The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Wow, I can’t believe we are so close to having Book One, this is so awesome!

Also, Chana is BEAUTIFUL. You have so much talent ^^



This is so exciting! Nearly there :slight_smile: The major part of the work will soon be done! I hope you have a nice celebration planned for yourself when ch. 21 is done.


just finished reading the demo and im already hooked on it. Can’t wait for it to be fully released


I’m really glad about your progress!!:slightly_smiling_face: Great job!:grin: Hope all the process of editing and testing won’t take long and we will finally be able to enjoy your game. Good luck!!!:kissing_heart:


God, I just played the demo and it’s awesome already :smiley: can’t wait to play the full version. Great work !!!


I’ve been a lurker for quite a while, and I must say that I actually created my account just so I could like your post when you released the first demo. Now that you’ve released a full demo I’m posting my first post just to tell you that your story is amazing. It’s one of the best interactive fiction I’ve read. I’m looking forward to playing the full game. Keep up the great work :smiley:


I gotta ask, is Chana able to… like, “glamour” her ears? I imagine walking out in public like that would draw a few stares.

Otherwise, congrats on the progress! Everyone here is super duper excited!

When the time comes I hope you’ll consider me as a beat tester for book one. I love this WIP and can’t wait to see it in the app store!


Thank you for the lovely and encouraging messages, guys! :slight_smile:

@Okami-Nora - She’s actually not one of the Fae. Her race isn’t noted in Book One but it’s something that may crop up in later books if I decide to bring her back (which I’m hoping to, even if just in a passing role).

@WildDeer - Aah, what a wonderful thing to hear! Thank you so much for sticking with me during this journey :smiley:

@Lorikeet - Unfortunately she doesn’t have that ability :confused: The long hair helps sometimes, but in general she doesn’t get to go out much during the day… Poor Chana. Though she’s in the same boat with a lot of other agents too!


So, she’s actually a Isnt’no’tedin-boo-ko’ne? :thinking: :crazy_face:

As for the ears, perhaps she can wear these bulky headphones that seem somewhat popular these days? :wink:


YES! I’ve been confirmed to be wrong about something! :grinning:

Which sounds like a weird thing to be happy about, but being confirmed to not be right about it instantly crosses out a good number of races and makes it much easier to guess what kind of being Chana is!

…Is what I would say. But it’s almost a universal sign at this point that if someone has some type of pointed ears, then they are likely not human (or not fully human), so that still leave a good number of possibilities. I wonder why a lot of people do that? Where did that “ear shape=race” thing even originate :thinking:?


My personal bet is that she’s an Apsara :))

[Who said Wayhaven had to be limited in Western folklore but if it is then okay but if not //chin rubs]


It’d be nice if Chara is from a mythological being that some may not be familiar with. She could even possibly get away with her ear issue by wearing headphones, which could hold a bit of a connection to what she is (the Apsara were often linked to dancing and music, if I’m remembering it correctly).

I seems like more and more of the stories are branching out and using a few of the not-so-well-known mythological being from other cultures and I greatly welcome chances to see more of them come along in the future.

Though I have seen my brother and mother lose almost all interest in a movie we were watching one time due to the fact that it dealt heavily in Irish/Scottish mythology, something they were not so knowledgeable about (and they weren’t too keen about the animation style either), so I can also understand why most writers of fantasy may prefer going with some of the more ‘traditional’ monster that people tend to recognize more universally. :sweat_smile:


My gut feel is that this is Song of the Sea (if true then it’s a shame because it’s gorgeous af) :)) worth the rewatch if you ever get to it

I would def love to see other mythologies other than the usual Western oriented stuff (or at least things leaning towards the usual Anglo-Saxon mythos – Eastern European, Spanish, etc etc have also pretty fascinating folklores that I think should be more mainstream)

Same with Asian mythos though part of me is also like there is a good chance for any representation from Asia to come from East Asia (if ever at all). Which is a shame since other countries like India have also a very rich storytelling and lore background.

Hence Chana, if she is an apsara, would be very cool indeed imo


How do you pronounce Chana? I’ve only ever heard the Hebrew pronunciation so that’s what I’m going with at the moment but there must other origins and pronunciations for the name to consider*. Written out, it looks pretty ambiguous.

*I’m not trying to guess what culture she’s drawn from with this, I just feel weird not knowing if I’m saying somebody’s name right.


Honestly, I have always been pronouncing it as “Cha - na”. I’m not exactly sure if that pronunciation is even correct.




The real question is will my mc be able to finally at least kiss that cutie Adam near the end of it all. :heart_eyes:


Congrats @Seraphinite ! =D So excited to buy the game but I do hope betatesting and copyediting would go smoothly!




You got it pretty much on the nose; both Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells were the movies they had a hard time getting into. I loved both movies myself, but I’m also a mythology nut who is rather familiar with a number of the thing I was seeing. My brother and mother have never really been as into myths and general, but I thought the animation at least would catch their attention (though it ended up not happening). Which is why I understand why people tend to lean the more familiar monsters and myths; even those not heavily into mythology have enough basic knowledge of it to understand what is going on. And using foreign mythologies is a pretty strong gamble that very few creators would be willing to take if they already know that it is something very few people are familiar with in some way.

I imagine the day we have more stories that are rooted in more unknown mythologies will be a interesting one. Especially in interactive forms like choose-your-own-adventure stories; making a story that is rooted in mythology many not be very familiar with is always a gamble. But making such a story and then finding out how to get the players to cross into the magic circle to be fully invested in the world (while also not overloading their brains with too much at one time), sound like it will be a interesting challenge.

That aside, it’s exciting to hear that @Seraphinite has technically finished the story. :grinning: