The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

My random question is, if we chose that Tina found out about the “real” world, can we hook her up with someone from Team Alpha?? I’d so be down for that!


This is just the first and second chapter, meh. So there could be an explanation later.

Don’t forget he is also a disgusting father, too.

/sarcasm on

This man is a true keeper, for sure.

/sarcasm off

Perhaps the other werewolves would find Unit Alpha to be more of a territorial threat? I know Sera’s supernaturals don’t have all the common traits that they are given in media, but perhaps werewolves are somewhat territorial, and while most of them are more than willing to cooperate and live peacefully with one another, the ones that are still outside of the Agency might be more prone to hostility towards unknown werewolves?

Also, MC is still the Liaison of the Agency, so it is our job to deal with supernaturals on Wayhaven that wish to form a formal relationship with the Agency, or at the very least, consider it, and since UB are the ones placed with the job of protecting the town/the Detective, it does make sense that one of their members are sent along with the Detective instead of Unit Alpha, I think! :smiley:


Don’t forget fact he make fun of a dead men then try seduce said dead men wife


Was excited when I came upon your post about book 3. Loved the start of it but damn Ava is so stunted emotionally that I may do her relationship with my female MC once a few more of your books are released.

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I’ve finally got the chance to read through the first two chapters and I really like what I’m seeing so far.

A: They’re emotionally stunted and unavailable as Hell, which is understandable given their history, but makes any attempt at intimacy a huge problem. I really appreciate how the detective can call A out on this behavior since it strikes a balance between giving the player agency in the relationship and the slow burn and endless pining until later books. I hope we see more “I like you, but you’re blowing this big time” options. Maybe that’ll help A realize that they need to open up if they want the relationship to work.

LT: I like how the detective is given some agency over how the LT unfolds. When I played, the detective had a loving relationship with N while also understanding that they also had feelings for A, but refused to and would never act on them. In this “sub-route,” I got the understanding that the detective could either be in denial of these feelings, or emotionally intelligent enough to acknowledge that those feelings ultimately needed to be dealt with. At the same time, the LT-specific choices also tells me that the love triangle can also unfold as Archie trying to decide between Betty and Veronica.


Oh man…the Trappers will be a big part of Book 3, won’t they?

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After Book 3 demo I would put romances like this (based on personal preference):

  1. F
  2. M
  3. N
  4. A

I don’t know if anything in this comment can be considered spoilers, but I will tag them as such nevertheless.

I honestly was surprised at how much I enjoyed F’s romance. I didn’t really notice them in the first book, but after reading second I was like ‘Yes, this is it!’. Plus, my ace ass feels like out of all of UB members, the one who will be absolutely comfortable with non-sexual relationship is F (I’ m not saying that others won’t be okay with ace detective, but F just gives this vibe that it wouldn’t bother them in the slightest, as long as detective lets them cuddle as much as they want to). So yes, F owns my ass now.

M is extremely fun, as a BFF or RO I just absolutely love them. Dark, gloomy, hot & cold, sarcastic, cynical and snarky, sign me the f*ck up! Plus it’s additional enjoyment to try and squeeze some emotions and feelings out of them (my detective refuses to get into bed with them unless it means something, but they don’t mind showing M some TLC with light smooches if option presents itself).

N is this classic romance, I will blow you off your feet with my smooth vampiric charm, and you will enjoy every second of it. Nice, comfortable, enjoyable but kind of missing something (I can’t put my hand on what exactly).

And A, oh A. It felt like we were going somewhere in second book (‘Tu omnia’ my heart), but you just had to go and put the stick even deeper up your ass. I hope A will finally snap out of it in third or fourth book, because my detective is seriously contemplating if it’s even worth it (just let it go A, let go of your manic fear of losing control, detective is safe, I swear). But I loved A as BFF (they are much more comfortable around detective and much more fun than as RO, at least for now).

I also decided for myself that I will be dropping LT route for good (I may be emotional masochist but even this is too much for me).


Anyone else nervous with the dialogue options when asked how you feel about the bounty, specifically being worried your loved ones will be used as leverage/might get hurt? :pleading_face: Hoping it’s just a stats thing and not foreshadowing :eyes:


I hope so as well.

But after the save Sanja/RO decision in Book Two, I’m already mentally preparing to have the MC put in that position again.


I will definetly play this after im done with my homework ✪ ω ✪~(≧▽≦)/~

Was the relationship with A supposed to start by the end of this book?

And are you meant to date someone else before he makes a decision? As in the route will make you give him up before something happens?

I feel like there are just so many times he can turn around, look the other way, run away, the phone rings before the MC will tire out.

Maybe because I’m playing a bold MC, it’s starting to feel like I’m harassing him and he might not want the attention after all.


Probably not. We still have another four books to go.

If he continues to do the whole “Admire from afar and deny deny deny” for three books and there’s still no progress by the end of 3, that seems a bit much (or a lot little??? Lol)… well, depending on the length of time each book covers. But given how other relationships progress, and the weird shit that MC has to face each book, I imagine these books are meant to cover a fair amt of time.

No self-respecting MC of mine is gonna keep waiting for that foolish man after three whole books :sob: lol



Get over yourself, A, lest you really hurt the one you pretend not to care too much about… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe he is ticklish and would surrender then…? :grin:


can we say to rebecca that were creeped out by her flirting with the mayor? not bc its “dishonest” and not passive aggresively, just that were creeped out? bc im surprised that its not only the mayor (that i like as much as i like bobby) who flirted with her but also that she flirted back, consciously (imo, flirting/fake flirting with someone that her child despises at her child office when shes there specifically to meet her child and try to mend their relationship is…not the best decision)


That’s classic Rebecca for you.


I think that would totally make this route enjoyable for me. Since the MC isn’t allowed to be totally clueless, then they need to be able to tell A to either make a move or cut the damned theatrics, because the MC is done with it (of course, they aren’t done with it, but A doesn’t know that). Then make A work for it.


Join the club. F is now solidly my second favorite. It is comfortable without being boring. It’s sweet without being nauseating. And you can get an undercurrent of–I can’t even tell what, but maybe fear on his part that the MC will change their mind or desert them, as hinted in b2? Whatever it is, it provides some drama for the future with the MC that will be mixed in with the happy. I love the ‘new relationship’ feels with F.

M is still my solid #1, though. I like the ‘sex first, falling in love as you go’ thing with it. Thus far, it feels natural. M is clueless, even though they clearly already care, and the MC can be just as clueless. I just pray Sera doesn’t futz with perfection and turn it into another A-route in the name of slow burn (like having M decide in this book that they have to avoid the MC to figure out wtf is going on or some such bullshit).

Agreed here, too. There’s just something about it that almost grates at times. I was talking to a friend on discord about it and she showed me what she got for dialog and text for a seriously fearful, non-combat, non-sarcastic MC and, for that, it really did seem to work well. Maybe that’s what N’s route is designed for? I made a new MC for N after bk2 came out, and she’s a cheery creampuff, who can’t fight, but she’s full of snark. Nate started pissing her off in the demo, which isn’t a good sign.

@parkerlyn I worry about that as well, especially since it would mean a hard mission fail for a couple of my MCs (seriously, Dezh would pick Mason over anyone, anytime or anywhere, the hell with the world). In a way, I’m hoping it’s the reverse–let the MC get captured again and the LI have to choose between the mission and the MC, kinda mirroring what happened in bk2 for the MC. Be interesting to see which ones chose the mission and how it affects the relationship (if there is one yet!).

I don’t think it’s just the bold MC. The MC I have with A started out kinda clueless about what’s going on between the two of them (and though she isn’t ace, she really couldn’t give a damn about sex yet because she’s probably bordering on demi and will have to be in love first). And in the demo, it even felt like she was harassing him, since there’s no real choice to just ignore the attraction. I was just happy my MC had the chance to tell him off.

Agree with this. Two of my MCs have a horrible relationship with Rebecca, and both of them have an even worse opinion of her after that scene (it didn’t help that she showed up to their place of work to try to pull the mom card, after never being a mother to them before–they’ve had it with her being unprofessional with them at work and in front of the team). The other two just thought it was gross, especially on her part. Yeah, you have to do some crap when you’re basically a spy, but yuck.

Edited to add:

On a different note, was anyone else loving the captain in the demo? I swear, he is growing on me. He’s a tight ass, but he’s a good guy. And he liked Rook. The moment between him and my main MC was… touching. And given her deep desire for praise, the captain made her day. I think she wants to impress him more at this point, and she’s so not by the book it’s hilarious.