The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Progress Report - 11th December 2020

The Wayhaven Chronicles featured in Tumblr’s year end review!!

It came #44 in the video games list!

I am still buzzing, you have no idea!!! :smiley:

Thank you SO much to all those that sent congrats messages (and alerted me to the fact it was on there, hehe!)!

So yeah, that certainly made my week bright! (Along with the teaser trailers for Dragon Age and Mass Effect dropping…what a week!!!)

This week, I tried to catch up on social media, as well as making sure I have everything ready for Christmas break.

Then I managed to get back to chapter five, where I decided I really needed to rewrite one whole scene. What I wrote before was good, but what I’m writing now is good !

I also want to add one of my ‘floating scenes’ onto the end of the scene I finished last week.

Basically my 'floating scenes’ are scenes that I would like to fit into the story but that don’t work when I plan out the game. So I have a list of scenes I would like to fit in if the narrative allows, and a perfect space and lead in just opened up for one of them!

It’s a scene where UB finally get to see how the MC and Rebecca kind of react and interact to each other when the focus isn’t entirely on work. A much more personal moment.

But, speaking of Christmas break, my break is actually going to start on 18th December, but I’ve decided this year to begin a social media and internet break early from today.

I just…I really want to write, you guys :smiley: Like just full on writing, no doing anything but falling into Wayhaven and escaping there and writing, writing, and writing!

Everything on social media is prepped and ready to go, so I haven’t left you in the lurch or with nothing to see!

There’s an ask and a matchup for every weekday over my Xmas break (everyone who has sent in match ups, I will still be doing them, it will just be when I get back!). Also a special little something for Xmas day ;D

I will be turning off my asks for just over my Christmas break, but I will turn them on again when I get back.

It’s not that I don’t want to interact with you guys, but this year has really been a year, lol. And I just want to get back to the reason I started this in the first place (my intense love of creating!) for a bit before I go into my break. Set my head right, fall in love with some vampires as I write, and really just bury myself and indulge in the variations and branches that I love bringing to life!

I will be back on social media on Monday 4th January!

Until then, I hope you all have an amazing holiday season (or just a wonderful December for those that don’t celebrate!), and I will talk to you all in 2021! <3


Enjoy your break and thanks for the update!

Happy Holidays!


Wait. Who has a manbun?

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How did this devolve into talking about manbuns?

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Me Nate.


Hi all, just want to remind you all that we have a Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion thread for topics other Book 3 feedback. This helps to separate the feedback for Book 3 with other discussions.

Thank you for your understanding!


That moment in the LT route when you choose A instead of N to go with you to the station and N doesn’t say goodbye to you (think your relationship with N should be higher than your relationship with A to trigger, idk). I freakened out when I read it yesterday :joy:


One of the many reasons why I am not going to do the LT route. Too much ankst for me. I also find it morally cruel to one or both of the RO’s, but that’s just my personal opinion.


Just a small critique, it seems a little jarring when Rebecca pulls MC aside, at this part:

“Are you still willing to be a part of this team now? This world?” she asks suddenly. “Murphy was one thing, but now every supernatural and Trapper will know you. What you can do.” Her eyes find mine and don’t shift from them, apparently trying to read my reaction."

If you have a very sarcastic MC with a poor relationship and respond with “What strange mother and daughter conversations we have.” It doesn’t come off very sarcastic or biting like I expected, but rather genuine and lighthearted. It feels like Rebecca is crossing a boundary with this conversation, so it would make sense for a poor relationship sarcastic mc to be a little more snide.


Okay I know its late, but I try to do the Verda know about the supernatural path and what a plot TWIST. I don’t know whats real or whats not anymore…


For any fellow code-divers (or I guess people willing to read about potential spoilers):

Speculation about code in the second demo

Does anyone have any thoughts about what “sin +1” could mean? Every route you take in the second demo when investigating the crime scene has an option that gives you one (checking the backpack, asking why the parents were unconscious, etc.). Do we think we’re gonna see an angel and Sera’s take on their mythology in this book?


I thought the kidnapper or whatever was an angel because of the mentioning of a feather and a super old, powerful creature. Idk what the coding means for MC though :flushed:


Could you imagine if MC had to be judged by a council of angels because of their investigating or something? Like because MC is “meddling”, or at least involved, they’d be like “bro, I think they’re in on this”…??? …now that I’ve typed it out, it sounds stupid but Imma hit that reply button either way.


(Code discussion below)

I definitely think angels will be featured in this book. Sera has hinted at them showing up for awhile now, but specified that her version of it doesn’t have religious associations involved. The sin aspect is interesting though. The word has some sort of moral judgement association which makes me think MC is being judged on something, but that might be too close to the maa-alused thing from book 2. Or it could be a “wrong choice” kind of deal that leads you further away from a successful rescue mission, but I’m not sure why the word sin would be used in that context.


I don’t think this variable is for MC. More like it is for the kidnapped girl. If the relatively harmless evidence is found (for example, site for supernatural teens), the code gives +1 to “rescue” variable. But for more serious evidence (the stimulant) it gives +1 to “sin”. Maybe there will be something similar to the treaty from book 2 - various outcomes depending on your score through the book.


That’s a good point! I’m on board with that idea.

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Just wanted to pop in and say I’m really enjoying Book Three. I love how consistent the feel and tone of the books are. Another great read!


Oooh. That’s definitely interesting. I, myself, have no idea how to even look at or read the code, so I’m just figuring it out based on what’s shared by others, but given the fact that I think an angel took the kid, it would definitely make sense that the kid is being judged for some kind of behavior that led to the angel taking them to begin with

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How do you even find/read it? (I know this isn’t the right place to ask, but it rubs me the wrong way when others post/discuss codes and I don’t even know what it is :expressionless:)

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You put ”scenes” at the end of the url.