The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

I want a non-optional awkward scene with Rebecca for every romance!


I’m pretty sure we can all guess what kind of scene it would be for a MC/Mason (or Morgan) romance.

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Imagine there is a Love Triangle with F and M lol


If we had such a scene and it was non-optional, I definitely want the choice to tell Rebecca to mind her own business (for those MC’s that don’t get along with her and want her to back off) and to get out of wherever it is (which would be funnier if it was somewhere public, lol).


Not sure if anyone else has pointed this out but there’s a tiny difference in N’s makeout scene depending on if it’s N boldly initiating it or MC. If MC initiates it, then N will let MC kiss their neck. If it’s N initiating, the text makes a point of saying N chooses to stay away from kissing MC’s neck.

Thought this was interesting! Not sure how big of a detail it is, or if it’s actually meant to be read into, but it reminded me of an old Sera ask where she said that exposing the neck area would mean a lot for N. So it’s either playing into that, or… it’s just N teasing MC by not giving them what they want lol

ETA: Also thought I’d include my thoughts on the demo:

  • I like starting off with a friendship scene. My MC and M play off each other really well, and I love that tiny moment in M defending MC when they meet back up with UB.

  • Verda’s return was… oof. Super awkward and tense. I wonder how telling him the supernatural secret will pay off, because I’m thinking it will hinder him in some regards but might come as a blessing in others. Maybe knowing about the supernatural will somehow help him protect his family? Or he’ll be able to help/cover for MC? I like that he and Tina perceive the supernatural completely differently and didn’t react the same at all. Wonder what Rebecca and UB will have to say about Verda now knowing.

  • Love finally seeing N and MC interact in an established relationship, and all the tiny intimate details that get tossed in to show it off. For some reason, the detail of N resting their head against MCs to soothe them about the bounty got me lol N’s so cute.

  • I don’t have an MC who didn’t start a relationship with N at the end of book 2, so I’m super curious to see how long the detective can put off starting one before you’re essentially forced to lol MC can reject N again outside their bedroom. I’m thinking this indecision may bolster the angst for when ex-Bobby comes back around? Especially when you give N a response of “being scared” to jump into a relationship.

  • Also: The mayor’s threatening comment about the detective not lasting longer than her father if they don’t change their attitude? oooofffff.


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lol i wanna see it :wink: :heart:

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that be so weird and funny lol

This has probably been said already but I feel like we’re kind of being forced into liking the mom. I mean, I don’t think we’ve gotten the option to tell her to back off and just keep the relationship professional yet, which is kind of weird to me. I feel like some MCs would definitely tell her to just back off and let them do their work in peace without her trying to coddle them or something. And when we do get the options to say something like “Dude leave me alone” we’re kind of forced to be polite to her. I’d much rather we just say “Leave me alone, I’ll work with you in a professional capacity but nothing more”.

Also our detective is always forced to care about how she feels at least to some extent, which is strange to me. Some of my detectives would not care that they made her feel guilty or upset, but the game kind of forces that on the detective. I don’t remember exactly where this happened or the exact phrasing, but my detective didn’t really want to hug the mom or something like that and the game said something like “I feel guilty at the flash of pain across her face as I step back”. But like… my detective wouldn’t feel bad about that, they simply would not care.


i thought the part where MC’s mom flirts with the mayor both funny and weird :slight_smile:

MC’s mom: i’m here to see MC!
the mayor: Oh.
me: lol


^^This. My main MC would flat out tell her to back off and to quit treating her like a child, whether she’s hurt or not. If she has such issues with the dad’s death, she should see a therapist, not project her insecurities and feelings onto the MC. It’s unfair to the MC, and highly unprofessional.

Exactly. And, given how Rebecca continually shows the same “worried mom” reactions in front of the team, my MC wouldn’t be polite at all about it: “Don’t touch me, don’t ask me if I’m okay every time you walk into the room and stop the frantic worried mom act. You were never around when I was a kid, and I got by, so I certainly don’t need this bullshit right now. We’re coworkers. Either treat me with that respect or I’ll lodge a complaint against you with your superiors.”

Same here. For detectives that are extremely distant with Rebecca, they would not notice her pain or the fact that she’s upset. How would they? This is someone they are either apathetic about or hostile to, so they aren’t going to pick up on the physical cues they might get from someone they actually give a damn about.

I think it’s an overt attempt to force the MC to bend to Rebecca’s will, really, which makes certain of my MCs even more resistant to ever letting Rebecca through those steel walls that are between them. And, as a reader, it makes me completely agree with the MCs who continue to be hostile to her–she really needs to treat the MC with more respect.

Between fussing over the MC when they’re around UB (whose respect they need to be able to work with them, which is impossible to achieve when the MC’s “mommy” is constantly blathering on about how she will protect the MC), and now showing up at the MC’s place of work to all but demand a chance to be the one the MC turns to for support, she shows a complete lack of professionalism, as well as a complete lack of respect for the MC and their positions as detective and team member of UB.

Even my MCs who had a good relationship with her are beginning to lose their patience with her because of the way she treats them in front of UB, and for good reason. Personally, in their position, I would’ve shut her down from the first time she started her crap about protecting me.


Well I just found an interesting fan-fic where the detective knows about the supernatural and all that jazz, so-

:zipper_mouth_face: I’m gonna go off to some forgotten corner of the internet to read it before playing the first two games, again.

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Where tho

I’m curious & intrigued about Bobby’s involvement so far. I wonder if the investgation attempts would snowball into a consequence if I purposely and continuously fail to allay Bobby’s suspicion, like supernaturals being exposed in the town paper.

I felt really heartbroken at Verda’s choice to leave the town if he discovers the truth. I love having him around but I get that he wants to protect his family against danger :sob:


The demo was great. I love how there was romance early on. I also like how Mason and my MC keep getting interrupted when making out. They would make out forever if they weren’t stopped.


lol yeah :heart:

what else would M do???lol

Any form of daily exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle and M is, well, really health conscious. wink wink


lol true

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Ah I’m dying to see if my MC No.1 can form a relationship with the most stubborn, frustrating Ava in book 3. Every time her shell seemed to break, she just pullout. It always seemed “this is it”, then turned out “not there yet”.
Ugh, I love it :roll_eyes:

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