could love fictional characters this much but i do how do i stop do i even want to probably not, but I’d suggest you let other users chime in with their thoughts before you make a decision. :slight_smile:


I say try the demo and see for yourself. Only you can decide if it’s worth the bucks…