The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Oh, you’re in for a TREAT!

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That’s what I’m hoping. I played the demo and totally loved it. The poly will be first…

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It’s good fun.

Just, uh, make sure you don’t have anything breakable within reach when you reach the end of the game. :smile: Also, if there’s someone you don’t want to hear you say “SON OF A BITCH!”, you might want them out of the room. :grimacing:

Can’t wait for Fernweh 2.


I’ve never related to something more :joy:

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Oh, that does not give a cushy feeling about this game! Can’t anyone write without trying to murder me with angst??? :sob:

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Oh, it’s not angst. :smirk: It’s rage. “I will throttle this motherfucker” levels of rage. At least it was for me.


I foresee me breaking a bunch of shit and cursing a lot… but I can handle rage!

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IDK about anyone else, but I’m way more sympathetic for A in the Love Triangles route of the story than I am in the solo A route. I just feel like the way A dampens their own feelings, and ends up basically saying “Well N would be a better partner so who gives a crud about myself anyway… The best thing is if the Detective and N are together…” That makes my heart break a little,.

I think, in LT, it makes more sense for his responses to be the way they are. He wants the MC to stop looking at him and look at the better candidate. I donno. Though honestly, I really dislike the LT route since it feels so slimy. I hate that it isn’t a true poly route (though I readily defend it wouldn’t make sense for N/A to enter a poly relationship considering their personalities). I feel the fact one of them will be left as a third wheel means it’s uncomfortable.

That being said, LT A just hits different I donno.

Edit 2: I just realized something that made me even more sympathetic toward LT A. When A gets the fortune, they realize that they can’t just leave the Detective the way things are. I think that if you went to the fortune teller, it kind of pushes A away. There, A finds out that the MC can’t be allowed to wallow alone, it is too much risk. They want MC and N together, in part because A doesn’t believe they can make the MC happy, and also because they trust N to ensure the Detective’s safety. Fuck, why does the more compelling A have to be in a route with a prickly Detective.

Edit 3: Honestly, I do think it’s a little strange the options presented to you regarding your mother considering the MC has to be at least late 20s since they were an officer and everything. I can’t imagine a spry fletchling of 18 being given the promotion to Detective. I feel that the whole “Wanna be best friends with your Mom?” Is weird idk.

Response to @JBento :
I think that it’s more-so for me the fact I can’t choose that the MC is always mutually interested in both. I think it’s kinda weird that it has to be pining both ways, since in real life it’s common for one side not to feel the same way. Would be interesting if MC could really choose a preference in a way that mattered I guess? Like, the LT route I did had the Detective clearly prefer A, but still the pining after N was constant. I feel for most Detectives, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be so… selfish?


I fully agree with all of this.

1 - In the LT, at least A has a non-moronic reason to… well, do A stuff. Since the N relationship moves much faster than A’s, then A holding back makes sense.

2 - I too cannot stand the LT route, because, if in the A route A’s a douchebag, in the LT route the MC is the douchebag, and, ugh, no.


How is the MC a douchebag? I suppose they can be played that way, but it’s not a requirement.

Edit: Maybe you could argue that the player is being a bit of a jerk. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I want to defend LT a little, because it’s my absolute favorite route. I don’t think that MC in LT route is a bad person. I see them as someone who just happened to fall for two individuals at the same time, after all people can’t control their feelings and dictate who they should and shouldn’t like. So I kinda feel bad for MC in this route, as well as A and N, because they don’t enjoy having these feelings for both of them, they constantly feel bad when they choose one vampire over another. Detective don’t try to make A or N jealous on purpose, they don’t play with their feelings like that, they just can’t ignore their own feelings, which happened to be for two people.
In my opinion everyone in LT route is suffering, including detective. It’s just a miserable time for everyone, that’s why, as an angst lover, I like this route so much. :laughing: But I understand this route is not for everyone, so I don’t try to change your opinions, just offering another. :blush:


Yes, it is. Whatever the way the cookie crumbles, the MC is stringing at least one of them along. That’s definitive douchebag territory.

This is what is called “tough cookies, suck it up”. The MC is at least in their mid-twenties, not their mid-twos, meaning they’re an adult. Either ask about poly or cut one of them loose.


How is the MC stringing either of them along? I genuinely don’t understand. It’s possible to tell N you’re not interested in dating them, and it’s not possible to date A at all at this point. Being attracted to someone is not “stringing them along”.

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Yeah, I have to agree here. MC isn’t a swooning teenager, they’re an adult, and they are knowingly stringing along to other people. All three know that this is happening, but MC is the one with the emotional maturity, or at least, should be the one with the emotional maturity to bring the three of them together and talk it out. That’s what you do in awkward situations like these, you get all of the involved parties together and talk about what’s going on, not… Whatever this is.


All three know what is happening? What are they supposed to talk about? The MC isn’t cheating on anyone. They may not even be dating anyone.

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A and n are both attracted to the MC, and it’s kind of obvious they noticed the same about the other. it doesn’t matter that no party has done anything wrong, the tension in the air between the three of them is evident and it’s never going to get resolved properly until MC Has them come together to talk it out.

I guess I don’t see the point in talking about what everyone apparently knows. A, N and the MC will still be attracted. A will still be standoffish. N will still be… not standoffish. The MC will still be torn.

It’s better than the current situation, which is all three of them, essentially trying to ignore what’s going on


As far as I can tell, it’ll be more or less exactly the current situation, maybe with more unhappiness.

They so know what is happening that if A ends up in the hospital bed they tell the Detective “I wish I were the only one”. The only non-douchebag course of action in the LT is if you absolutely never go around exchanging meaningful glances with more than one of them (and if this what you’ll be doing you probably picked one of the solo routes instead) AND, if A’s the one that ends up in the hospital bed*, set things straight.

Now, you can argue “but the game doesn’t let me do that” (though arguably it does, it’s called “picking one of the solo routes”), but the game forcing the MC to be a douchebag doesn’t make them less of one. SSW doesn’t give you a non-surviving option to not erase part of your identity for the stone, and that doesn’t make me want to set that entire toxic plotline on fire any less.

Again, this is what is commonly referred to as “tough cookies”.

*I have no idea what happens if N’s the one that ends up in the hospital, so it’s possible that comes with its own caveat that I don’t know about