The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Who is his wife? @Aynt

She is not introduced yet, but Sera said it will happen in the future books. Honestly, I find that scene with Rebecca and Mayor disturbing, even though it was a pretense in Rebecca’s part, still she knows he has a wife and flirts with him to get things done.


Which I find dishonest and disturbing. But I thought his wife died or something when Douglas was young.

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There are no innocents in Wayhaven.

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I thought and hoped so too at first, but then someone asked and she said he’s still married.

Lol Imagine he is a widower and marries MC’s mom then MC and Douglas become step siblings.

Oh god no. Rebecca doesn’t care for him though and Sera has said Rebecca isn’t interested in being with anyone else after Rook.

Shes just using his crush for her advantage, but would never take it further

-100 Rebecca relationship :smile:


It makes sense. It will be funny tho

Wait how old is Douglas and his father?

I guess he’s 19 or something, don’t know about Mayor though

Another thought: What happened to Team Alpha? They were transferred to Wayhaven and, based off what’s written, they haven’t left. If someone needed to converse with werewolves, I would’ve dispatched them instead of Team Bravo.

I like that Sera is trying to get the action going early, but this cold start isn’t quite working for me.


My random question is, if we chose that Tina found out about the “real” world, can we hook her up with someone from Team Alpha?? I’d so be down for that!


This is just the first and second chapter, meh. So there could be an explanation later.

Don’t forget he is also a disgusting father, too.

/sarcasm on

This man is a true keeper, for sure.

/sarcasm off

Perhaps the other werewolves would find Unit Alpha to be more of a territorial threat? I know Sera’s supernaturals don’t have all the common traits that they are given in media, but perhaps werewolves are somewhat territorial, and while most of them are more than willing to cooperate and live peacefully with one another, the ones that are still outside of the Agency might be more prone to hostility towards unknown werewolves?

Also, MC is still the Liaison of the Agency, so it is our job to deal with supernaturals on Wayhaven that wish to form a formal relationship with the Agency, or at the very least, consider it, and since UB are the ones placed with the job of protecting the town/the Detective, it does make sense that one of their members are sent along with the Detective instead of Unit Alpha, I think! :smiley:


Don’t forget fact he make fun of a dead men then try seduce said dead men wife


Was excited when I came upon your post about book 3. Loved the start of it but damn Ava is so stunted emotionally that I may do her relationship with my female MC once a few more of your books are released.

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I’ve finally got the chance to read through the first two chapters and I really like what I’m seeing so far.

A: They’re emotionally stunted and unavailable as Hell, which is understandable given their history, but makes any attempt at intimacy a huge problem. I really appreciate how the detective can call A out on this behavior since it strikes a balance between giving the player agency in the relationship and the slow burn and endless pining until later books. I hope we see more “I like you, but you’re blowing this big time” options. Maybe that’ll help A realize that they need to open up if they want the relationship to work.

LT: I like how the detective is given some agency over how the LT unfolds. When I played, the detective had a loving relationship with N while also understanding that they also had feelings for A, but refused to and would never act on them. In this “sub-route,” I got the understanding that the detective could either be in denial of these feelings, or emotionally intelligent enough to acknowledge that those feelings ultimately needed to be dealt with. At the same time, the LT-specific choices also tells me that the love triangle can also unfold as Archie trying to decide between Betty and Veronica.