The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

I’ve also been super curious about this!! I imagine it will come up around the dinner scenes but I’m still so nervous (especially with Tina, because she is not subtle).

I imagine they’ll be mad/upset but I’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out ><


A conversation with F about the situation would be very interesting, but a confrontation along the lines described above wouldn’t be helpful at all - not when it comes to resolving the situation, anyway; it would certainly add to the angst and drama.

I’m hoping that a good part of the drama will come from people genuinely trying not to hurt each other and to make others they care about happy. Just doing it in ways that therapists would deeply disapprove of.


I think A and M, in particular, will be pissed off about it, even if they are romanced. I don’t see F caring one way or the other, and N would be worried about Tina or Verda (because that’s what he does), but I think he won’t really have an issue with it past having to deal with A’s and the Agency’s temper tantrums over it.

I do wonder how that will go down, though. Will the MC just go directly to their LI and tell them alone and ask them to go to dinner with them? Will the MC tell all of them at once and drop the invitation there? I’m not sure which would be worse for A and M-mancers–telling the team together or telling them alone.

With the whole team there, it could provide a bit of cushion for the blow, with F and N probably defending the MC (or F may make things worse for M-mancers, as they are apt to do). Alone, it’s just going to be bad for them, with A and M getting their panties in a wad. This is why I forced both my M-mancer and A-mancer down the path where no one knows–neither one of them wants to deal with A or M’s bullshit and neither one of them is about to beg them for a date and deal with their snits.

F wouldn’t do that. Already, F feels for the MC, as well as for A and N. F knows the MC can’t help their feelings any more than N and A can. It’s just an ugly situation. F seems more likely to keep pushing A to throw their hat in the ring than to get in the MC’s face.


I’m curious as to how that will work. If, for instance, we choose to begin dating N by the end of Book 2, Book 5 is filled with challenges, and the LT concludes in Book 6, when do we date A? Aside from the option to end things with N in Book 3 and start dating A by the end of Book 4? In either case, it doesn’t seem possible to have a strong romantic relationship with A unless additional time skips are added or the messy goal of switching between friends quickly is the intention. I could be overthinking it, though.

F seems to be genuinely upset about the situation, and we know that F can be frank with their words if they truly want to. This is why I mostly said confrontation. They’re known for being open and honest, so I suppose I also expect them to discuss it. I suppose I also expect them to be a little defensive about a person potentially causing friction between two people they care about because this is their family (A and N), who could both be emotionally hurt. Having said that, I do only want this scenario to cause more drama. :joy: It’ll be fun.

I understand what you mean, but is it really considered a temper tantrum when we agreed to secrecy? It’s not like Unit Bravo is telling all the supernaturals where to find the MC to feast on our delicious and strength-inducing blood.

The most A and M will likely do, and even then I seriously doubt it, is stop talking to us for a while.

That’s interesting. I’ve read about some of your MC’s, and I have a question. Have you considered creating a main character who enjoys pursuing A and M? An MC who takes it as a challenge? If so, did it not work out, or is that just something you’re not interested in going through?

I elaborated on this above, and I suppose you could say that F already sees the MC as family. However, I personally find that to be strange given how little we have actually learned about these vampires in-game and vice versa. It just doesn’t seem like enough time has passed for them to have that perspective, but F also seems like the kind of person who would quickly come to see someone as family.

True, despite that, F makes comments about people and their behavior, and I believe the MC shouldn’t be exempt from that. However, I’m not the one who is writing this story, so in the end, I’ll accept whatever is given to us.


oh! for some reason I never considered how telling the rest of the team would go! personally I think they’ll ask their LI in private to go to dinner and then tell them that Tina/Verda knows, then maybe the LI and detective can make a plan to tell the rest of UB? but telling the whole team at once would be really interesting :eyes:

also, I dont know why, but I always got the vibe that something bad was going to happen after the dinners, that would stop them from what they were planning on doing next—whether that was meeting back up with UB or just discussing how the dinner went.

I could be way off base though. Really, I’m just excited to see what happens!


I think the MC has sort of inherited a lot of the feelings Unit Bravo has for Rebecca. I can’t remember right now - has anyone said that Rebecca talked about the MC to Unit Bravo before they met? I would assume she did.


In Book One, Unit Bravo wasn’t aware that Rebecca had a child, but I think this would’ve been a nice addition to the story. It does make me wonder if M or A would’ve been more approachable and laid-back during our first meeting had she spoken about us more to the team.


This response got too long, so…


Probably in b6, I would guess, based on everything that has been said. That’ll give those who choose A over N a couple of books to date A (which may be all that anyone gets with A, anyway, for all we know).

When the LT will come to a head

No one will be broken by the love triangle

She may try to find moments to settle the LT earlier…

F’s feelings about a MC in the LT

That’s just a few I could grab easily. So the LT may be really long haul, but there may be an exit early option.

You have a funny definition of fun. :stuck_out_tongue: As for F…

Snarky F in the LT

I think it depends. For the MCs who choose to let Tina and Verda learn, then yeah, I can see the Agency having a fit over it. For those who tried to stop them and just suck at everything, then they should have less of a problem.

That’s no different from any other day, lol.

For M, I built a character that worked for the “sex to love” trope, because I thought that’s what M’s path would be (without the added bonus of Mason’s stupidity about his own growing feelings). I didn’t expect my MC to fall for Mason so quickly (or, rather, to be in love at first sight and then realize it way way way before M ever does). Despite that, I like my MC for his path and wouldn’t change to a different character now (and couldn’t because he’s her lobster). No one else would fit. She loves him and that’s that.

That said, she will never pursue Mason and never push him into something he clearly stated he doesn’t want. He tells her that she means nothing to him and is naught but a sex toy, and she accepts that. She’ll boldly flirt with him, look out for him, try to make things good for him, and will fight, kill, or die for him. But she won’t ask for anything from him in return (including sex–if he seems interested in getting on, she’ll go for it, but otherwise not), nor will she expect anything from him. Ever. Until the narrative forces her to be the one to beg for more or however it goes down.

For A… I have tried numerous characters with Adam before I found one that worked. No, she doesn’t pursue him, but she’s fine with that. I tried overly pushy MCs who chased Adam, only to get repeatedly pushed away. Only one of those didn’t just bow out after a book or book and a half of getting nothing in return, but that one didn’t work for me. For me, it got too squicky too fast, and it felt like my MC was borderline sexually harassing Adam. I didn’t like that.

Basically, I don’t enjoy RPing characters who feel like they’re forcing themselves on another character, be it physically or emotionally. With A, too much bold flirting feels that way to me. With M, trying to demand something M isn’t willing to give–and has no interest in giving–feels the same way.

So yeah. My characters are who they are and that’s how they’ll stay. If I have to go back and change certain choices to keep them as in character as possible, so be it. That’s why I had to go back and change Dezh and Z’s games so that no one learned–neither of them would ask M and A, respectively, for a date they know they don’t want.

Being forced to ask Mason for a date is a game breaking decision for Dezh, so there was no choice but to go back. For Z… she just wouldn’t ask A at all. She’d announce she was leaving for dinner and if he didn’t want her to get kidnapped by Trappers, he could go along (in all fairness, Dezh would do that without the announcement about the Trappers–she’d just leave a note to let them all know she was going out and leave it at that). But, since that doesn’t seem to be a possible option and Z would have to actually ask Adam, it’s a game-breaker. So no one learns for her either.

Yeah, I think it fits F’s character. I get the impression that F is the only one of the four that feels that way, so it works.

That would be interesting, especially in the path where no one learns and the MC goes out with Tina and Verda alone. Don’t think it’ll happen (I think there’ll be enough drama in the two dinners that more won’t be needed at the end of that chapter), but it would be cool.

I doubt it. They hate everyone at first. Especially M. I mean, unless they’re trying to get in the person’s pants.


i actually agree with this. Maybe Its bc i dislike love triangle trope, and I hate undecided char who juggling between the two. Even worse if you already in relationship with N… while also actively pursuing A. It feels like… cheating??

but at the same time, i dont think the author would want to guilt trip the reader or something. Sometimes fictional is just fictional, and that trope is popular for some reason I guess…


I don’t mind love triangles if they’re done properly, I just don’t think they work for IF. Why would I put myself and two other characters through a torturous love triangle when I can very easily just play the routes separately?


If romancing A or M you’re going to need to emotionally cheat with N or F already, so a traditional love triangle isn’t strictly necessary.

for the same reason in other games people play as a murderous maniac who kill everything it can, a greedy bastard who betray everyone who kwon for power, or the person who ignore every razonable and lovely RO for a date whit the LITERAL VILLAN of the history: we need to know what happen if decided to took that route



oh yep, makes sense

As a huge love triangles enthusiast I feel called out, so I have to speak up! :grin: Personally, I enjoy the drama of it all, the whirlwind of confusing emotions and feelings towards two different people. Of course, logically you should be able to romantically pursue only one person like a reasonable adult, but feelings aren’t controlled by logic, they can be understood through logic, but cannot be simply turned off. And why are there people willing to play the route that makes them feel bad for the characters involved? The answer is simple - some people enjoy the drama and angst in fiction. Playing the routes separately eliminates that drama completely, and it becomes a whole different love story with its own struggles or without them entirely.


My husband goes a different route. Well, two different routes, because he has not one, but two characters for the LT–one for Nat/Ava and another for Nate/Adam. He’s gone the dark humor route for both…

With his Nat/Ava MC (Daryan Danger, lol), he basically plays an asshole. Daryan basically likes Ava more and already wants to be with her, but flirts with Nat to get under Ava’s skin. According to Daryan, “Nat’s fine and all, but a bit too syrupy…” Daryan is kind of… cool… to Nat when alone with her, but gets more affectionate if Ava is around to see it. He also kissed B, I think, because she was there and he felt like it. He’s dating Nat. Nice guy. :expressionless:

His Nate/Adam MC (Fyre Danger–yes, he gets original with the names…), leans into what Sera seems to want to write: she’s afraid of her own shadow, constantly hides behind Nate or Adam if there’s anything “scary” happening, and has fairly high people skills. She left her apartment with the grandma style because she was afraid of hurting the feelings of whoever lived there before. The one thing he does with her is make her trigger happy–because she’s afraid of everything, she shoots first and asks questions later (well, she hides, but whatever). Adam frightens her. Mason frightens her. She doesn’t understand Felix’s humor. She’s ridiculously innocent. Toward the end of b2, she actually was leaning more toward Adam because, “He seems more likely to protect me. Nate just wants to be friends with everyone who wants to kill me!” She managed to avoid dating Nate, but feels bad for saying no, so if he asks again, she’ll say yes, despite not being sure what she wants. That makes for a hilarious read (I have to read to him and he makes the choices—while in the car on trips, lol).


Plus it’s fiction I mean for crying out loud there’s vampires and other crazy who knows what out there in this game there’s not supposed to be that much logic here obviously in real life yeah love triangleing is not really ok and someone involved just needs to put their big boy pants but in fiction? Totally different ball park it’s supposed to be drawn out drama filled and angsty and I’m saying this as someone whose not even really into love triangles just kinda tired of some people acting like your a bad person if your doing the LT route.


I agree with this. Wayhaven is way overly dramatic and angsty with everything–from the characters’ normal behaviors to the plot, to the almost constant bipolar emotional reactions (or lack thereof, in two cases) over every little thing, and the LT is like that on crack. No one acts like a normal human being with understandable reactions and dialog, except maybe Tina. That’s why my husband just leans into it by playing a complete and utter dick in one LT route and a wide-eyed fraidy cat in his other LT route. His Morgan-mancer (Daemon Danger, aka “Demon”) has sex with her and doesn’t give a flip about anything else, but after the diner scene has decided to make Morgan’s life a living hell to amuse himself. He has great fun, lol.

Edit: He insisted that I add the fact that his Farah-mancer (Aryan Danger) is a nice guy and treats her well (and wants to be the one to say he loves her first). I think he was worried people would think he’s a sociopath, lol. Anyway…

Trying to play this game as being even halfway realistic is impossible, both with the way characters behave plotwise and with their emotions (which are way over the top) unless you do like me and start head canoning everything, anyway. It’s too soap operaish to do otherwise.


If there are two more emotionally constipated people anywhere in that world, they should get some sort of medal for it.

I do get why people love LT though… especially those who pursue A in that route. I heard that he’s more emotionally open in there.

Perhaps once the series ends, I’ll give it a try. I can’t bear the wait and angst. :laughing: